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Pathfinder: Kingmaker - 3D-VisionReadyFix - REWORKED - Losti - 1.0

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - 3D-VisionReadyFix - REWORKED - Losti - 1.0

***This fix was mainly made with UNITY-Fix-Template by DarkStarSword***

Special Thx goes to:

DarkStarSword  - for everything you did for this small but nice 3D-Community and of cause your personal support!!! THANK you for amking the UNITY script working with this game!!!!
                           - for trying for answering my stupid questions
masterotaku      - for guiding me with his knowledge and be present all the time for my questions!!!! THY MATE!!!!

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masterotaku        -
DarkStarSword   -
--- ~200 hrs time of development later ---                      

Latest Update: V1.00 - 16.02.2019
- Re-Release in 3D-Vision Ready

1.  Fixed

- many things by the DSS-Template (DarkStarSword)
- Full self-scaling and automated HUD (Losti)
- Everything that was not/or wrong fixed by DSS-Template (Losti)
--------------------------Some Halos
--------------------------One Eye issues
--------------------------Fog Of War

2.  Issues left

- some hands on for you
------------ see section 4 for the workarrounds
- HUD returning to main menue is broken --- restart the game ---- or live with it
- some light/shadows @ the wall are not perfect in some situations, press X in hard cases if you want to cure....
- may be some one eye things or shadow issues --- please privide a savegame to

3.  Download

4.  Introduction to get it working

- uninstall old fixes!!! ... if you have used a WIP or updating to the latest fix if there is an update
- install the latest NVIDIA driver (latest confirmed working driver: 417.71) -- Game patch 1.2.4-c
- extract the archive to the root game dir (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pathfinder Kingmaker)
- if you are not running the game in 3D the moment the game menue appears, plase add -window-mode exclusive to steam starting options for this game or just run "Kingmaker_3DV.cmd" from the game folder.
- HUD and effects are nicely scaling with convergence in the range of 10 - 33, beyond this values effects may became incorrect!!!!
- first in the game AND after loading a new area, move the coursor over the stealth (Heimlichkeit) symbol and back --- to get rigth HUD behavior
- if your coursor is @ screen depth while normal gameplay,  move the coursor over the stealth (Heimlichkeit) symbol and back
- if anything is wrong with the depth in the menues, PRESS ALT KEY
- press AND hold down the ALT+STRG+INSERT key until the green migoto overlay is gone,this may takes some seconds, press it until its gone!!! (the game may are sticky this time while doing it ^^)

==> if you have any trouble or issues you cannot solve please do not hesitate to contact me via my PayPal donation address, or in the 3D-Vision Forum

TB and SBS Mode (optional):
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ";include = ShaderFixes\3dvision2sbs.ini" of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle. Also remember to use "HDMI Checkerboard" in the NVCP to remove the 720p limitation.

4.1  Ingame Settings

- Everything you want (I think) .... developed with maxed out settings

5.  Key Settings

5.1  Key Settings (Keyboard + Mouse Gameplay)

" ALT"
-  this will cure everything ..... press it if somethng is wrong with the HUD (reload d3d11.ini) => reset all keys

"/" (Numpad)
 this is a toggle key
-  disables/enables an approximate fix of the casting circle....choose your likes. STANDARD = ENABLED

" capslock"
-  this is a cycle key
- d3dx.ini section: [Key2_DepthPresets_DO-NOT-CHANGE]
- presets for you only changing convergence ....

"*" (Numpad)
-  this is a cycle key
- d3dx.ini section: [Key_HUD-SCALE]
- sales action bars

"+" (Numpad)
-  this is a cycle key
- d3dx.ini section: [Key_MENUE-MouseDepthScale2]
- scales mouse depth (NOT IN MENUES)

"-" (Numpad)
-  this is a cycle key
- d3dx.ini section: [Key_ScaleMiddleHud]
- scales HUD except action bar

-  this is a toggle key (effect = on/off)
- d3dx.ini section: [Key_Overlay_Toggle]
- disables/enables the blue overley texture if a char is behind an object .... default is enabled
NOTE: pressing ALT it will ne enabled again, press it for disable

"1-9" and wasd

5.2  Key Settings (Controller Gameplay)


6.  Key Setting - Customization

----only for more advanced users---

If you don’t like the settings the fix comes with, you have to find your own likes:
- to watch your current convergence/separation set hunting=1 in d3d11.ini
- change constants/settings/keys and check the result in game by pressing F10

6.1  3Dmigoto - Constants

----only for more advanced users---

- the fix comes with the following default constant settings:


;fullhd 0 /wqhd 1

;standard HUD depth


;tooltip indicator

;disabled but need 1.0

;HUD SCALE / Mouse Scale

;scale FWO --- disabled

;fogofwar correction switch --- disabled

;scaleFogOfWar  --- disabled

;halo toggle switch test


;scale mouse

;disable wrong effects

;reload and switch correction




;mouse ofer action bar scale

;approx cast circle fix (1=on/0=off)

;inventory mouse

;portrait@travel map

;inventory related

;travel map related

;overlay behing objects related

;mouse depth main menue

;main menue related

- HUD-depth for action bars


- Mouse-depth - except menues

- HUD-depth - except action bars

6.2  Advanced Key Config

----only for more advanced users---

You can define keys in [Constants] section with:

Key = KEY 

- for choosing a key look here for replace KEY with it (
- replace CONSTANTX with the constants written above
- replace XXX with a value, see above
- replace SEPXX with a separation value, leave it = the separation you choose by STRG+F3/4, no changes, 100 = 100%
- replace CONVXX with a convergence value, leave it = the convergence you choose by STRG+F5/6, no changes

Key Press Types:
- type = hold ==> only active while holding this key
- type = toggle ==> enable/disable this setting
- type = cycle ==> cycles the settings via this key, e.g. SEPARATION = 100, 50 will cycle between 100% and 50% separation pressing this key
--if you have more settings you need to define it for every cycle step:
--means: if you want to change separation and you want to use the same constant for both settings use:
- no definition = settings set on ON once pressed the key

You can also change any existing key definitions changing the key behind key = in the d3dx.ini .... if you like the setting but want another key for it.


THANK you DSS for being on this earth :-)
- THANK you masterotaku for being on this earth :-)
- Big thanks to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others involved in creating 3DMigoto; an amazing wrapper that allows us to fix our favorite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
NVIDIA for creating 3D-Vision as a tech!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

3D Fix Manager

Last Updated: February 12, 2019

I like to share an application with you I’ve been working on for a while. It’s called "3D Fix Manager" and the reason I developed it is that I wanted to have a more comfortable way for installing 3D Vision Fixes and a user-friendly approach for editing hotkeys in order to quickly change 3D related settings like 3D depth and convergence while gaming.

So which features does 3D Fix Manager provide?
  • Clear GUI with multi-language support (Englisch, French, German, Portuguese)
  • Detection of installed 3D Vision games (Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG and many more supported)
  • Download, install and uninstall 3D Vision fixes with only 1 click
  • Installed 3D fixes are automatically kept up to date
  • Simple configuration of 3D fixes. Adjust 3D hotkeys for changing 3D depth and convergence and much more. Configs are automatically backuped and restored when reinstalling 3D fixes.
  • Launch games directly with 3D Fix Manager either in 2D or stereo 3D mode. For 2D mode 3D fixes are automatically disabled as not needed then.
  • Graphics settings of games are automatically optimized for playing in stereo 3D
  • Nvidia driver profiles are automatically installed and optimized for stereo 3D
  • Options for individually editing the global Nvidia driver profile for both 2D and stereo 3D mode
  • Up to 3 display profiles provided - optimize settings for your display devices and load them easily by selecting the respective profile
  • No need to use Nvidia Control Panel any more - all stereo 3D related settings are directly integrated into 3D Fix Manager. Additionally all settings can be backuped and restored.
  • Simple activation of Compatibility Mode (also known as fake / depth buffer 3D) for any DirectX 11 game
  • Highly customizable - fine tune a lot of settings for each game profile. Easily create new profiles for games not supported by 3D Fix Manager yet.
  • Performance for stereo 3D automatically improved by using RivaTuner Statistics Server
  • Automatic updates for game profiles which include new 3D fixes
  • Automatic updates for the application itself which add new features and bugfixes

Currently more than 700 3D fixes from helixmod.blogspot are supported by 3D Fix Manager. This includes fixes using Helix Mod (DirectX 9), 3dmigoto (DirectX 11) and OpenGL 3D Vision Wrapper.

Geforce Forum:
  • The main thread about 3D Fix Manager can be found here

  • If you want to support this project you can donate to this PayPal account:


  • Installer version: Start the setup wizard and simply click on continue. Adjust install directory to your liking. A desktop shortcut and entry in start menu folder are created by the setup wizard.
  • Portable zip version: Extract the downloaded file archive. Neither start menu entries nor a desktop shortcut are created by using the zip version.
  • Start the application with "3DFixManager.exe" or use the desktop shortcut created by the installer.

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • .NET Framework 4.6 or higher
  • Nvidia graphics card
  • 3D display compatible to 3D Vision, 3DTV Play or Optimized for Geforce
  • Note: If you have a Nvidia graphics card but not a 3D display device you can still fully use this application with anaglyph mode (3D Vision Discover). You need anaglyph red / blue glasses for this (e.g. available on Amazon for not more than 5$).
  • If your card is AMD this application serves as a simple game launcher only (all Nvidia related settings locked then)

Known Issues:
  • When double clicking on "3DFixManager.exe" and nothing happens it 's very likely that your AntiVirus software is blocking the application from being started. Easiest fix is to copy the application from protected places like C:\Program Files (x86) to other places like D:\3D Fix Manager. You can also try to add the folder of the application to the whitelist of your AntiVirus software but this does not always fix the issue.
  • Detection of games might fail if no info about the game is available in Windows registry. When this happens 3D Fix Manager tries to find the game via search paths but this might fail as well when no according search paths have been added to the application. In this case please make sure that all paths to your game libraries are listed in the search paths option (you find this in "Settings" tab -> "Application Setting" tab -> "Detecting installed Games")
  • If a game is still not listed you can force detection by setting up a custom install path for the individual fix profile (you do this by changing the search filter from "Installed Games" to "All Games" in the upper left corner. After that double click on the game in the list and navigate to "Custom Root / Game Path")

  • A detailed manual can be found here. Please have a look at the section "Problems and Solutions" if you experience any issues

  • The application is not available in your language yet? Please feel free to translate this language file on GitHub and your language will be added to the application with the next update.

  • Please help me to improve this application by reporting bugs, wrong / outdated fix profiles or if you have any suggestions. Thank you.
  • I tested the application a lot and I think it’s in a good state. However I take no responsibility if any damage should occur on your machine by using this application. Use at your own risk. :)

Change Notes Version 1.68 (February 12, 2019):
  • New: Further translations for Portuguese version (thanks to jurandy007!)
  • Changed: Improved mechanism for modifying game config files. Added a placeholder for file names if parts of the name vary for each user. Also added "_steamPath_" as a placeholder which is replaced with actual Steam installation path.
  • Changed: If the wrapper dll was renamed as "visiond3d9.dll" or "visiond3d11.dll" the fix can still be detected now. This is useful if you're using SpecialK as a primary injector + a renamed dll of the 3D fix.
  • Bugfix: Reset button in hotkeys tab was disabled for OpenGL Wrapper
  • Bugfix: If switching between Castlevania: Lords of Shadow original fix and alternative fix the game wasn't detected any more
  • Bugfix: Helixmod.dll couldn't be uninstalled if the 3D fix was disabled

Change Notes Version 1.67 (January 31, 2019):
  • New: Added support for 3dmigoto's named variables
  • Changed: Updated 3dmigoto files to version 1.3.14
  • Changed: Improved search for games - for each game all potential install paths found via Registry search, search paths and custom install path are collected first and then searched for the game exe. The first path which contains the game exe is taken as the valid install path of the game. Custom install paths have the highest priorities in search, next is registry paths and the lowest priority is search paths.
  • Changed: "Prioritize search paths over registry paths" option has been removed as it's no longer required
  • Changed: Game search via Windows registry is faster now as some hard disk accesses have been removed
  • Changed: From now on it's mandatory to set the game exe name in fix profiles - otherwise the game won't be found (stricter rule)
  • Changed: When option "Cache detected games for faster app start" is enabled search via search paths isn't executed any more as this would take too much time if a lot of games are installed. This makes editing profiles a lot faster in this case.
  • Bugfix: One version of the helixmod.dll couldn't be detected

Change Notes Version 1.66 (January 02, 2019):
  • New: Further translations for French version (thanks to greatxerox!)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a potential bug when updating fix profiles (some profiles could be doubled in a rare case). This could happen due to the stringcomparer using current culture setting.
  • Bugfix: The additional exe in game directory wasn't detected directly after installing a 3D fix any more. This means that the e.g. HeliXmodLauncher.exe wasn't automatically started on game launch.
  • Bugfix: Ini file for hotkey editing could not be created in the directory of the game if a backup of the file was already found in the 3D Fix Manager folder.

Change Notes Version 1.65 (December 17, 2018):
  • New: Nvidia 3D driver overlay can be completely disabled in "Nvidia 3D Settings Tab"
  • Changed: Improved startup speed of application when Registry search or search paths option is enabled
  • Changed: Faster detection of 3D fixes. Additional info in fix profiles is provided to eliminate the need for doing a recursive search in game directories.
  • Changed: Improved detection of 3D fixes. Foreign DLLs like those of Reshade aren't detected as 3D fixes any more.
  • Changed: RTSS version can be still detected if Registry search is off. This wasn't possible formerly.
  • Changed: When updating 3dmigoto wrapper to the latest version inline comments of hotkeys are automatically removed because 3dmigoto cannot parse them any more since branch 1.3
  • Bugfix: "Enable / disable all fixes" option in "Application Settings" tab was broken
  • Bugfix: Sometimes when changing both Game Exe and Additional Exe in fix profile the buttons for starting the game weren't available any more
  • Bugfix: Minor bugfix for ini file parser

Change Notes Version 1.64 (December 06, 2018):
  • New: Supported resolutions and refresh rates of the primary display are automatically detected. To enable this feature go to "Display Profiles" tab and link your display to your desired display profile.
  • New: Supported resolutions are cached in a file for faster accessing this information
  • New: When updating all installed 3dmigoto wrappers the dialog window tells you how many games have been updated.
  • Changed: By default IR output mode isn't changed any more when applying settings in "Nvidia 3D Settings" tab or when skipping 3D Vision setup wizard. For changing IR mode you have to manually tick the option "Sync mode of IR Sender" in "Nvidia 3D Settings" tab first.
  • Changed: Search text for filtering games doesn't need to be so precise any more. So for example it doesn't matter if you type in "Assassin's Creed" or "assassinscreed" for listing all AC games.
  • Changed: Updated 3dmigoto files to version 1.3.12
  • Changed: Reworked some tooltips in "Hotkeys" tab
  • Bugfix: Synchronization between glasses and IR emitter could break when applying settings in "Nvidia 3D Settings" tab
  • Bugfix: "Delay" option in "Hotkeys" tab wasn't shown for 3dmigoto fixes when key type was either set to "cycle" or "toggle"
  • Bugfix: "Release Transition" option in "Hotkeys" tab wasn't shown for 3dmigoto fixes when key type was set to "toggle"
  • Bugfix: Updating all installed 3dmigoto wrappers was broken in "Application Settings" tab

Change Notes Version 1.63 (December 01, 2018):
  • New: Added "3D Vision Discover for VR" 3D display type which can be chosen in "Display Profiles" tab. This is basically a modified 3D anaglyph mode with filter colors removed. When using this mode in combination with 3dmigoto's side by side shader and a VR app like Bigscreen Beta you can play DirectX 11 fixed games with your Oculus Rift / HTC Vive etc.
  • New: The correct profile is edited for RTSS. Formerly only the global profile could be modified via 3D Fix Manager
  • Changed: Write permission for "System" user is automatically restored after closing a game. Formerly write permission was given back after 120 seconds when starting a game. This could break 3D for "Reverse Interlacing" and "3D Vision Discover for VR" modes when minimizing to the dsektop after this timeout.
  • Changed: HelixMod Launcher is always automatically closed after exiting a game
  • Changed: RTSS is only restarted if changes were actually made to a RTSS profile file

For a full list of previous change notes please visit

    Saturday, February 9, 2019

    Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn + Heavensward + Stormblood

    Full 3DVision Fix

    With the upcoming release of Shadowbringers later this year, now seems as good a time as ever to finally get around to uploading this massive fix for this enormous (and wonderful) game to the blog. This is a full 3D fix for the game that covers the entire A Realm Reborn main campaign, as well as the Heavesward and Stormblood DLC's (and hopefully the upcoming ShB DLC too). This is one of my finest, fully featured fixes where I was able to fix even more difficult effects like realtime/screenspace reflections (for the first time in my fixing career), but some of my crowning achievements were with my intricate work with the HUD and UI which is crucial in an MMO. Lots of great content to be enjoyed and the game is a visual masterpiece (so much that I had a hard time selecting only a few screenshots for this post, see more in my album here), so I hope many will get to enjoy this.


    -All lighting/shadows, AO, god rays, etc
    -All water effects (halos/position, surface reflections, underwater caustics, remove nauseating distortion while swimming)
    -All sun/moon/sky shaders
    -Screenspace reflections and specular highlights

    User Interface:

    -Heavy use of texture filtering for meticulously handling various elements to be manipulated separately
    -Implemented auto-depth code for placing nameplates and the mouse cursor at correct 3D depth in the game world
    -Static HUD elements pushed into adjustable depth
    -Scene detection to automatically change HUD depth and convergence to appropriate values when in game or while in menus and cutscenes

    Instructions and Keybindings:

    1) Download: FFXIV 3D fix v1.0
    2) Extract to folder with ffxiv.exe (..\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\game)
    3) If the in game convergence is too low/high for your liking, edit the line convergence = 5.0 in d3dx.ini file under the [PresetGameConvergence] section, and similarly for cutscene convergence edit the StereoConvergence = 0.6 line under the [Profile] section
    4) The following keys have been setup:

    Key(s)                                 Function

    \                                           Disables HUD (for nice screenshots)
    ]                                           Adjusts depth of static HUD elements
    Alt + ]                                 Disables auto depth features and puts all HUD elements to static depth
    [                                           Adjusts depth of skybox, in case it looks too close/far
    Alt + [                                 If nameplates seem to be cutoff and wrapping around, this nudges them slightly over and may look better

    Known Issues:

    -If there are a lot of nameplates on screen at once (eg. in a major city), some nameplates will not be adjusted and be at screen depth due to shader/buffer overflow
    -Some AOE glowing targeting areas edges sometimes look a little off

    Tools Used for this Fix:

    -3DMigoto v1.2.69 (thanks to Bo3b, DarkStarSword, and Chiri!)
    -DarkStarSwords auto-depth custom shader
    -Flugan's assembler

    Like this fix? Donations are always appreciated.
    Paypal: or by sending to

    Friday, February 8, 2019

    Monster Hunter World

    Here's a 3D fix for Monster Hunter World I created at the time of the game's release, but never got around to uploading here on the blog. Fixed most of the issues in the game, however one of the issues was the game rendered certain parts of the game's environment in 2D. I fixed those, however the game thinks when they are in 2D they are in the correct placement in the world, so when adjusting their position to look correct to us, it causes the shadows that those objects cast to be shifted. For the most part, those shadows get shifted to be off screen, so you mostly won't notice it, but you might notice some places there should be more shadows that aren't there, or shadows disappearing off in the distance (kinda like reverse pop in). Couldn't quite find another solution, which is why I never got around to posting this fix, but I hope to start playing this game again soon and may get lucky.


    -2D geometry (all)
    -Directional and point lighting (all). *Note: Because this game uses tile lighting, although these are fixed they do clip at the sides at further distances.
    -Ground decals (all)
    -Water (base + Ancient forest)
    -Sun/moon shader
    -HUD adjusted to depth

    Key bindings:

    F1 - Set convergence to 50 (low)
    F2 - Set convergence to 250 (high)
    \ - Disables the HUD
    ] - Adjusts the HUD depth
    Caps lock or Xbox L3 + R3 - Toggles between "Game mode" and "Menu/cutscene" presets. Game mode is high convergence and high depth of HUD, and Menu/cutscene mode is low convergence and 0 depth on HUD elements

    Download: Monster Hunter World fix v1.0

    Like this fix? Fixes take a lot of time and effort, so donations are always welcome and appreciated!
    Paypal: or send to

    Mortal Kombat XL

    With the upcoming release of Mortal Kombat 11 in April creating a bunch of hype for the franchise, and knowing that my MK10 fix stopped working with the Mortal Kombat XL update, I decided it's time that I revisit this and and get it updated to be working again (even better than before!) so we can all check out those jaw droppin, eye poppin, head stomping fatalities in glorious 3D once more.

    Recent Version History

    2019-02-10 Version 2.1 Update: Fix additional halos in fog in background on certain stages2019-02-08 Version 2.0 for MKXL Update

    Fix features (new in blue)

    -Lighting/Shadows and AO
    -All halo creating effects in every stage, special move, & fatality.

    -Floor reflections (disabled some to be less distracting)

    User Interface:
    -Added convergence presets that switch automatically between each other for in fight (for high convergence) and for fatalities/x-ray moves (for lower convergence due to close ups). You can adjust the convergence values to your taste by editing the d3dx.ini file in the PresetFight and PresetFatality sections

    -UI depth adjustment key: ]
    -Press the \ key to toggle HUD/Pause menu/FATALITY text off and on for taking unobstructed screenshots


    1) Download: MKX fix v2.1
    2) Extract files to location where MK10.exe is located
    3) FINISH HIM!!!

    Tools used to make this fix:
    -3DMigoto v1.3.14 (thanks to Bo3b, DarkStarSword, and Chiri!)
    -Flugan's assembler

    Like this fix? Donations are always appreciated.
    Paypal: or by sending to

    XCom 2 + War of the Chosen

    2019-02-08 Update for War of the Chosen DLC

    Ok, so I have to admit I'm a bit of a lazy person, especially when life starts getting difficult. I actually started working on an update to my XCom 2 fix for the War of the Chosen expansion over half a year ago. Unfortunately I never quite got it to the finished state that I had envisioned before I lost interest (in pretty much gaming entirely), and because of such I never posted any update on here (only provided a WIP version on the Geforce 3DVision forums). I still have not had time to take another look at this fix, but it had fixed about 90% of the broken effects, and gotten a few experimental features working fairly well, so I'm going to put my perfectionist ego aside for now to provide a link to that version on here, and hopefully in the near future I'll get back to completing this for a version 2.0 update.

    In addition to adding compatibility for WotC, one of the biggest changes/additions to this fix is that I've set up some convergence and HUD depth presets that are automatically triggered based on what's happening on screen. Previously you would have to either play entirely with low convergence (to prevent your eyes from splitting when the camera would automatically change from isometric view to the targetting/action cam views), or you would have to change between various convergence settings manually, which due to the frequency thereof really detracted from the enjoyment of the game. Now all this happens automatically. Unfortunately this game did not make it easy for me to implement these features, so it's not entirely perfect in implementation in some cases and situations and also requires some additional work to setup properly (ie. need to run an Autohotkey script for the best effect), but I found that it made the game a much more seamless and enjoyable experience when it works (which should be most, if not all the time)

    Instructions (see new features instructions in red below)

    1. Download fix here: Version 1.9

    2. a) Extract archive to game location that contains XCom2.exe, which is in the XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\Binaries\Win64 folder for the expansion or \XCOM 2\Binaries\Win64\ folder for the base game

    2. b) (Optional) Install Autohotkey (google for this) and run the MouseWheel.ahk script included within this fix. The script will rebind your mouse scroll wheel as the T and G keys on the keyboard, which are the default keys for zoom in and zoom out. It is best to have this script running (and to have the zoom in and out game bindings on the default T and G) in order to use my zoom convergence adjustment. Alternatively, you can just use the T and G keys on the keyboard, but it's not as good as using a mouse wheel.

    3. Game settings: the only setting that's mandatory is to set AntiAliasing to FXAA or Disabled. I also highly recommend turning off Dirty Lens, which causes ugly lens flares. Remaining settings to taste and performance, some people have reported huge gains by lowering certain settings, so be sure to test with different settings if you're not getting a smooth experience.

    4. Zoom convergence adjustment: In order for this to work best, any time you start taking your turn commanding your troops, first zoom all the way out until it stops zooming and until the convergence stops adjusting. Once you reach here, now the zoom and convergence will be in sync for the rest of the turn, and whenever you zoom in and out from here the convergence will match it to be the ideal convergence for that amount of zoom level (and look awesome). This also works and applies to the Avenger base view.

    Known Issues:

    -Reflections are unfixed
    -Some lighting in underground/interior levels are off
    -Gun flashlight reported broken by some users

    Special Thanks to:
    -3DMigoto team for all their hard work, of course!
    -4EverAwake, whom started working on this game first, and provided me with his WIP to start with when he found out I was willing to work on this one
    -Necropants for testing the fix and helping to locate additional broken effects
    -The rest of the Geforce community for keeping me motivated to see this one through to completion

    Like this fix? Fixes take a lot of time and effort, so donations are always welcome and appreciated!
    Paypal: or send to