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UNREAL Engine 4 – Universal Fix 2 - V 2.0 - (Update 12.07.2020)

UNREAL Engine 4 – Universal Fix 2 - V2.0 with Configuration Tool

— Created and assembled by Losti —
 Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 
— Version: 2.0 —

Version History
  • 1.00 - First release
    . Version History: ChangeLogs.txt in the fix folder
  • 1.181 to 2.0 - MAJOR UPDATE:
    • Major KEY-Changes, please READ Keys used in the Universal Fix 2 from below
    • FAQ section added here in this post, HIGHLY recommended to READ in case of trouble!!!!!
    • Config Tool overhaul, new functions added, QuickStart menu etc.
    • disable Auto-Convergence will set convergence to default and will not let remain the last active auto convergence (Convergence 125)
    •  added more convergences for minimal and maximal auto convergence (min up to 730 and max up to 1480)
    • fixed a saving bug for the horizon fix
    •  changes for mouse depth will now be saved (by F10 or game quit)
    •  additional mouse depth settings are now displayed in the OSD as well as green
       overlay message (LCTRL + *)
    • enable or disable state for auto depth HUD will now be saved (by F10 or game quit)
    • OSD overhaul for arrangement and additional information including new changes and additions
    • added maximum depth adjustment for HUD elements if auto depth Hud is enabled to slightly adjust the max depth of the middle Hud/crosshair (ALT + *), settings will be saved by F10 or game quit
    • 100 % accurate volumetric fog fix, current one was only approx.; PS: (The Sinking City VolFog is still not fixed ^^)
    • NEW SSR velocity/motion sickness/smooth over frames fix, enabled by default
    • NEW velocity/motion sickness/smooth over frames fix for shadows
    • 100 % fix for motion sickness of shadows or ambient occlusion/lights (except in fast motion and fast FOV change, MINOR ISSUE)
    • additional fix for clipping, still unfixed is some static clipping like you can see in some scenes in Draugen, Spyro, Sirens Call ....
    • fixed some values for some HUD elements that where not equal to others (you may not notice that, is was game depended)
    • added green overlay message for convergence presets
    • added negative HUD depth to HUD preset key
    • further improved "config folder search" to install AA/AO improvements by the script
    • fixes for AA/AO installation in some special causes
    • speedup for config tool after the first start
    • 3D-Migoto Loader Script fixed if you start it NOT via config tool
    • if more than one game executable is present and you have to choose, your choice is being saved now
    • The game config and save folder is now being displayed in the main menu, if found
    • config tool can now be started from every cmd script from UE4-UF2, you cannot choose the wrong file to start config tool anymore
    • uninstall.bat updated for complete clean uninstall
    • AutoConvergence compatibility highly improved, working now for nearly every game, if not, enable compatibility mode in config tool
    • main halo shader from DHR improved to fix every main halo, no more independent from the drivers stereo correction (example: this will fix Man of Medan HALO that was skipped before and was in the need of some hands on of a shader hacker)
    • light motion sickness fix for dynamic lights (Soft Fix enabled by default)
    • additional dynamic light motion sickness workaround fix
    • new Reflection fix for puddles in PS
    • new CS reflection fix for puddles
    • new very unique Decal fix, ASM translation of the HLSL fix I have discovered by DJ-RK, THANK YOU MATE!!!
    • removed the decal/effect fix options from the troubleshooting section of the in game options because I have fixed this universal now,
    • you also don’t need to declare your resolution in the d3dx.ini anymore
    • added RegEx for skipping wrong catched Object shaders that causes transparency textures in several games.
    • extended script for disable false pos object shaders as well as light shaders
    • an error was fixed in a decal RegEx
    • correction for an error found in some Decal RegEx added
    • overhaul of the EFFECT RegEx to match more specific, much more performance for games having EFFECT RegEx (+10 % compared to V 1.181 for games using this)
    • automatic choose of the right inverse custom shader for effect RegEx and old DHR decal RegEx, troubleshooting entry removed from config tool, no need anymore
    • no choose of the correct CB-custom HLSL shader needed anymore for games having effect RegEx, it will be done automatically by adding specific RegEx
    • possible 1-10 % more FPS compared to Version 1.181 due to optimizations (game dependent)
    • new config tool main screen, very easy to run the game with 4 possible options, you dont need to sort out possible options for your own anymore
    • removed approx. fix option for Sun/Horizon Light because its 100 % fixed now!
    • alternative depth buffer scale mode to skip catching near screen HUD
    • stars skybox fixed
    • outlines fixed for games using stereo flags 4008, if not, I have added a fix on demand
    • more performance using autodepth and auto convergence
    • ambient oclusion fix reworked, now enabled by default because fixing many AO issues, added option for OFF and 2 steps of reduce AO (medium and  high)
    • added setup for convergence while aiming

Since DHR launched the first UE4 Universal Fix last year, many games have been repaired very well for 3D-Vision. Unfortunately, there was the last update in April 2019 and the games as well as the engine have evolved, so I have invested plenty of time to fix the missing things in current games. Unfortunately, DHR is currently no longer active, so a new update seemed out of reach.
I have noticed that many new correction mechanisms are being repeated, but not for every game, and again and again new small or bigger changes have been added. Therefore, I decided to expand the UE4 Universal Fix and combine the new effects corrections in a new UNREAL Engine 4 - Universal Fix 2 and adapt them for universal use.

First and foremost, a universal fix should serve to ensure that not every game, especially the smaller Indi games, needs to be repaired by a shaderhacker. In addition, a lot of repair time can be saved, if you can rely on something already existing, so that perfect 3D fixes can be created much faster. This saves a lot of time for shaderhackers to repair a game perfectly. In the optimal case, only a few individual adjustments are necessary and the removal of unneeded correction mechanisms to increase performance. The intention behind a Universal Fix is not to create the perfect 3D fix. Individually repaired games are always better than a universal correction, but that does not mean that a game cannot be perfect even with a universal fix.

The UNREAL Engine 4 - Universal Fix 2 fixes broken effects with the help of Regular Expressions. Only this possibility, which the 3D-Migoto development team has implemented some time ago, makes a universal correction possible in the first place. The Universal Fix 2 includes over 90 such regular expressions. Since each shader is checked to see if a correction formula fits, there will inevitably be initial performance losses. This is especially the case with graphically very expensive games that have thousands of shader files. Thanks to the shader cache function, this improves as the game progresses. The more shader corrections are saved, the smoother the game becomes.

That means:
When the game starts for the first time, it can lead to increased loading times and longer phases with a black screen, you may need to wait up to 15 min if you run the game for the first time! New territory, level or game sections may initially suffer from stuttering and frozen image, give the tool the time to make the necessary corrections and cache shaders
  • Even if the OSD shaders are cached, it also happens to me that some of it was recreated even without any changes in the HLSL files for some games, may be because of driver change, may be because of other things
  • THIS takes MINUTES, i can’t tell you how many but i think it's CPU dependend. I am using a core I9 (9th generation), so if you have lower CPU it may takes even longer!
  • If this recaching happens, the following happens: You start the game and it obviousely will not load, it seems to run in the background!
  • WAIT, get a smoke, drink a beer, whatever you want to do but JUST WAIT! The game will start! If it crashes, just start it again, the cached shaders won’t be cached again, you may have to start the game a second or a third time if it crashes while caching OSD shaders.
  • Auto Convergence will kill up to 10 % of performance (fps)
  • Auto Depth-HUD will kill another 10 % of performance (fps)
    • NOTE: You can skip these features with "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool"!!!

Addressed effects with associated involvement and further contributions

__Contribution__ __by__ __RegEx Formula by__
Objects                                    DHR / Losti             DHR / DJ_RK / Losti
Effect fixes                               DHR / Losti             DHR / Losti
Additional object light fix                Losti                   Losti
Basic reflections                          DHR / Masterotaku       DHR
Extended reflection fixes                  Losti                   Losti
One additional SSR pattern                 DJ_RK                   DJ_RK
Water and special reflections              Masterotaku             Losti
SSR-Sidescreen Fix                         Losti                   Losti
Fix for SSR motion effect                  Losti                   Losti
AO Fix and options                         Losti                   Losti
Basic lights and shadows                   DHR                     DHR / Losti
Light shafts                               DHR                     DHR
Volumetric lights                          DJ_RK                   DJ_RK / Losti
Volumetric fog                             Losti                   Losti
Additional lights and shadows              Losti                   Losti
Shadow and light clipping                  Losti / Masterotaku     Losti
Main halo fixes                            DHR / Losti             DHR / Losti
One additional Halo pattern                DJ-RK                   DJ-RK
One additional Halo fix pattern            Losti                   Losti
TAA ghosting and flicker fixes             DJ-RK                   DJ-RK
Decals                                     DHR / DJ-RK /Losti      DHR / DJ-RK / Losti
4008 Outline fix                         DHR / Losti             Losti
Auto Convergence Scripts                   DSS
Auto Convergence UE4 Depth Formula         DJ_RK
Auto Convergence Matrix Detection          Losti
Auto Convergence Configuration Options     Losti
HUD/UI Sahders with AutoDepth Option       Losti
OSD Help Screen and constant tracking      Losti
Automatic decal fix detection              Losti                  
Basic HUD fix for possible depth           Losti / DJ-RK
Automatic outline fix                      by Stereo Flags 5008
Universal AO and shadow stereo settings    Masterotaku
Configuration Tool written in BATCH        Losti
Smooth over Frames fixes and Workarounds   Losti
Presentation, Testing, Assembling          Losti
3D-MIGOTO                                                           Chiri, DSS, Bo3b

Optional donations

Donations for to show appreciation and provide funding towards future game fixes

Losti:                            via PayPal: www.paypal.me/Losti3D or by sending to rauti@inetmx.de
DHR:                             via PayPal: www.paypal.me/dhrdonation
Masterotaku:              via PayPal: masterotakusuko@gmail.com
DarkStarSword:          via PayPal: www.paypal.me/DarkStarSword or support @ https://www.patreon.com/DarkStarSword
DJ-RK:                           via PayPal: www.paypal.me/DShanz or by sending to rshannonca@gmail.com

Some words about existing problems and hints to cure
Most incorrect effects in UNREAL Engine 4 games are caused by anti-aliasing (AA). AA leads in particular to a partially extreme motion blur effect (I call this "motion sickness"). The effects move asynchronous to the direction of movement in the game. This means textures are smudged and stretched too deep, or the textures are over the correct depth, depending on the camera's direction of motion. Often the motion blur selectable in the game options does not work without errors. I therefore recommend turning off motion blur in the game and starting with the lowest option for anti-aliasing and gradually increasing it until problems occur. These can also be slightly wrong reflections or lights on walls or textures. To ensure best setting for working AA and less "motion sickness", please refer to the section "Instructions to install the fix" below. Since version 1.16 of this fix you have the option to automatically apply the best settings using "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool". NOTE: Some games are using a folder for that can't be identified automatically, then you need the manual hands on this!!!
Some shadows, lights or other effects may still have the described motion sickness effect. This affects above all the dynamic and volumetric light/fog and cones of lights. There is no solution for this. You have to live with it. This causes the effects that are affected to appear at the wrong depth during the movement.
Some incorrect effects can be easily resolved by changing the graphics rendering options. Depending on how much an effect disturbs me therefore recommend to test different graphics settings for minor errors, this may help.
There are three approximate corrections that can be used if needed to improve some other false effects a bit. Please read the section “Approximate fixes and workarounds” from below.
If a game has significant 3d errors, please read the last section "Troubleshooting" at the end of this post, here are some things you can do in this case. You can also use "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool" and read the things there, most of the troubleshooting options are integrated and can be changed on demand. This is not because there are errors in the universal fix, but that some games may require smaller settings to be made individually to function properly.

Often you have to skip LensFlairs on Screen or in some cases some Sun/Sky elements are at screen depth. Please read section "Troubleshooting" below, to learn how to disable effects or use "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool"!


1.  I have performance issues compared to NO FIX, what can i do?
  • Reduce graphic options, get another CPU/CPU, 3D can be very heavy in performance.......
  • If your game suffers from input lags and freezing images while playing, its related to shader caching, play through, it becomes better the more you play and the more shaders are cached!
  • Auto Depth HUD and Auto Convergence are demanding features in an universal solution, its usage is disabled by default. If you enable it (Key + and/or -) you will loose arround 10 % FPS
  • If you DO NOT NEED Auto Convergence AND or AUTO Depth Hud, you can disable this in general using the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool, this will save another 10 % FPS compared to NOT ENABLED feature in game:
    • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
    • press key 9
    • press key 4 to disable AUTODEPTH-HUD
    • press key 5 to disable AUTO CONVERGENCE
  • You can REENABLE this fearues the same way!

2.  AutoDepth-Hud elements like crosshair is to high in the forground or over a texture in foreground
  • Enable the alternative mode for depth buffer scale using ALT + NUMPAD0 in game, this changes the scale of the depth buffer, making AutoDepth less accurate but enables you to use suitible auto depth HUD/crosshair if this is in foreground over a texture (examples: The Outer Worlds, Dungeon Defenders Awakened)

3.  HUD Elements like Cross-Hair are too high in depth
  • Use ALT+NUMPAD* to adjust

4.  My game is crashing, seems to be frozen, I got black screen, game seems to run in background, game seems not to start, what to do?
  • please ensure you have read this section from above: That means
  • Enable the crash fix workaround from 3D-Migoto
    • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
    • press key 9
    • press key 1
    • press key 4
  • please read this section from below: Crashes and Hangups - possible Options to cure

5.  My game is not starting in 3D,  what should I do?
  • ensure stero 3D is enabled in the NVIDIA control panel
  • ensure you have set FULL SCREEN in game video options
  • press STRG+T in the game
  • press ALT+ENTER and again ALT+ENTER in the game
  • switch to desktop and switch back to game using ALT+TAB
  • AT LAST: start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool, press key 8 to FORCE FULLSCREEN

6.  I have white/grey/strange overlay in some game sceenes
  • seems the game suffers from some HORIZON overlay problem
    • Cylce LCTRL + NUPAD 0 in game

7.  I have strange issues with frames in motion, unsharpen textures, vigniette, AO/AA shadows
  • please ensure to install AA/AO iprovements
  • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool, press key 5

8.  I want to install the AA/AO improvements with the UE4-UF2-Configuration tool but this can not find my config folder
  • ensure you have started the game ONCE after it's installation and it was running until the main menu occured, this is necessary for the game to create the config/save folder!
  • THAN start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool, press key 5
  • if this is still not working: start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool, press key 5, read and follow the instructions for manual installation

9.  I have installed the UE4-UF2 and AO/AA things and started the game and still have issues with shadows/lights/mono rendering?
  • You may need another configuration for the start of the game
    • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
    • Press Key 2 for alternative starting mode
      • if this is not working, retry using another starting mode by pressing key 3 or 4
      • if this is still not working, please start the game using key 1 (standard) and go on in the FAQ here
      • NOTE: Starting mode will be saved, next gamestart can be achieved using Key 0 here to choose the prev. selected starting mode
    • Also Try LCTRL+NUMPAD1 for disable some LIGHT shaders that may be not cool
10.  Still have issues with shadows/lights or transparency of textures or wrong glass occurrence, even if I have tried all 4 start modes
  • May be your game suffers from a false positive catched light or object shader. You can HUNT and DISABLE this:
    • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
    • press key 9
    • press key 7
    • press key 3
    • press key 2
    • READ
    • press key 1
      • Hunt max 3 shaders and exit the game and return to  the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool and read instructions, game will be restarted after you have finished up
      • More shaders can be hunted starting the things a second time

11.  Still have with AO / Reflections
  • Use key LCTRL + NUM 6 to disable/enable/cylce options for AO

12.  Still have issues with wrong effects
  • The effect may not be fixed using the UE4-UF2, you have 2 options here:
    • 1. Disable the effect with UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
      • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
      • press key 9
      • press key 7
      • press key 3
      • press key 1
      • READ
      • press key 1
        • Hunt max 11 shaders and exit the game and return to  the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool and read instructions, game will be restarted after you have finished up
        • More shaders can be hunted starting the things a second time
    • 2. Reduce graphic settings step by step until the effect is disabled

13.  Still have issues with wrong effects, i cannot disable it anyway
  • In special cases the HUD shaders shipped with the UE4-UF2 will cause problems (Example: We Happy Few), than you need to disable the HUD-fix
    • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
    • press key 9
    • press key 7
    • press key 2
    • press key 2
      • NOTE: HUD will be @ screen depth now!!

14.  I have strange occurrence at the side of the screen, shadows here seems not to be into depth
  • the game seems not to be in the need of the SSR-Side-Screen-Fix
    • press LCTRL+NUMPAD7 in game to disable it

15.  The things at the side of the screen seems to be too high in depth
  • use LCTRL+NUMPAD9 to adjust depth to your likes

16.  I do not need Auto Convergence and/or AutoDepth HUD
  • please read point 1 to disabel this features

17.  I dont need or need another convergence using the AIM-Keys
  • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • press key A
  • choose another depth adjustment for using Aiming-Keys, if you want to turn it off, press key 0 here

18.  Auto Convergence is not or not good working
  • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • press key 7 to enable AutoDepth/Conv Compat. Mode
    • NOTE: Still not working? You need a shader hacker for this one here!

19.  My status bars are not moving (health-bar, stamina etc..)
  • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • press key C
    • NOTE: This will enable clipping, means you are FORCED to use a HUD depth near screen depth to avoid clipping of HUD elements!

20.  I need another 3D-Mode than Regular 3D-Vision
  • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • press key 8
  • choose your desired 3D-Mode

21.  I want to change 3D-Mode via key individually
  • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • press key 9
  • press key 1
  • press key 2
    • Note: This enables the 3D-Mode-Change via F12

22.  I want to DISABLE the OSD at game start
  • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • press key 9
  • press key 6

23.  I want to change the V-Sync behavior
  • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • press key 9
  • press key 3
  • choose your desired V-Sync state
24.  How can i RESET the fix to default?
  • start UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • press key 9
  • press key 7
  • press key 4

Instructions to install the fix
Note: „XXXXXXX“ as a directory name means: the game name, the developer or distributor, a short name or a synonym for the game. That real name of the directory depends on the game!
  • Extract the fix to …\GAMEDIRECTORY\XXXXXXX\Binaries\Win64\ where you can find a …shipping.exe
  • NOTE: in special cases you will have to install the game to …\GAMEDIRECTORY\Engine\Binaries\Win64\   if you can’t find a Binaries folder in …\GAMEDIRECTORY\XXXXXXX
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: use "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool"  AA/AO iprovement installation! This fixes MANY issues related to AA/AO and effects like vignette etc...
  • ENSURE YOU have started the game ONCE after its installation, otherwhise its possible the game catched the WRONG savegame/config folder!!!
    • NOTE: Some games are using a folder for that can't be identified automatically, than you need the manual hands on this. Hints for this are displayed in the config tool then.
Gamestart Options
  • You can start any game as you are used to! NOTE: PLEASE read the Performance section for hints if the game is obviously NOT loading, the solution is: WAIT ... WAIT ... WAIT!!
  • More options available via "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool"
  • in case of crashes or any other things like you want to use another d3d11.dll you can start any   game with the 3D-Mitoto Loader, please use "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool"
  • You SHOULD also start the game via 00_UE4-UniversalFix-2_Config.cmd
    • If you are not able to start the game via the "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool" please make your settings there and start the game manually!!! Restart STEAM or your PC in case of any starting fault errors from STEAM!!!

Custom Keys and Constants
  • Please use X80 until X99 as constants for custom things!!!! This should be saved and not being in use!

General Instructions for the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • This tool is based on MS batch instructions and do not use any external program but it changes files! So, make sure your AntiVirus will not block this
  • This tool should be self-explaining BUT NOT A ONE CLICK EVERYTHING IS COOL "app". You have to read and make your choices carefully.
QUICKSTART GUIDE - UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool
  • Please start the config tool and press 0 to start the game
  • If you have issues, please use key 2 or 3 or 4 for alternative starting modes
  • THIS should work for most of the games, if NOT, you have options for disable false positive fixed shaders
    • NOTE:   Your choosen STARTING-MODE is beeing saved and the next timeyou start the tool you can press 0 to start prev. choosen starting mode
    • NOTE2: Test all starting modes if STANDARD is not working, before you start trying anything else. If non of it fixing your issue, please set ot to MODE 0 again. 
    • NOTE3: Mode 2 and 4 may needs Push OUTLINES into depth FIX. Please scroll down here and read how it works!

General hints on Game-Options
Some recommendations regarding the game settings have been described above; I summarize here again the most important and give more general recommendations.
  • use fullscreen mode, if 3D does not kick in, you can try STRG+T or two times ALT+ENTER OR enable Force-Full-Screen via "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool"
  • AA: off, low or medium, don’t use TAA, max FXAA (if you have the choice) OR install AA/AO improvements via "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool"
  • I don’t recommend the usage of effects like motion blur, chromatic aberration, film grain
  • try lower settings for graphic options like: Material, Effects, Visuals, Post Processing, Ambient Occlusion in case of strange effects or some incorrect effects, this may help fixing it (skipping it)

Keys used in the Universal Fix 2 (please see detailed Information on its usage below)
This is a complete listing of the key bindings used in the Universal FIX 2. For detailed information, please read the following sections carefully!

NOTE: Try to avoid key changes for Auto-Convergence and Auto-Depth-HUD if you want to use "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool" for disable HUD or Auto-Convergence correctly, key changes made by YOU will ALSO NOT being displayed in the OSD!

__Key__                   __Function__ 
NUMPAD -                       toggle Auto-Depth-Function HUD (ON/OFF)
NUMPAD +                      enable / disable AutoConvegence
NUMPAD /                       HUD Depth (cycle)
LCTRL + NUMPAD *        add optional mouse courser depth (cycle)
ALT+ NUMPAD *             adjust maximum AutoDepth for HUD (cycle)
.                                          raise convergence (cycle)
,                                          reduce convergence(cycle)
#~ (EN-keyboard)            toggle low convergence (ON/OFF)
°^ (DE-keyboard)             toggle low convergence (ON/OFF)
XB_GUIDE                         toggle low convergence (ON/OFF)
RBUTTON (Mouse)          lowers convergence for aiming (on hold)
XB_LEFT_TRIGGER           lowers convergence for aiming (on hold)
LCTRL + NUMPAD7          SSR-Motion-Sickness-Workaround (OFF/ON)
LCTRL + NUMPAD8          SSR-Side-Screen-Approximate Fix (OFF/ON)
LCTRL + NUMPAD9          SSR-Side-Screen-Approximate Fix DEPTH (cycle)
LCTRL + NUMPAD4          Dynamic light MOTION fixes (cycle)
LCTRL + NUMPAD5          Shadow/Light MOTION fixes (cycle)
LCTRL + NUMPAD6          AO fix options (cycle)
LCTRL + NUMPAD1          Troubleshooting, light/shadow RegEx – Type 1 (OFF/ON)
LCTRL + NUMPAD2         Troubleshooting, PUSH OUTLINES into depth if targeted (only available in Start Mode 2 and 4)
LCTRL + NUMPAD0          HORIZON/WHITE overlay fix options (cycle)
ALT + UP                            Increase UPPER AUTO-DEPTH-HUD
ALT + DOWN                     Increase LOWER AUTO-DEPTH-HUD
ALT + LEFT                         Increase LEFT AUTO-DEPTH-HUD
ALT + RIGHT                      Increase RIGTH AUTO-DEPTH-HUD
F1                                        Disable/Enable OSD 
ALT + NUMPAD2               Increase Minimal Auto-Convergence
ALT + NUMPAD1               Decrease Minimal Auto-Convergence
ALT + NUMPAD5               Increase Maximal Auto-Convergence
ALT + NUMPAD4               Decrease Maximal Auto-Convergence
ALT + NUMPAD6               Switch to User Defined Convergence Settings for Min and Max Auto Convergence
ALT + NUMPAD3               Adjust Speed of Auto-Convergence change

___________________________________Additional Information____________________________________

Notes on the user interface/HUD – OnScreenDisplay (OSD)
The new OSD will tell you all the things that are currently set or active and you can see changes you do with keys. It will also show you the keys that are available for changing things. You can switch if off and on by the F1 key. If you want to disable this for the hext game start please open d3dx.ini and set y20 = 1.0 to 0.0 OR use "UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool"

Notes on the user interface/HUD – (Auto)-Depth-Function
The UNREAL Engine 4 - Universal Fix 2 contains some vertex shader files that are very often used for the interface. I've added the option for an Auto-Depth-Crosshair. If the Auto-Depth-HUD function is activated, the entire interface, minus the margins, is adapted to the of the depth buffer from Lightshaders. This allows for Auto-Depth-Crosshair, nameplates or other target functions in the middle of the screen. This should work for almost any game, unless the game uses a different hash for the vertex shader of the interface. If there are interface elements in the depth of the screen, then the correct Vertex-Shader file is missing. Use UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool to add Hud-DEPTH for new HUD-Shaders.
By default, the Auto-Depth-Function is turned off. This can be switched on by means of the NUMPAD-SUBSTRACT (-) button. You can adjust the automatic depth starting point using the ALT (increase) or CTRL (decrease) + LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN keys. These buttons changes the beginning of the automatic depth. The standard is 50, which means that the automatic depth begins in every half of the screen from 50%. Please read this post here @ the new place for 3D-Vision to ment to be seen for more information on the automatic depth starting point adjustment: Detailed Information on what the Auto-Depth-HUD adjustment is doing and what this is used for
The screen depth of the rest of the user interface is set using the NUMPAD-DEVICE (/) button. When Auto Depth is on, the crosshairs and all objects in the center of the screen are not affected. When auto-depth is off, the crosshairs and surrounding interface elements are changed in depth, as with the rest of the interface. The scaling starts with 10% depth and takes place in increments of 10 to 100%, with repeated key press. After 100%, the interface switches to 0 % depth, and then it starts again at 10%.

Notes on the user interface/HUD – Auto-Convergence-Function
The Automatic convergence is switched off by default. Not every game need this or is suitable for it. You have to find out for yourself. To switch on AutoConvergence, please press the NUMPAD + button. Please use ALT + NUMPAD2 / ALT + NUMPAD1 / ALT + NUMPAD5 / ALT + NUMPAD4 keys to adjust the minimum and maximum depth for AutoConvergence. Please read the information on the OnScreenDisplay, then everything will be clearer. You can adjust the speed of convergence changing with ALT + NUMPAD3 up to 200 % of normal speed. It's up to you to find your way which setting is cool for you!

If you don't find any of the given options good, you can set your own limits for min and max in d3dx.ini and activate them in the game using ALT + NUMPAD6. To do this, you have to search for "[Key_USER_MinAuto_Conv]" in d3dx.ini (without ""). Here you will find $MinConvAdjust = 20 and $MaxConvAdjust = 110. Enter the convergence values that you want to have as minimum and maximum.

Approximate fixes and workarounds

·         SSR-Side-Screen-Fix (ON/OFF: LCTRL + NUMPAD8)
Some reflections, especially in large puddles or on the water, have a faulty appearance on the edges of the screen. Here it comes to dark shadowy areas that are not in the right depth. There is an approximate correction that works well with water. Depending on the game, however, this may negatively affect the specular reflections of glass in the presentation. Since V 2.0 its initially enabled, but some games do not need this (around 10 % I have seen), then disable it!

·         SSR-Motion-Sickness-Workaround (ON/OFF: LCTRL + NUMPAD7)
Especially the representation of puddles in a game in which the environment is reflected is often affected by the motion-sickness effect. This can be very annoying in some games, depending on how many puddles are displayed. I have a SOFT FIX workaround built in that can be turned off when not needed. For all other reflections, this leads to more and less intense flickering or washed-out appearance. It is therefore your decision which attitude you use in which situation. The workaround can be switched on and off with the key combination LCTRL + NUMPAD7, the HARD FIX for this may cause flickering, so try it if this smooth over frames thing is too annoying using SOFT-FIX

·         Ambient Occlusion strength (cycle: LCTRL + NUMPAD6)
The ambient occlusions (AO) are fundamentally at the correct depth since 2.00, but may wall textures and stone textures can lead to errors in the reflection representation, this depends above all on the viewing angle. A possible improvement can be achieved by turning on the AO workaround fixes: Which setting is suitable depends on the game and has to be tried out. So, it's up to you to use and test this workaround, if you find wrong reflections on walls or rocks and that bothers you a lot. Switching on and off or switching through the various options is done by means of LCTRL + NUMPAD 6.

·         Horizon White Overlay-Fix
Switching on and off or switching through the various options is done by means of LCTRL + NUMPAD 0.

·         Dynamic Light Motion Fix
Switching on and off or switching through the various options is done by means of LCTRL + NUMPAD 4. SOFT should be cool but approx. 10 % of the games will not need it. Try turn it off then.  The HARD fix is often not cool because of flickering. But you can give it a try.

·         AO/SHADOW Motion Fix
Switching on and off is done by means of LCTRL + NUMPAD 5. Should be cool for every game but I am not sure in total.

·         Push OUTLINES into depth
This is done by means of LCTRL + NUMPAD 2. and ONLY AVAILABLE for game starting Option 2 and 4. If you target the object having an outline that is not in depth. Your game runs crazy for around 1 second by pressing this key combination but this will push OUTLINES into depth. You have to do this every time you restart the game or you find another outline not in depth.

·         Use another DEPTH-Buffer scale
This is done by means of ALT + NUMPAD 0. This afflicts AutoDepth HUD, its behavior is now not 100 % accurate but this can help to use this for games, where your aiming courser is over a near character object like n Outer Worlds or Dungeon Defenders Awakened.

Other functions and key assignments

·         Aiming Key – Convergence switch
The XB_LEFT_TRIGGER and MOUSE-RIGHT-BUTTON (RBUTTON) keys are assigned a lower convergence, which reduces the depth of in-game targeting. Not every game need this, or you do not want that change, or you want a higher or lower convergence when aiming. When auto convergence is activated, the depth should automatically decrease to a comfortable level. You can adjust the value using the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool

·         Low Convergence switch
As with aiming, you can adjust the convergence to your preferences. The keys for this are XB_GUIDE, for the US standard keyboard, the '' ~ 'key and for German keyboards it’s the key left to the numeric 1 key (°^). The default value is 40, which you can increase or decrease at any time. To do this, find the key section in d3dx.ini and change the line convergence = 40.00 under [Key_Low_Convergence]. By pressing this key, the automatic depth of the crosshair is switched off at the same time. Since a universal fix does not automatically perform this shutdown, for example, when the main menu or inventory or other menu item is opened (causing that skew to be extremely distorted), using this key in menu items is recommended. Of course, alternatively, the auto depth HUD function can be turned off. If Auto Depth Shutdown is not desired when the LowConvergence button is pressed, please clear x22 = 0.0 from the [Key_Low_Convergence] section.

·         Cycle Depth Presets
There are ready-made profiles for convergence and separation that you can use or change at will to suit your needs if the ready-made profiles are not suitable for you. The switching is done by means of  comma-Key (,) and point.Key (.). For changes, please adjust the values in the key section under [Key_DepthPresets]. Of course, you can also set any freely selectable convergence as usual via LCTRL + F5 / F6 or separation via LCTRL + F3 / F4, as long as these key functions have been activated in the NVIDIA control panel in the stereoscopic settings. Unfortunately, saving these settings does not work properly. The default convergence for a game is set in the following line in d3dx.ini and set to this value each time the game starts: StereoConvergence = 125.0 … So, depending on the game, enter your preferred convergence here. If you choose a convergence via LCTRL + F5 / F6 and save it with LCTRL + F7, this value should not matter, but I'm not sure if this always works.

Save your settings
Press F10 after choosing your settings. Convergence and Separation Settings can be saved as normal using STRG+F7.


Please use one of the 4 Start-Options from the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool to start the game, if you run into problems like false lights/shadows/one eye issues/mono rendering etc…

·         Disable false positive Light fix on demand (cycle CTRL + NUMPAD1)
There are three very universal light and shadow correction styles. Out of more than 10 games tested, there is only one game that does not require the first formula, causing some shadows and lights to shimmer or flicker. I have not seen any other problems so far and formula two and three were always needed. By default, all correction formulas are switched on. However, I've added a button to turn off the correction for these three formulas. So, if it comes to wrong lights or shadows, by turning on and off the three corrections can be tried to see whether an improvement can be achieved. This is done by means of the key combination CTRL + NUMPAD1, (first formula) and CTRL + NUMPAD2 for the other one.

·         Disable false positive OBJECT/LIGHT shaders 
Easily by the use of the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool choosing option 9-7-3-2-1

·         Instructions to disable a wrong shader
Easily by the use of the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool choosing option 9-7-3-1-1
·         Disable Mouse-Auto-Depth if this is not working for the courser
If you have enabled AutoDepth for the HUD, the Fix will apply this also for the mouse courser. But this is not working for every game. If the mouse appears at a very high depth and will not change its depth based on the things you target, you have to disable AutoDepth for mouse if you still want to use AutoDepth for the rest of the HUD. Please open "...\ShaderFixes\mouse.hlsl" and search for "output.pos.x+=adjust_from_depth_buffer(0,0);" (without ""). Replace this line with "output.pos.x+=stereo.x*HudDepth.x;" (also without "") and save the file. This will disable AutoDepth for the courser.

·         HUD-Element is not in depth even with enabled HUD-Depth
Easily by the use of the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool choosing option 9-7-2-1

·         You need to change depth for a HUD-Element or disable it because it’s not cool??
You can add the HUD-Depth for textures following this tutorial:
Games may hang or crash. The reason for this can be different, so I would like to provide a small selection of options below for how the problem can either be fixed or at least narrowed down. Please note that some hang-up and crashes are caused by expense shade caching in the first minutes or hrs. of the game after install the universal fix. As you can read above, this cures automatically the more you play.

It helped some players to activate the APP_COMPAT_SHIM = 1 option in d3dx.ini. To do this, look for this line and remove the semicolon in front of it to unlock the option. If this is not already the case, set this to 1.
Easily by the use of the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool choosing option 9-1-4

2. Start the game several times
It can happen that saving the shaders becomes so performance-intensive that the game crashes. A crash is the case if you get an error message or the game does not respond for more than 5 minutes. Starts the game after a crash or hangup over 5 min, multiple times and looks to see if it gets better or the crash is fixed.

3. Use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and a fresh Driver Installation
Even if it sounds like a standard phrase, it can work wonders. In case of problems with crashing or undesirable behavior in a game, you should use DDU to completely uninstall the installed graphics card driver. Download the DDU and the driver with version 425.31. Run Windows in Safe Mode and please disconnect from the internet. Run DDU and reboot, then install driver 425.31. Please continue for without being connected to the internet! Then reboots and sets up 3D vision. Start the game and see if the problems have been fixed. If not, please install the latest driver by following the tutorial below and using the installation tool (https://www.mtbs3d.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=23277). Maybe that helps.

4. Start the Game using MigotoLauncher
Easily by the use of the UE4-UF2-Configuration Tool choosing option 9-1-5 or for windows game, try 9-1-6

5. Remove some unsteriorization Option
Bo3B has reported that the game OuterWorlds (Windows Store Version) crashes due to the following entries in d3dx.ini:
match_type = Texture2D
match_format = R16_TYPELESS
; match_bind_flags = 0x48
match_width = heightStereo Mode = 2
It is not clear why this happens and it can also be an isolated case. The fact is that by removing these lines, some shadow corrections are lost.

6. Disable STEREO while starting/loading a game

Turning off 3D while a game is loading may prevent a crash. Make sure beforehand that you have activated the extended key combinations in the Nvidia Control Panel for 3D vision. This enables you to disable 3D by pressing CTRL + T. When you have loaded your savegame, you can turn 3D on again by pressing this key combination.

7. Disable NVIDIA Shader Cache
I remember that a few years ago some games crashed due to the NVIDIA shader cache. Switching off will increase loading times and may affect InGame performance, but it is worth trying. Go to the 3D settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel and set Shader Chace to OFF.
8. Use a clean MIGOTO Version to track down if the Universal FIX is the Problem or not
If nothing works, please download a clean 3D Migoto version and uninstall the Universal Fix. Copy the content of the x64 directory to where you had installed the universal fix. Then start the game. If it still crashes, a Sahder hacker can't help. There is still the possibility that fix settings or false positively recognized sahder will crash the game. If the game crashes despite a clean version of Migoto, it is not because of the fix, but because of the system, the game or 3D in General.
9. Please let the others know about your findings and things you have tried
If there is a post for a game here in the blog that has been repaired with the UNIVERSAL Fix, please post everything you did to solve the problem. But please let us know if nothing has helped so that the other users know. Please indicate your Windows version and the graphics card you are using. If there is no post here, I ask you to create one in the MTBS forum so that either someone can deal with it in more detail or the others are informed (https://www.mtbs3d.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f= 181).

Plase uninstall a previous installed version first and than apply another one if you have changed your mind! Do not copy a new version over a previous one !!