Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dragon Age II [DX11] - 3DV-Ready Fix - Losti

***This fix is my first one created by my own using the knowledge learned from  DarkStarSwordDJ-RK and most of it from DHR***

Special Thx goes to:
DarkStarSword - for everything you did for this small but nice 3D-Community and of cause your personal support!!!
DJ-RK- suppots me with his knowledge in the near past
DHR - for everything you teached me, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MICH !! You are here if some one needs your help, THY!!!!

--- ~23 h development time later ---

Update: V1.00
- release

1. Fixed:
- decalls Losti

- lights Losti
- HUD Losti
- impact effects Losti
- halos for lights/shadows/effects Losti
- water Losti

2. Issues left:
- ScreenSpaceAmbientOcclusion is flickering, you have to skip this graphic option
- sometimes the minimap will be somewhat wrong in depth....dont ask my why
- some shadows from characters while lights from casing appears are disabled, no fix here this time

==> Please report existing problems or upcoming one via EMAIL to my PP donation adress or in the 3D Vision forum, i will not check this post!!!!

3. Download - Fix V 1.00

4. Introduction get it working:
- uninstall old fixes!!!
- get the lastest NVIDIA driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use DisplayDriverUninstaller if you run into any issues.
- extract the archive to the ...\bin_ship\ folder of your game installation
- Press F7 after game start or later but you should need it to toggle 3D enabled but this prevents crashes with ALT+TAB or any windows switches here.
- see KeySettings because of HUD-management, press X making HUD in menues be suitable.

5. Ingame Settings:
- anything you want, except:
- disable/do not check "Screen Space Ambient Occlusion" in the video settings, this is flicker!!

6. Key Settings:
6.1 Key Settings (Keyboard + Mouse):

HUD-Key - for sutible HUD view - set key:
(this is a set key, needs to be resetted => see standard gaming depth key)
(This is resetted for normal playing while moving with W -Key)

HUD-Key - for sutible HUD view - hold key:
(this is a hold key, only enabled while holding ALT
==> This is for setting the HUD/mouse OK in demand in menues, e.g. while looting or reading tutorial messages if you need

Standard Gaming Depth:
"w" (hold down 0,1 sec)
==> This will set your game to STANDARD convergence and HUD/mouse depth settings
HUD-Key - Menues like inventory etc:
(this is a toggle key (on/off if presses several times)
==> set up correct HUD while entering game menues. This is resetted for normal playing while moving with W -Key
Reduce convergence:
(this is a toggle key (on/off if presses several times)
==> This is for dialoges sceenes having too high depth
Coursor Depth Scaling:
==> Scales depth of mouse coursor. This is resetted via W-key (see above), only for finding a suitible standard depth, or remove the W-Key if you will keep your settings while playing
NPC/LOOT-Items Depth Scaling:
==> Scales depth of thing related to NPCs/Lootboxes etc.... This is resetted via W-key (see above), only for finding a suitible standard depth, or remove the W-Key if you will keep your settings while playing

7. Key Setting - Customization - Standard Version
if you dont like the settings the fix comes with, you have to find your own likes:
- choose your desired separation and convergence in the game (for the HUD you can cycle presets via Key (see key-settings)
- to see your convergence/separation set
hunting=1in d3d11.ini 
and press F10 to see the current separation/conv. Set it to 0 if finished (Press F10 again or resart the game) -- BE AWARE of pressing other keys of the NUM-PAD while hunting is enabled.
- edit the sections below *; Example for changing default settings* in d3dx.ini
- set your desired Separation and Convergence in the "Standard Gaming Depth Key" section as well as HUD depth (z=...) and others (see chapter 7.1 for constants)

7.1 Constants
----only for more advanced users---
less values = more @ screen depth than the fix cames with
larger values = more in depth than depth than the fix cames with
==> This are the values setted via StandardGamingDepth key (w +100ms wait) by default
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;general HUD depth;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
z = 0.3
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;HUD DEPTH SCALE - Target Items Mouse etc;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
z2= 2.4
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;HUD DEPTH SCALE - Target Items Mouse etc;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Mouse Depth scaling;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
z3= 2.04
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Mouse Depth scaling;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

7.2 Advanced Key Config
----only for more advanced users---

You can defince keys using in [Constants] section with:

;(for choosing a key see here for replace KEY with it (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd375731(v=vs.85).aspx)
;(replace CONSTANTX with the constants written above)
;(replace XXX with a value, see above)
;(replace SEPXX with a separation value, leave it = the separation you choose by STRG+F3/4, no changes, 100 = 100%)
;(replace CONVXX with a convergence value, leave it = the convergence you choose by STRG+F5/6, no changes, standard is 1.5)
Key = KEY 

Key Press Types:
type = hold ==> only active while holding this key
type = toggle ==> enable/disable this setting
type = cycle ==> cycles the settings via this key, e.g. SEPARATION = 100, 50 will cycle bewtween 100% and 50% separation pressing this key
no deffinition = settings set on ON once pressed the key
You can also change any existing key definitions changing the key behind key = if you like the setting but want another key for it.

- Big thanks to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others involved in creating 3DMigoto; an amazing wrapper that allows us to fix our favourite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
NVIDIA for creating 3D-Vision as a tech!
If you like the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account: rauti@inetmx.de

3D Fix Manager

Last Updated: November 13, 2018

I like to share an application with you I’ve been working on for a while. It’s called "3D Fix Manager" and the reason I developed it is that I wanted to have a more comfortable way for installing 3D Vision Fixes and a user-friendly approach for editing hotkeys in order to quickly change 3D related settings like 3D depth and convergence while gaming.

So which features does 3D Fix Manager provide?
  • Clear GUI with multi-language support (Englisch, French, German, Portuguese)
  • Detection of installed 3D Vision games (Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG and many more supported)
  • Download, install and uninstall 3D Vision fixes with only 1 click
  • Installed 3D fixes are automatically kept up to date
  • Simple configuration of 3D fixes. Adjust 3D hotkeys for changing 3D depth and convergence and much more. Configs are automatically backuped and restored when reinstalling 3D fixes.
  • Launch games directly with 3D Fix Manager either in 2D or stereo 3D mode. For 2D mode 3D fixes are automatically disabled as not needed then.
  • Graphics settings of games are automatically optimized for playing in stereo 3D
  • Nvidia driver profiles are automatically installed and optimized for stereo 3D
  • Options for individually editing the global Nvidia driver profile for both 2D and stereo 3D mode
  • Up to 3 display profiles provided - optimize settings for your display devices and load them easily by selecting the respective profile
  • No need to use Nvidia Control Panel any more - all stereo 3D related settings are directly integrated into 3D Fix Manager. Additionally all settings can be backuped and restored.
  • Simple activation of Compatibility Mode (also known as fake / depth buffer 3D) for any DirectX 11 game
  • Highly customizable - fine tune a lot of settings for each game profile. Easily create new profiles for games not supported by 3D Fix Manager yet.
  • Performance for stereo 3D automatically improved by using RivaTuner Statistics Server
  • Automatic updates for game profiles which include new 3D fixes
  • Automatic updates for the application itself which add new features and bugfixes

Currently more than 700 3D fixes from helixmod.blogspot are supported by 3D Fix Manager. This includes fixes using Helix Mod (DirectX 9), 3dmigoto (DirectX 11) and OpenGL 3D Vision Wrapper.

Geforce Forum:
  • The main thread about 3D Fix Manager can be found here

  • If you want to support this project you can donate to this PayPal account: duselpaul86@gmx.de


  • Installer version: Start the setup wizard and simply click on continue. Adjust install directory to your liking. A desktop shortcut and entry in start menu folder are created by the setup wizard.
  • Portable zip version: Extract the downloaded file archive. Neither start menu entries nor a desktop shortcut are created by using the zip version.
  • Start the application with "3DFixManager.exe" or use the desktop shortcut created by the installer.

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • .NET Framework 4.6 or higher
  • Nvidia graphics card
  • 3D display compatible to 3D Vision, 3DTV Play or Optimized for Geforce
  • Note: If you have a Nvidia graphics card but not a 3D display device you can still fully use this application with anaglyph mode (3D Vision Discover). You need anaglyph red / blue glasses for this (e.g. available on Amazon for not more than 5$).
  • If your card is AMD this application serves as a simple game launcher only (all Nvidia related settings locked then)

Known Issues:
  • When double clicking on "3DFixManager.exe" and nothing happens it 's very likely that your AntiVirus software is blocking the application from being started. Easiest fix is to copy the application from protected places like C:\Program Files (x86) to other places like D:\3D Fix Manager. You can also try to add the folder of the application to the whitelist of your AntiVirus software but this does not always fix the issue.
  • Detection of games might fail if no info about the game is available in Windows registry. When this happens 3D Fix Manager tries to find the game via search paths but this might fail as well when no according search paths have been added to the application. In this case please make sure that all paths to your game libraries are listed in the search paths option (you find this in "Settings" tab -> "Application Setting" tab -> "Detecting installed Games")
  • If a game is still not listed you can force detection by setting up a custom install path for the individual fix profile (you do this by changing the search filter from "Installed" to "All" in the upper left corner. After that double click on the game in the list and navigate to "Custom Root / Game Path")

  • A detailed manual can be found here. Please have a look at the section "Problems and Solutions" if you experience any issues

  • The application is not available in your language yet? Please feel free to translate this language file on GitHub and your language will be added to the application with the next update.

  • Please help me to improve this application by reporting bugs, wrong / outdated fix profiles or if you have any suggestions. Thank you.
  • I tested the application a lot and I think it’s in a good state. However I take no responsibility if any damage should occur on your machine by using this application. Use at your own risk. :)

Change Notes Version 1.6 (November 13, 2018):
  • New: The appropriate display profile is automatically chosen when starting the app or a game. To make this work go to "Display Profiles" tab and simply link the profiles to the name of your displays. This is very useful if you play on different display devices.
  • New: Options for configuring framerate limit and Scanline Sync for RivaTuner Statistics Server. Scanline Sync is a low lag alternative to Vsync On. You can either configure this globally in the display profiles or individually in the fix profiles.
  • Changed: Native resolution of display is correctly recognized via win32 API when setting up upscale mode for 3dmigoto. Formerly simply the current display resolution has been taken as the target resolution for upscaling.
  • Changed: When clicking on a game in the list the content of "Installation" tab is shown a bit faster (GUI isn't blocked any more by doing some Tasks asynchronously now)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a startup crash when option for caching game paths was enabled and the user uninstalled a (Unity Engine) game
  • Bugfix: When automatically closing RTSS via 3D Fix Manager not all belonging processes have been closed

Change Notes Version 1.59 (October 29, 2018):
  • Changed: Improved mechanism for modifying game config files
  • Changed: Added margin between screenshots and texts. Unity logo for Universal Unity fixes is displayed in a smaller size now.
  • Changed: When uninstalling the 3D fix of Battlefield Hardline "User.cfg" file is deleted as well
  • Bugfix: When shutting down the application immediately after closing a game it could happen that 3D was first disabled and then re-enabled again when the option "Auto disable Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D when closing games" was on
  • Bugfix: Customized setting for "Disable 3D fix in 2D mode" option in fix profile was lost after updating the profiles via online update
  • Bugfix: GUI might not change back from compact to normal size when update dialog was shown
  • Bugfix: Window width and height of normal GUI size were not saved if user changed to compact GUI size and closed the application then
  • Bugfix: Fix profile did not accept ".jpeg" icons

Change Notes Version 1.58 (October 23, 2018):
  • New: OpenGL Wrapper can be installed for games where no fix is available
  • New: Added a feature in "Edit Profile" tab to make binary changes to the Game Exe file. This is only required for a few "LEGO" games so far to make them work in 3D. For safety reasons a backup of the original exe is made for those games.
  • Changed: Fullscreen Optimizations can be also disabled now when launching a game via additional Game Exe
  • Changed: When launching a game via additional Game Exe the path to the exe is shown as a tooltip when moving the mouse cursor over the buttons "Play 2D" / "Play 3D"
  • Bugfix: In rare cases the "additional Exe" defined in fix profile was not found
  • Bugfix: Local game icons couldn't be added to fix profiles any more

Change Notes Version 1.57 (October 20, 2018):
  • New: Buttons added for removing NPI profiles in "Edit Profile" tab
  • Changed: Improved mechanism for modifying game config files
  • Changed: When updating fix profiles via online update the user defined game exe isn't preserved any more. Instead you should set the "Additional Exe" field in the fix profile if you want to start the game with another exe. This customized setting will be preserved between updates.
  • Bugfix: In rare cases 3D was disabled again when starting a game in 3D mode. This happened when the option "Auto disable Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D when closing games" was active.

Change Notes Version 1.56 (October 18, 2018):
  • New: Nvidia stereosopic 3D can be automatically disabled when closing a game. For activating this feature go to "Settings" -> "Nvidia 3D Settings" tab.
  • Changed: If two different versions of a 3D fix are available the download cache isn't used any more when reinstalling the fix. As a result the user is asked again which version of the 3D fix to install. Formerly he wasn't.
  • Changed: When ini file of 3D fix is found both in root path and in a sub directory of the game both files are modified via "Hotkeys" tab. Formerly only the one in the subdirectory was modified. Both files are shown in "Hotkeys" tab now (e.g. relevant for Risen 1-3)
  • Changed: Improved uninstall of 3D fixes (sometimes not all files of Helixmod fixes were deleted
  • Changed: When starting the game via the additional game exe console arguments can be passed to it now
  • Bugfix: Sometimes the additional Game Exe defined in fix profile couldn't be found on the HDD

Change Notes Version 1.55 (October 14, 2018):
  • Changed: Improved mechanism for modifying game config files

Change Notes Version 1.54 (October 11, 2018):
  • New: Games can be started via the additional exe defined in the fix profile. This new feature is required e.g. for Far Cry 2 and F.E.A.R. which have to be started via a renamed exe file.
  • New: Additional exe can be automatically created by copying and renaming the game exe (required for Far Cry 2 e.g.)
  • Changed: Improved mechanism for resolving placeholders in game config paths
  • Changed: Before starting 3D Vision setup wizard the desktop is automatically set to the resolution / refresh rate defined in the display profile. Users should set refresh rate to 120 hz there to increase the chance for successfully passing the setup wizard. Otherwise it might crash.
  • Changed: Users with AMD graphics card can set the desktop refresh rate in the display profile now (2D mode only)

Change Notes Version 1.53 (October 08, 2018):
  • New: In fix profiles you can set if a game config file shall be created when it doesn't exist yet. Previously only existing files could be modified. This feature is useful e.g. for "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" and "The Land of Pain" where it is required to create a user.cfg file.
  • New: Further translations for Portuguese version (thanks to jurandy007!)
  • Changed: Improved mechanism for modifying game config files in XML format
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when selecting "Layers of Fear" in the game list

For a full list of previous change notes please visit http://fixmanager.rentus.de/download.php

    Monday, November 12, 2018

    Dragon Quest XI (DX11)

    Colaboration fix by: limextree, Gryzor_ and DHR
    Screenshot from limextree

    - Shadows
    - Lights
    - Reflections
    - Lights Shafts
    - Decals

    TB and SBS Mode (optional):
    - The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ";include = ShaderFixes\3dvision2sbs.ini" of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle. Also remember to use "HDMI Checkerboard" in the NVCP to remove the 720p limitation.

    - "F1" to see presets
    - "=" key to adjuts HUD depth

    - Extract where EXE is located (\....\.....\Binaries\Win64)
    - Start the game, when "Rundll32" prompt appear, press "Yes" (in Win10 this don't appear). This is for the Profile Override needed for this game. In Nvidia overlay you will see "3Dfix by DHR".


    Sunday, November 11, 2018

    Dead Rising 3

    3D Vision fix for Dead Rising 3.

    - All haloing problems.
    - Shadows and lighting at all resolutions and settings.
    - Light shafts.
    - Lens flares at geometry surface depth.
    - Sun in the sky.
    - Dynamic HUD depth, and HUD toggle. With tweakable number of samples for more or less accuracy at the cost of GPU performance.
    - Automatic convergence preset, triggered for gameplay. By default cutscenes are at low (0.5) convergence with non dynamic HUD, and gameplay has 1.2 convergence and dynamic HUD. If you want to modify or disable this, open "d3dx.ini" and go to the "[PresetGameplay]" block.
    - Optional windows reflections at more depth with the "n" key. They may not always look right.

    Known issues
    - There is some lighting clipping at very long distances.
    - There is some geometry culling that doesn't happen in 2D, especially noticeable in open areas. The "m" hotkey fixes this, but at a moderate-high CPU performance cost.

    - Download this file and extract its contents in the "deadrising3" folder, where "deadrising3.exe" is.
    - Right click "deadrising3.exe", go to the "Compatibility" tab and check the "Disable fullscreen optimizations" and "Run as administrator" options.
    - Launch the game and let it overwrite the profile.
    - If you ever see strange issues in the title screen or after loading your save (elements at screen depth that shouldn't be there), reboot the game or maybe consider going to the "C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache" folder and deleting everything inside.

    p: convergence presets (0, 0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.20, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3).
    h: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.
    k: dynamic HUD depth toggle. Disabled by default, but the automatic convergence preset enables it when needed. Unfortunately, this is triggered in the skills menu screen, which will look bad until you press this key.
    j: dynamic HUD samples presets (70, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500). More samples mean more accuracy and smoother steps, but also more GPU usage. By default it's 200. Crosshair textures always use double than the set value.
    m: this fixes the culling issue but at a high CPU performance cost. An Intel 7700K at 4.9GHz gets 22-32fps in very crowded areas, while it gets 32-40fps without this hotkey. Not used by default.
    - n: this puts windows reflections at more depth, giving them a more realistic look. But it can be a bit buggy in some situations, so that's why it isn't used by default.
    b: screen depth blood effect toggle (disabling the HUD also disables this). Not disabled by default.

    If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account: masterotakusuko@gmail.com

    Saturday, November 10, 2018

    The Dark Occult (DX11)

    This game was originally named "The Conjuring House"
    Very nice move from devs...LOL

    - Shadows
    - Lights
    - Reflections
    - Lights Shafts
    - Decals
    - Disable DOF
    - HUD

    TB and SBS Mode (optional):
    - The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ";include = ShaderFixes\3dvision2sbs.ini" of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle. Also remember to use "HDMI Checkerboard" in the NVCP to remove the 720p limitation.

    Remove Motion Blur:
    C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\The_Dark_Occult\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\

    In the engine.ini:


    - Extract where The_Dark_Occult-Win64-Shipping.exe (The Dark Occult\The_Dark_Occult\Binaries\Win64)
    - Start the game, when "Rundll32" prompt appear, press "Yes" (in Win10 this don't appear). This is for the Profile Override needed for this game. In Nvidia overlay you will see "3Dfix by DHR".


    ** Do you like the fix? **
    If you like the fix, you can donate to this PAYPAL account: dhr.donation@gmail.com

    Monday, November 5, 2018

    The Surge 3D Vision Fix - Updated(5/11/2018)

    3D Vision Fix by Helifax, Kaimasta

    Fixed: (Update as of 5th November 2018)
    - The whole UI, as it was by default broken: Some was 3D - wrong depth - some 2D and some missing in 3D.
    - Shadows
    - Lights
    - Compute Shading
    - Lots of incorrect Decals and elements
    - etc

    - All the SLI/non-SLI issues!

    Helifax - The whole shader fixing!

    Kaimasta - For finding the magic flag so I can fix the non-SLI issues!

    - Big thanks to Bo3b, DarkStarSword and Flugan for creating 3DMigoto and this awesome wrapper that allows us to fix our favourite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
    NVIDIA for Creating 3D Vision as a tech!

    Fix available here:
    The Surge - 3D Vision Forums


    Latest update 11-5-18 (bo3b): TheSurge_v1.4.zip
    Fixes another 4 decals, and also fixes all texture flickering of doors/walls. Updated to 3Dmigoto 1.3.11, and merged latest d3dx.ini so that SBS and Upscaling are available.

    Earlier Helifax version: TheSurge_v.1.3.rar