Friday, August 7, 2020

3D Fix Manager

Last Updated: August 07, 2020

I like to share an application with you I’ve been working on for a while. It’s called "3D Fix Manager" and the reason I developed it is that I wanted to have a more comfortable way for installing 3D Vision Fixes and a user-friendly approach for editing hotkeys in order to quickly change 3D related settings like 3D depth and convergence while gaming.

So which features does 3D Fix Manager provide?
  • Clear GUI with multi-language support (Englisch, French, German, Portuguese)
  • Auto restores 3D Vision compatibility with Win 10 > 1809 and Geforce drivers besond 425.31
  • Detection of installed 3D Vision games (Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG and many more supported)
  • Download, install and uninstall 3D Vision fixes with only 1 click
  • Installed 3D fixes are automatically kept up to date
  • Simple configuration of 3D fixes. Adjust 3D hotkeys for changing 3D depth and convergence and much more. Configs are automatically backuped and restored when reinstalling 3D fixes.
  • Launch games directly with 3D Fix Manager either in 2D or stereo 3D mode. For 2D mode 3D fixes are automatically disabled as not needed then.
  • Graphics settings of games are automatically optimized for playing in stereo 3D
  • Nvidia driver profiles are automatically installed and optimized for stereo 3D
  • Options for individually editing the global Nvidia driver profile for both 2D and stereo 3D mode
  • Up to 3 display profiles provided - optimize settings for your display devices and load them easily by selecting the respective profile
  • No need to use Nvidia Control Panel any more - all stereo 3D related settings are directly integrated into 3D Fix Manager. Additionally all settings can be backuped and restored.
  • Simple activation of Compatibility Mode (also known as fake / depth buffer 3D) for any DirectX 11 game
  • Highly customizable - fine tune a lot of settings for each game profile. Easily create new profiles for games not supported by 3D Fix Manager yet.
  • Performance for stereo 3D automatically improved by using RivaTuner Statistics Server
  • Automatic updates for game profiles which include new 3D fixes
  • Automatic updates for the application itself which add new features and bugfixes

Currently more than 700 3D fixes from helixmod.blogspot are supported by 3D Fix Manager. This includes fixes using Helix Mod (DirectX 9), 3dmigoto (DirectX 11) and OpenGL 3D Vision Wrapper.

Technical support and discussion:
  • The main thread about 3D Fix Manager can be found in Geforce forum
  • Future discussion about 3D Fix Manager should be done on MTBS3D as Nvidia made Geforce forum useless with their last update
  • In discord you will find a sub topic about 3D Fix Manager here

  • If you want to support this project you can donate to this PayPal account:


  • Installer version: Start the setup wizard and simply click on continue. Adjust install directory to your liking. A desktop shortcut and entry in start menu folder are created by the setup wizard.
  • Portable zip version: Extract the downloaded file archive. Neither start menu entries nor a desktop shortcut are created by using the zip version.
  • Start the application with "3DFixManager.exe" or use the desktop shortcut created by the installer.

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • .NET Framework 4.6 or higher
  • Nvidia graphics card
  • 3D display compatible to 3D Vision, 3DTV Play or Optimized for Geforce
  • Note: If you have a Nvidia graphics card but not a 3D display device you can still fully use this application with anaglyph mode (3D Vision Discover). You need anaglyph red / blue glasses for this (e.g. available on Amazon for not more than 5$).
  • If your card is AMD this application serves as a simple game launcher only (all Nvidia related settings locked then)

Known Issues:
  • When double clicking on "3DFixManager.exe" and nothing happens it 's very likely that your AntiVirus software is blocking the application from being started. Easiest fix is to copy the application from protected places like C:\Program Files (x86) to other places like D:\3D Fix Manager. You can also try to add the folder of the application to the whitelist of your AntiVirus software but this does not always fix the issue.
  • Detection of games might fail if no info about the game is available in Windows registry. When this happens 3D Fix Manager tries to find the game via search paths but this might fail as well when no according search paths have been added to the application. In this case please make sure that all paths to your game libraries are listed in the search paths option (you find this in "Settings" tab -> "Application Setting" tab -> "Detecting installed Games")
  • If a game is still not listed you can force detection by setting up a custom install path for the individual fix profile (you do this by changing the search filter from "Installed Games" to "All Games" in the upper left corner. After that double click on the game in the list and navigate to "Custom Root / Game Path")

  • A detailed manual can be found here. Please have a look at the section "Problems and Solutions" if you experience any issues

  • The application is not available in your language yet? Please feel free to translate this language file on GitHub and your language will be added to the application with the next update.

  • Please help me to improve this application by reporting bugs, wrong / outdated fix profiles or if you have any suggestions. Thank you.
  • I tested the application a lot and I think it’s in a good state. However I take no responsibility if any damage should occur on your machine by using this application. Use at your own risk. :)

Change Notes Version 1.76 (August 07, 2020):
  • New: Required driver hack for Win10 version > 1809 and Geforce drivers > 425.31 is applied locally via 3dmigoto now. This requires 3dmigoto to be updated which is done automatically.
  • New: Global driver hack is used for games where we cannot update 3dmigoto without breaking the 3D fix
  • New: Added detection whether 3D Vision IR emitter is physically connected to PC. Only if connected 3DFM will require and install the USB driver for it.
  • New: Limiting framerate does not require RivaTuner Statistics Server any more. Instead Nvidia's new framerate limiter is preferrably used which was introduced with driver version 441.87. The framerate limit is automatically removed on game exit.
  • New: Added a simple view for creating / editing profiles with only the most important settings visible.
  • New: Added info how many games are currently shown in the games list.
  • New: Added a flag in fix profile which sets whether 3dmigoto's software mouse cursor is required for side by side mode.
  • New: Added a check whether Corsair Utility Engine is running before launching 3D Vision Setup Wizard. It's known to crash the wizard.
  • New: Added a dialog which explains that the application gets minimized to system tray when hitting the close button.
  • New: Added special handling for A Plague Tale: Innocense. Game config file is automatically configured now for setting required ingame options.
  • Changed: The old global driver hack is still available in "Nvidia 3D Settings" tab. When you disable "Apply Geforce driver modification via 3dmigoto" global driver hack is set active.
  • Changed: 3D Vision Setup Wizard is run silently now which makes driver installation more comfortable.
  • Changed: Any changes to settings are safed immediately now instead of application exit which was too late.
  • Changed: Updated DX12 hack for Shadow of the Tomb Raider which improves compatibility to different CPUs. Many thanks to TimFX!
  • Changed: Faster loading of 3D screenshots into 3D Vision Photo Viewer.
  • Bugfix: Titanfall 2 3D fix wasn't detected properly.
  • Bugfix: 3DFM and HelixVision can be run / started at the same time now.

Change Notes Version 1.75 (May 03, 2020):
  • New: Restored full stereo 3D compatibility for DirectX 11 games on Windows 10 v.1903 and higher + current Geforce drivers.
  • Many thanks to: Schwing, Losti, Robert256, TadPole, Isaacvigo and everyone who helped. Without them 3D would be still broken on Windows 10 v. 1903 and later + current Geforce drivers.
  • New: French translation was completed by Greatxerox! Many thx!
  • New: For Win 10 v.1903 and higher a new toggle is visible in the top right corner for applying / undoing a modification for the Geforce driver. Toggling this on means we get full 3D compatibility back.
  • New: Geforce driver modification is automatically applied when a game requires it on game start. Automatically undone on closing app or playing 2D mode.
  • New: Restored 3D compatibility for Geforce DCH drivers. Warning: DCH drivers increase loading time of apps and games. So they are currently not recommended. Use standard ones instead.
  • New: Added a detailed warning message when using DCH drivers. It also explains how to switch to "default" drivers.
  • New: Added a button to download and install Geforce driver 425.31 automatically. This is the recommended driver as it still has 3D support without any hacks.
  • New: As soon as 3D is enabled via Nvidia Control Panel the change is immediatly reflected in 3DFM. So both toggles are synchronized now.
  • New: Added new tray icons indicating 2D and 3D mode. Also signalizes if driver modification is on / off by using different colors.
  • New: Added new menu items for the tray icon to toggle 3D and the driver modification off / on.
  • New: Added a warning message when the user tries to start 3D Vision setup wizard while RTSS is still running. This might cause a crash.
  • New: Added toggle for fixing a crash with Windows Mixed Reality headsets.
  • Changed: Improved checks if any stereo 3D component is missing or not installed correctly. 3DFM informs about them and tries to repair everything automatically.
  • Changed: Improved start mechanism for Epic Game Store games by calling epic launcher protocol and Epic App ID.
  • Changed: 3DFM is linked to MTBS3D thread instead of Geforce Forum now. Please go to MTBS3D Forum if you need any help.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where monitor entered 144 hz in stereo 3D mode when starting a game. This resulted in a red warning text.
  • Bugfix: 3D mode was broken for Nvidia test application and DX9 windowed mode.

Change Notes Version 1.74 (October 13, 2019):
  • New: Driver update feature automatically downloads the correct DCH or standard driver. So far just the standard driver was downloaded which didn't fit if the user already installed a DCH driver.
  • New: Search path for epic game launcher is automatically added to the list of search paths
  • Changed: For Windows 10 users the driver update dialog isn't shown any more when using v. 1903 or later. The reason is that this windows version was reported to be incompatible with current 3D Vision drivers.
  • Changed: Optimized detection for Crysis 2 and some epic game launcher games
  • Bugfix: Nvidia Overlay couldn't be disabled any more as Resource Hacker files were missing in 3DFM directory
  • Bugfix: HelixMod DX11 fixes couldn't be detected (only Bioshock Infinite affected by this)

Change Notes Version 1.73 (Augst 25, 2019):
  • Changed: Latest Nvidia driver couldn't be downloaded any more as Nvidia changed the name pattern of the download URL
  • Bugfix: By mistake Nvidia card was not detected when a laptop with both dedicated and integrated graphics card was used
  • Bugfix: Load / Save button in "Nvidia 3D Settings" tab was gone
  • Bugfix: Sometimes global driver settings weren't loaded on game start

For a full list of previous change notes please visit

    Friday, July 31, 2020

    What Happened

    What Happened -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
    — Created and assembled by Losti —
     Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 

    • This Game is fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
    • Tested by Losti

    Download and Usage instructions:

    ==> DOWNLOAD THE ALTERNATIVE AutConvAutHud Version!!! --- UNREAL_Engine_4_UNIVERSAL-FIX_2_VX.XX_Alternative
    • What Happened -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
      • Please start the game, than exit the game if you reach the main menu
        • start 00_UE4-UniversalFix-2_Config.cmd
        • Press NUMPAD5 for installation of the AA/AO Improvements (DONT MISS THIS!!!, otherwhise you have issues!)

    The Suicide of Rachel Foster V 2.00

    The Suicide of Rachel Foster -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
    — Created and assembled by Losti —
     Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 


    Download and Usage instructions:
    • Please download the ALTERNATIVE version of the universal fix to get the AUTO-CONVERGENCE and AutoDepthHUD working perfectly!!! - NEW since 31.07.2020
    • The Suicide of Rachel Foster -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
      • I Suggest to reduce the LowConvergence Key convergence to 10.0 and use this for VIEW examine objects! (open d3dx.ini, search for Key_Low_Convergence, set convergence = 40.00 to convergence = 10.00)
      • Reduce the AutoDepthHud start to 10 or 20 % using ALT+LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN key.

    Rock of Ages 3 - Make and Break

    Rock of Ages 3 - Make and Break -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
    — Created and assembled by Losti —
     Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 

    • This Game is fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
    • Tested by Losti

    Download and Usage instructions:
    • Rock of Ages 3 - Make and Break -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
      • Please start the game, than exit the game if you reach the main menu
        • start 00_UE4-UniversalFix-2_Config.cmd
        • Press NUMPAD5 for installation of the AA/AO Improvements (DONT MISS THIS!!!, otherwhise you have issues!)
      • AO-Fix seems only be partial suitible, means:
        • IN GAME: Press LCTRL+NUMPAD6 to disable the AO-Fix, you can allso cycle to the MEDIUM REDUCE option. In case you completely hate the light wrong AO things at walls, you can also use the HIGH REDUCE option.
      • I suggest to use the LOW-CONVERGENCE KEY in cut scenes
      • Adjust the convergence or auto convergence in dependency on the leves general depth for your likes!
      • You should disable the Aim Key Convergence using 00_UE4-UniversalFix-2_Config.cmd (Key A and in the next menu, Key 0)


    Hasfax -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
    — Created and assembled by Losti —
     Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 

    • This Game is fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2 since the release of V 2.0
    • Tested by Losti

    Download and Usage instructions:
    • Hasfax -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
      • AutoConvergence is a bit annoying in this game....But its up to you to use, its working in general but the game leads to an extense change of the convergence in some scenes because of some blury effect that seems to have DepthBuffer
        • Use the ALTERNTIVE  DepthBuffer Scale Mode by pressing ALT+NUMPAD0 on demand, if sometimes the Crosshair dot pops extremely out of screen

    Thursday, July 30, 2020

    Destroy All Humans (2020)

    Destroy All Humans (2020) -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
    — Created and assembled by Losti —
     Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 


    Download and Usage instructions: