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3D Fix Manager

Last Updated: March 23, 2024

I like to share an application with you I’ve been working on for a while. It’s called "3D Fix Manager" and the reason I developed it is that I wanted to have a comfortable way to install 3D fixes in order to play games in flawless setereoscopic 3D on my 3D Vision certified monitor. 

Download 3D Fix Manager:
I uploaded the file to my Google Drive account as something changed on HelixMod's AWS server and I have no rights any more to publish files there.

3D Fix Manager with Geo-11 support now!

A bit of history first:

On October 2020 Nvidia partially removed stereoscopic 3D support from their graphics drivers when the new RTX 3000 series cards were released. This meant that any DirectX 11 game lost  compatibility to stereoscopic 3D. Any owner of a RTX 3000 / 4000 series card was locked out from 3D Vision gaming - at least for most of the games.

On June 2022 this issue was solved when our amazing developer davegl1234 released a full replacement driver for Nvidia 3D Vision, called "Geo-11". This driver finally allowed to play DirectX 11 games in glorious stereoscopic 3D again - on latest Nvidia cards! (including RTX 4000 series).

After having taken a long break from 3D Fix Manager project I finally have some good news for you. During the last weeks I found some time to dive into this project again and  accomplished to add full Geo-11 support to 3D Fix Manager! For further improvements done please check the change notes (v.1.86).

Short summary:
  • 150 profiles haven been reworked to use the new Geo-11 driver and tagged to be compatible to the driver's "nvidia_dx11" output mode. This means that you can play these games on a 3D Vision certified monitor but you need a RTX 2000 series card or older. "Nvidia_dx11" mode is not compatible to latest graphics cards!
  • A subset of these profiles (roughly 100 so far) have been tagged to to be compatible to "nvidia_dx9" output mode  which means that you can play these games on a 3D Vision monitor + latest graphics cards (including RTX 4000 series cards!). "Nvidia_dx9" mode still does not work on any DirectX 11 game, but on many.
  • Instead of using "nvidia_dx9" and "nvidia_dx11" (which are suited for 3D Vision monitors only) you can also use other output formats like "side by side" or "top and bottom"
  • DirectX 9 games are still fully compatible to stereoscopic 3D and run on latest graphics cards
  • Vk3DVision and OpenGLWrapper should work as well on latest graphics cards but I didn't retest

FAQ to Geo-11:

1) I have a RTX 3000 / 4000 series card and I want to play games using the new Geo-11 driver on my 3D Vision monitor. How can I filter  the list of games to see relevant games only?

Locate the games filter list on the top left region of the window and select "Geo-11 Nvidia DX9". These games will run on latest graphics cards and your 3D Vision monitor.

2) I have a RTX 1000 / 2000 series card or older and
 I want to play games using the new Geo-11 driver on my 3D Vision monitor. How can I filter the list of games to see relevant games only?

Locate the games filter list on the top left region of the window and select "Geo-11 Nvidia DX11". These games will run on graphics cards up to RTX 2000 series and graphics drivers up to v.452.06. You can easily install Geforce driver v.452.06 on the "Drivers" tab of the application.

3) I want to filter the games list to see games only which I am generally able to play in 3D on latest Nvidia Geforce drivers. How can I do this?

Locate the games filter list on the top left region of the window and select "Supports latest drivers". This filter will show you games which are compatible to the 3D drivers Geo-11, 3D Vision DirectX 9, Vk3DVision and OpenGlWrapper. Please notice that 3D Vision DirectX 9 games require a 3D Vision monitor in any case. The other drivers allow to use other devices as well.

4) I do not have a 3D Vision monitor. How can I launch Geo-11 games in "side by side" or "top & bottom" mode?
  • Navigate to the "Settings" tab and click on the sub-tab "Display profiles". Here you see 3 display profiles called "Monitor", "Projector" and "TV".
  • Assuming you are using a monitor set up the following to use "side by side" mode:

  • Optionally you can directly link the display profile to the display device you are using. In my case it's a Asus ROG PG278QR. If you do this 3DFM won't ask you on game launch any more which display profile to use as it auto selects the monitor profile for you if the Asus PG278QR is set up as the primary display device in Windows. If you don't link the display profile to your device then you have to manually select the monitor profile after hitting the "Play 3D" button.

5) I have launched a game using Geo-11 driver but 3D does not kick in on my 3D Vision monitor. I see a 2D image only.

This is a known issue of "nvidia_dx9" and "nvidia_dx11" output modes of Geo-11. In order to fix this issue try these things:
  • Press CTRL + T two times (this often works in "nvidia_dx9" mode)
  • Press ALT + ENTER two times
  • Ingame check whether the game runs in "fullscreen" mode. "Borderless fullscreen" won't work in "nvidia_dx9" mode
  • Ingame switch resolution from e.g. 2560x1440 to 1920x1080 and then back to the original resolution.(e.g. required for The Witcher 3)
  • Ingame switch from fullscreen to borderless fullscreen and then back to fullscreen
  • If nothing helps restart Windows (as stupid as it sounds but this helped in my case)

6) I have a RTX 4090 but still I get poor framerates with Geo-11 driver.
  • Disable "Vertical Sync" ingame and use driver based Vsync. There are some severe issues with "nvidia_dx9" and vsync enabled ingame for a few game titles. 
  • Don't use an external framerate limiter tool such as RivaTuner Statistics Server. "Nvidia_dx9" mode doesn't work correctly with it and might cause a choppy / non-stable framerate.
  • Please be aware that "Nvidia_dx9" causes a worse performance compared to "nvidia_dx11" or "side by side" mode. Currently we have to live with that as it's the only mode we can use for our 3D Vision monitors combined with latest graphics cards.

7) I want to try a game with Geo-11 but it's not tagged to be compatible to Geo-11 yet. How can I launch the game using Geo-11 driver anyway?

So far roughly 150 game profiles have been tagged by me to be compatible to Geo-11. But that's probably just the peak of the iceberg of compatible games and I just don't have enough time to check each single game. 

If you want to experiment and see whether an existing game profile works with Geo-11, please read the following instructions. Please note that you will have the highest chance to get a game running with Geo-11 if it's based on Unreal Engine 4 or Unity game engine.
  • Locate the games filter list on the top left region of the window and select either "3dmigoto (DX 11)", "Unreal Engine 4" or "Unity". The games listed are our candidates and might be potentially compatible to Geo-11.
  • Select the game from the list you are interested into and hit the "Edit" button below the games list
  • Locate the "Geo-11 settings" and set the first 3 options to "Yes" as seen on the screenshot. Please note that you only need to set the very first option "Use Geo-11 driver" if you do not have a 3D Vision monitor

  • Setting the driver version for Nvidia Dx9 / Dx11 depends on the game engine. Generally Unreal Engine 4 games are best known to work with 0.6.56 while Unity games work best with 0.6.164. You can simply try the "Default" option first and if it doesn't work then simply try the other driver version options.
  • Click on the "Save Changes" button 
  • Launch the game by pressing the "Play 3D" button

8) I have launched a game using Geo-11 driver and auto convergence is active. How can I disable it?

3DFM has a new option to disable / enable auto convergence globally for all Geo-11 games. You find this option under "Settings" => "Application Settings" tab. Look for the option "Enable Geo-11 auto convergence" and set it to the option you prefer.

9) When launching a game a stereoscopic screenshot is opened in Nvidia Stereoscopic Photo Viewer. Why does this happen?

3DFM opens this picture on game launch. This is a workaround I found that prevents the 3D Vision monitor to enter a wrong stereoscopic refresh rate ingame and showing a red warning overlay. This happens on latest graphics drivers only - mostly in Direct X9 games (not happening on v.452.06).

10) I have bought HelixVision on Steam some years ago and I wonder whether I can play games using Geo-11 + 3DFM with my VR headset. Is it possible?

Yes, it is. I have added HelixVision Geo-11 support to 3DFM. You can turn 3DFM into HelixVision by following these simple steps:
  • Install HelixVision via Steam
  • Locate the HelixVision install folder and navigate to the subfolder "./Tools/Katanga
  • Copy the "Katanga" - folder into the "Tools" folder of the latest 3DFM version
  • If you launch 3DFM it should show a slightly different UI with 3 buttons to launch a game
  • Hit the "Play in VR" button for Geo-11 tagged games
  • Please note that I haven't recently re-checked this code path any more but it should work.
  • If you want to use the regular 3DFM version, simply delete the Katanga folder again

In general I'm open for the idea to bundle Katanga with 3DFM but I had no chance to contact Bo3b but hopefully he reads this post.If he's also fine with the idea I would bundle it with 3DFM. 

FAQ to be continued...

General FAQ / Info:

1) "3DFM auto update does not work - Is it a bug?"

It's not a bug. Currently I did not rent a server in order to make auto updates possible. Only if there is a high demand of users who wish to see this feature I might be thinking to add it again. Until then simply check this blog page for updates.

FAQ to be continued...

So which features does 3D Fix Manager provide?
  • Clear GUI with multi-language support (Englisch, French, German, Portuguese)
  • Auto restores 3D Vision compatibility with Win 10 > 1809 and Geforce drivers beyond 425.31
  • Detection of installed 3D Vision games (Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG and many more supported)
  • Download, install and uninstall 3D Vision fixes with only 1 click
  • Installed 3D fixes are automatically kept up to date
  • Simple configuration of 3D fixes. Adjust 3D hotkeys for changing 3D depth and convergence and much more. Configs are automatically backuped and restored when reinstalling 3D fixes.
  • Launch games directly with 3D Fix Manager either in 2D or stereo 3D mode. For 2D mode 3D fixes are automatically disabled as not needed then.
  • Graphics settings of games are automatically optimized for playing in stereo 3D
  • Nvidia driver profiles are automatically installed and optimized for stereo 3D
  • Options for individually editing the global Nvidia driver profile for both 2D and stereo 3D mode
  • Up to 3 display profiles provided - optimize settings for your display devices and load them easily by selecting the respective profile
  • No need to use Nvidia Control Panel any more - all stereo 3D related settings are directly integrated into 3D Fix Manager. Additionally all settings can be backuped and restored.
  • Simple activation of Compatibility Mode (also known as fake / depth buffer 3D) for any DirectX 11 game
  • Highly customizable - fine tune a lot of settings for each game profile. Easily create new profiles for games not supported by 3D Fix Manager yet.
  • Performance for stereo 3D automatically improved by using RivaTuner Statistics Server
  • Automatic updates for game profiles which include new 3D fixes
  • Automatic updates for the application itself which add new features and bugfixes

Currently more than 1000 3D fixes from helixmod.blogspot are supported by 3D Fix Manager. This includes fixes using Helix Mod (DirectX 9), 3dmigoto (DirectX 11), Geo-11 (DirectX 11)Vulkan Wrapper and OpenGL 3D Vision Wrapper.

Technical support and discussion:
  • The main thread about 3D Fix Manager can be found in Geforce forum
  • Future discussion about 3D Fix Manager should be done on MTBS3D as Nvidia made Geforce forum useless with their last update
  • In discord you will find a sub topic about 3D Fix Manager here


  • Extract the downloaded file archive.
  • Start the application with "3DFixManager.exe" 
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • .NET Framework 4.6 or higher
  • Nvidia graphics card
  • 3D display compatible to 3D Vision, 3DTV Play or Optimized for Geforce
  • Note: If you have a Nvidia graphics card but not a 3D display device you can still fully use this application with anaglyph mode (3D Vision Discover). You need anaglyph red / blue glasses for this (e.g. available on Amazon for not more than 5$).
  • If your card is AMD this application serves as a simple game launcher only (all Nvidia related settings locked then)

Known Issues:
  • When double clicking on "3DFixManager.exe" and nothing happens it 's very likely that your AntiVirus software is blocking the application from being started. Easiest fix is to copy the application from protected places like C:\Program Files (x86) to other places like D:\3D Fix Manager. You can also try to add the folder of the application to the whitelist of your AntiVirus software but this does not always fix the issue.
  • Detection of games might fail if no info about the game is available in Windows registry. When this happens 3D Fix Manager tries to find the game via search paths but this might fail as well when no according search paths have been added to the application. In this case please make sure that all paths to your game libraries are listed in the search paths option (you find this in "Settings" tab -> "Application Setting" tab -> "Detecting installed Games")
  • If a game is still not listed you can force detection by setting up a custom install path for the individual fix profile (you do this by changing the search filter from "Installed Games" to "All Games" in the upper left corner. After that double click on the game in the list and navigate to "Custom Root / Game Path")

  • The application is not available in your language yet? Please feel free to translate this language file on GitHub and your language will be added to the application with the next update.

  • Please help me to improve this application by reporting bugs, wrong / outdated fix profiles or if you have any suggestions. Thank you.
  • I tested the application a lot and I think it’s in a good state. However I take no responsibility if any damage should occur on your machine by using this application. Use at your own risk. :)

Change Notes Version 1.87 (March 23, 2024):
  • Bugfix: 3D Vision was enabled if Geo-11 3D format was set to side by side / TaB or another non-3D Vision mode.
  • Bugfix: Desktop resolution was enforced to 120hz even if 3D Vision wasn't enabled / required.
  • Bugfix: Vertical Sync was enforced even if the global driver profile had another configuration set.

Change Notes Version 1.86 (March 11, 2024):
  • New: Fixed stalls / freezes which occured with latest DCH GeForce drivers installed and 3D Vision enabled.
  • New: Added general Geo-11 compatibility to 3DFM.
  • New: Tagged more than 100 profiles to be compatible to Geo-11 and "Nvidia_dx9" mode (=runs on latest Nvidia graphics cards including RTX 4000 series)
  • New: Added filter to quickly see which games are compatible to Geo-11 (nvidia_dx9 / nvidia_dx11 filter)
  • New: Added profile option to upgrade 3dmigoto fixed games to Geo-11 fixed games.
  • New: Added profile option to choose which Geo-11 version to install. Please note that currently some games run with specific versions of Geo-11 in "nvidia_dx9" mode only.
  • New: Added option whether to use frame rater limiter in case of "nvidia_dx9" Geo-11 output mode. Please note "nvidia_dx9" might show fps drops if using a framerate limiter.
  • New: Added option to provide an optimized Geo-11 convergence value to use by default.
  • New: Added global option to disable / enable auto convergence for DirectX11 / Geo-11 fixed games.
  • New: Fixed EA App crash which occured with 3D Vision enabled.
  • New: Fixed crashes which occured when launching games in Geo-11 mode and various game store overlays enabled.
  • New: Added UE4 SSL crash fix on Intel 10th generation CPUs.
  • Changed: Auto-enable global driver hack in case of Geo-11 and "nvidia_dx11" output mode. Local driver hack is not available for Geo-11 any more.
  • Bugfix: Fixed broken Steam libraries + Ubisoft Connect libraries detection.
  • Bugfix: Fixed red 3D Vision driver warning overlay which happened with latest GeForce drivers and some DirectX 9 games (e.g. Darksiders II).
  • Bugfix: Nvidia stereo photo viewer showed a red warning overlay for GeForce driver versions beyond v.452.06. and 3D Vision monitors.
  • Bugfix: Download of 3D screenshots failed in some cases.
  • Bugfix: Game config override didn't work if the documents folder is located in One Drive directory.
  • Bugfix: Fixed wrong third party DLL detection. The wrong detection caused very few games to rename a DLL which belonged to the game.
  • Bugfix: Fixed "Update fix" button being visible on the wrong game when switching quickly through the list of games.

Change Notes Version 1.85 (April 01, 2021):
  • Changed: When a shaderhacker uploads an updated version of his 3D fix no popup message is automatically shown any more which notifies about the update. Instead you'll see an "Update available" button on "Play" tab. The change was done as the popup message was too aggressive (Big thanks to Tim for the tip!)
  • Bugfix: With version 1.83 a bug was introduced which caused the application to hang 2-3 seconds when trying to close it. It crashed after that without showing any error message.
  • Bugfix: The crash bug mentioned above also caused the program updater to fail because the crash caused a lock on some files. This made 3DFM to fail when trying to update itself.
  • Bugfix: Fixed validation bug for relative install paths containing a dot in folder name

Change Notes Version 1.84 (March 14, 2021):
  • New: Copied some functionality from "Play 3D" button to "Install 3D Fix" button to get a higher chance that a manual game launch through Steam & Co works without 3DFM. However: the "Play 3D" button is still the recommended way to launch games!
  • New: When closing some rare games the original desktop resolution wasn't restored which was active before the individual game was started. 3DFM corrects the desktop resolution on game exit according to the settings in the display profile now. If you want to use the feature please set up a display profile in "Display Profiles" tab and start the game via "Play 3D" button.
  • Changed: GeForce driver setup file is kept on the HDD after installing the driver. So next time the user wants to install the driver no download is required any more.

Change Notes Version 1.83 (March 09, 2021):
  • New: Added Russian translation (Big thanks to Женя)
  • New: Added a FAQ dialog on startup which explains why to launch games via the "Play 3D" button and why the driver modification is needed.
  • New: Added option to start the application minimized in info tray.
  • New: Added special start3d.exe for Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which turns them into a 1 click solution to play in DirectX 12 3D.
  • New: Added option to restart the display driver when enabling stereo 3D. Fixes a blackscreen issue which might happen on some 3D monitors.
  • New: Desktop refresh rate is forced to 120hz when hitting Play 3D button
  • New: Added toggle for hiding the important 3D fix info. More advanced users don't require this.
  • New: For drivers beyond 452.06 stereo 3D screenshots are forced into fullscreen mode as windowed mode no longer works for these drivers.
  • Changed: 3D Vision IR emitter driver is installed by the official Nvidia installer now. Formerly it was installed via .inf file and pnputil.exe.
  • Changed: Added "-window-mode exclusive" launch argument when selecting Unity universal fix in "Fix Profile" tab. Makes sure 3D kicks in on 3D Vision monitors.
  • Changed: Improved timing of focus handling on game start. Now 3DFM detects the exact time when the game window pops up and forces it to the foreground then.
  • Changed: Replaced SetRes.exe by QRes.exe as the latter does not make the application hang when trying to apply non-supported resolutions.
  • Changed: Adjusted order: desktop resolution / refresh rate is set first then 3D is activated.
  • Changed: Create / Edit / Delete profiles button has been hidden in compact GUI mode.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a startup crash which occured when the app config got broken. Corrupted config files get automatically reset to factory default now.
  • Bugfix: DirectX 12 versions of ROTTR and SOTTR couldn't be launched in 2D mode any more.
  • Bugfix: "Install 3D fix" was unlocked after closing a DirectX 12 game.
  • Bugfix: PDB file of main assembly was in wrong directory where it was not found.

Change Notes Version 1.82 (December 23, 2020):
  • New: Added special instructions for Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider which make the game compatible to 3D in DirectX 12 mode + 3D Vision monitors. Big thanks to TimFx7 and Lysander who provided the tools and ideas for this.
  • New: Added automatic driver profile creation on game start. Makes sure the user can save convergence ingame with CTRL + F7 and prevents some DirectX 9 games from rendering one eye only on Windows 10.
  • New: Epic store overlay is automatically disabled on game launch. Prevents a crash when running DirectX 11 games + overlay active. The overlay is automatically re-enabled on game exit.
  • Changed: Profile info text which was previously shown only when moving the mouse cursor on the green / orange info icon is shown always now (located above the fix description text). The change was done because most people ignored the tooltip of the info icon.
  • Changed: Cleaned up root folder of the application and moved all DLLs to a separate "Assemblies" folder.
  • Changed: Slightly improved startup speed of the application by lowering number of hard drive access.
  • Changed: Vulkan games can be played on 3D Vision monitors and latest Geforce drivers as the underlying vulkan driver support this now. Previously an error message was shown which prevented vulkan games from being started.
  • Bugfix: HelixMod DirectX 9 injector version didn't work any more.
  • Bugfix: Hotkey controls weren't hidden for Vulkan Wrapper.

Change Notes Version 1.81 (November 14, 2020):
  • New: Added focus handling for game start. The game window is automatically forced into foreground 6 seconds after the game process was launched. Without this the user sometimes had to bring the window manually into foreground.
  • Changed: Removed local driver hack for Vulkan fixed games as the latest Vulkan stereo driver uses DirectX 9 API for accessing the Nvidia 3D Vision hardware. This also means that Nvidia RTX 3070 / 3080 / 3090 cards work with Vulkan games in stereo 3D now.
  • Changed: Adjusted uninstall procedure and ini file detection for Vulkan 3D fixes. The directory structure of the fixes changed with the latest update of the Vulkan stereo driver.
  • Changed: Removed auto restore of 3D depth and convergence as this is not longer working with the latest version of the Vulkan stereo driver.
  • Changed: Set 7zip as the default extractor when creating new fix profiles as it's much faster than the old extractor SharpCompress.
  • Bugfix: CMU wasn't closed automatically after the game was terminated.
  • Bugfix: 'Additional exe' wasn't created any more although enabled in fix profile. This prevented e.g. AoE 3 from working as this game needs a renamed copy of the original game executable.
  • Bugfix: When a game process couldn't be shut down properly it could occur that "Play 2D / Play 3D" buttons were disabled permanently for all games.
  • Bugfix: Hardware acceleration for the GUI wasn't disabled on next startup if the user has set hardware acceleration to off previously.

For a full list of previous change notes please visit


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    2. Nice thanks..Tons of games installed.. and on Steam yet only found 2.. then to put some in.. wait for update

    3. There are three ways you can make games being detected anyway: search paths, custom install paths in the individual fix profile and renaming the fix profile to match the name of the program which is listed in windows control panel / programs. Did defining search paths help in your case? Generally it's intended to list only those games for which 3D Vision fixes exist.

    4. Thank you for your work !
      What a joy to be able to play the witcher 3 in 3D Surround on 3 monitor!
      Think you make a patch for Resident evil 7?
      Thanks again !

    5. thanx patch for Resident evil 7?

      1. Please don't ask for other fixes on a poster's page. It's disrespecting their hard work by saying something else it more important.

        To make requests, use our WishList here. Or use the 3D Vision forums.

    6. O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

    7. Amazing!!!!! thank you so much!!

      i'm going to try this night

    8. Yeah, looks good so far. If it works, I see the next time I need a new fix. For now, all fixes are still in place (and your programm realized that ;) ).

      Another question though, I realized a setting regarding Tridef. What is that for, how does it work? I normally used TriDef. But nowadays most games simply don't work well in TriDef and Helixmod was more reliable. Also, no fix from here had any influence on Tridef. So I wondered what this is for. (Or has anyone here found a way to influence the output on tridef?)

      1. I think there might be some fixes in this blog that fix the Tridef profile instead of working with 3Dvision alone, but not sure.

      2. I'm not sure about this because I did not try Tridef yet. But the fixes seem to work for other things like TrinusVR, too. So if you are a TrinusVR-only user you can define that the fixes get automatically enabled when TrinusVR is startet and otherwise disabled for 2D gaming. I implemented this based on a suggestion in the geforce forum. So the feature is there just in case you need it. But I think normally you don't need it.

    9. This is an amazing piece of work. Thank you!

    10. This program installs the ABZU 3d fix to the wrong directory. It installs to \Binaries\Win64 instead of \AbzuGame\Binaries\Win64

    11. Hi, can you add to save/backup you settings etc. Cuz after every NVIDIA drivers installation all settings just reset by driver update. Would be nice to include game profiles too cuz some game needs tweaking for SLI etc. Would be nice if you could merge with Nvidia Inspector to have one and only third party software to be installed on side with Nvidia drivers.

    12. I just downloaded and tried the program with Outlast...

      Works great!!! Thank you very much.

    13. Kickass idea and a great program to boot. This is awesome thanks for sharing!

    14. This tool is highly appreciated! Like already said, it would be even better if it could also automate (re)applying game profiles, but I think it's asking too much too replace Nvidia Inspector completely. Go the easy way and use NVidia Inspector with parameters to do the task silently in the background.
      nvidiaInspector.exe" "Witcher3.nip" -silent
      applies a profile that was exported before.

      1. I will check this possibility. Do you know a manual / wiki listing all possible command line arguments for nvidia inspector? But as Fabian said removing Nvidia inspector completely would be too much work. Regarding resetted driver settings there is a bat file from Bo3b which skips 3D Vision setup and resets hotkeys.
        I could include this in the application.

      2. sorry, I don't know about a manual or other commands

      3. Doesn't look to me like N-inspector has anything in terms of command line options. It's open source now, and here is the command line handler.

    15. Truly, you guys do amazing work. Thank you. I've got a lot to aspire to with such quality work - let me know if I can ever test anything for you.

    16. Awesome tool, it's gonna have some future

    17. Just downloaded and the application will not run. I double click the exe and nothing happens. No error or running process in task manager. Windows 10 Pro x64

      1. I checked Task Manager and here are the errors it lists when trying to run. Are there some dependencies I am missing?

        Faulting application name: 3DFixManager.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x589b5e22
        Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.14393.479, time stamp: 0x58256d37

        Application: 3DFixManager.exe
        Framework Version: v4.0.30319
        Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
        Exception Info: System.IndexOutOfRangeException
        at FixManager.ProgramFinder.GetInstalledProgramsFromRegistry(Microsoft.Win32.RegistryView)
        at FixManager.ProgramFinder.detectInstalledPrograms()
        at FixManager.VisionHelper.collectFixData()
        at FixManager.MainWindow..ctor()

    18. No, it seems that this is a bug in the program code. There is a constellation when the application may crash at startup depending on the keys in your windows registry. I identified the place in the code and this should be because of changes I did from version 1.04 to 1.05. Could you please try the old 1.04 version and give me some feedback again? The download to the old version is linked at the bottom of the blog.

    19. I am loving this program. Thank you so much. Lightning Returns is still giving me problems, but eh.

      Anyway. One thing I thought might be worthwhile - a way to flag if a game requires more than just hitting "Install Fix". FFXIII-2, for example, requires not a profile change, but a little file fiddling.

      I know it's rude to suggest changes, but perhaps pull in the comments from helix, or allow users to set (within 3dfix) whether a fix "just works", "requires extra" or is "Broken"? Then feature that info (with an icon for each perhaps?) on the 3d fix program.

      Anyway, regardless, thank you again for this.

      1. I like this idea. Adding an extra field in the fix profile for indicating if the fix requires additional steps is no problem. However tagging over 520 games could take some time

      2. Let the community do it! After all, if it's just a simple click for us...

        I have 2 unrelated questions, if I may (and it's fine if not)

        1) I first installed 3dfix and Ori DE was on a regular HD. I switched it over to an SSD, but I don't see how to refresh the app to find the new game.
        1b) So, I deleted it, thinking that would fix it. It did not. So, is there any way to reimport one/some/all the profiles?

        2) Compatibility mode. I've read and read about this, but I still don't really get it. See Ori DE (I manually installed the fix as a shortstop). When I start it, the nvidia rating comes up in the bottom right. My understanding was that this indicated it's running in compatibility mode. But, if I push ctrl-alt-f11, nothing happens. Is there a way to know if compat mode is actually on, or not? That's the one thing that's still flummoxing me over 3d.

      3. Go to the NVidia Forums. There is a ton of useful info there about 3D Vision, and in particular some stickies about CM.

      4. If you accidentially deleted a fix profile you can go to your 3D Fix Manager-Directory and simply delete the "Fixes"-folder. The next time you start the application it will download all profiles again.

        The reason why your game is not detected any more is that the location on your storage disk changed but the information was not updated in windows registry. You have 2 options: reinstall the game to set the registry keys properly or enable search paths / custom install path in 3D Fix Manager. You can look in the manual or in the Main Thread about how to do this.

        Concerning CM Mode - did you enable advanced hotkeys in nvidia control panel?

      5. Thanks - will fix the profiles now.

        As for Ori - I copied the files from E to G. Then in steam, deleted local content, and then installed to G (where it autodiscovered the files).

        I enabled search paths (first thing I went for). I added a few different folders as well -> g, g/steam g/steam/common/ori, etc (I'm paraphrasing, I used the correct URLs).

        So, the search thing might be a little wonky.

        And, I guess it's steam not updating the Reg (which I can totally believe).

        As for compat mode:
        Yep, have enabled keyboard shortcuts and advanced settings after every driver install. Just ctrl-alt-f11 (or whatever key I set it to) does absolutely nothing.

      6. Search paths are only successfull in finding games if the folder of the game matches the name of the fix profile (maybe the game folder has a slightly different name). So when renaming the fix profile the game should be found. If only Ori DE is not found you can alternatively edit the fix profile and set a custom install path to your Ori-folder. This method works always.

        I wouldn't suggest to just copy over files from steam followed by an auto-recognition. Steam has now a built-in feature for moving games to another place. Another way is to use the backup / restore feature of steam for a clean install (this worked for me so far). I think many people still use your method and therefore registry keys get invalid. 3D Fix Manager can't recognize those games by reading windows registry any more.

      7. That totally makes sense - just looked at some other games I've moved in a similar fashion and they're saying they're installed to C as well. Strange that Steam won't fix the reg if you uninstall and reinstall (even if it's local). I used to use backups, but they took so long! But I'll get on this. Thank you. Naughty steam.

    20. Hello everyone !
      Thanks a lot for all you're doing Helixmod :)

      I'm kind of a newbie here, and i have almost always the same issue in game : "current resolution 1280x720 120hz is not hdmi 3d compatible"...

      The problem is, I can't change the hertz in many games. For example, the witcher 3, i select 1280x720 and 60 frames per second but i still got this message...

      Could you please tell me how i can force the game to launch in 60hz ?
      I'm using 3d TV PLAY on a BENQ 1070

      Thanks a lot !

    21. Firstly thankyou for those involved in making this. I am havi8ng an issue now where this just keeps crashing on me (simply closes without any crash message) whenever I try and install a fix. It was working previously and i'm not aware of any system changes between then and now. Any ideas?

      1. There are a few known cases when the application may crash:

        - when you try to install a fix for a game which is installed to a protected folder like C:\program files...To solve this make sure you run the application with admin right (right click on 3DFixManager.exe and click "Run as Admin"

        - I experienced a crash extracting fixes when 3D fix manager was in a really deep file structure and the file path for extracting fixes became too long. So make sure 3D fix manager is e.g. in "D:\3D Fix Manager"

        - Startup crash when the user has no internet connection or the update server is not available (this will be fixed in the next version)

        - Maybe simply re-downloading the application solves your issues

        - You can also try the old version 1.04 if this still works for you. You find the download link at the bottom of the blog ("Outdated Versions")

    22. This is genius. I can't get Minecraft to work, however. I have to disable 3D to launch Minecraft and cannot seem to enable it after the game has started. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious; would appreciate any help.

      1. If the automatic sequence using 3D Fix Manager is not working, revert to doing a manual install using the instructions for a given game. In this case, the instructions are complicated. See this Minecraft install guide.

    23. Thanks, bo3b. I tried that before trying Fix Manager. No luck with it either.

    24. Hello hello! Just updated fix manager, and saw the icon updates in the notes - amazing! I'm going through and updating notes on the ones I've tried - will the info automatically be pushed back to you?

    25. No, unfortunately not. But I agree that this would be probably the better solution than posting profile settings here or in geforce forum. Ok - I know what I have to do for version 1.08 ;)

      1. Heh. :D

        It sort of overlaps with commments on Helix, but I think it makes sense - even if it's just an aggregation of the tags people have left (3 "out of the box", 2 "requires fiddles" etc)

    26. THANK you for this great work!!

    27. thank you! keep up the brilliant work and kudos to all ppl sharing the passion of 3d with us!

    28. 3d fix manager always crashes after clicking some menues/buttons. Anyone has experienced that or has an idea? Many thx.

      1. Which version is affected? I did not experience such an issue yet.
        Maybe there was an error during updating the program. I would suggest to redownload the application and see if this solves the issue.

      2. Yes, this was an installation issue. Now it works flawlessly.

    29. This is unbelievable that you guys made this in your spare time. Just friggin' awesome. As someone who struggles with the complexity of some fixes, this is a godsend. Thanks for keeping the (secret) best way to game alive on pc!!!

      1. Thank you for your comment. It took me a lot of time to come so far developing this application. The community gave a lot of useful feedback and new ideas how to further improve this piece of software. Thx to everyone for doing this. Don't hesitate to leave new ideas / suggestions here or in Geforce Forum.

    30. has anybody else been experiencing constant crashes whenever you try to select any profile? The only one I can click is bf4's profile, any other one will make 3d fix manager crash right away

      1. Sorry, this is a bug I fixed today. It happened when 3D Fix Manager was not able to detect where Steam client is installed or when Steam is not installed at all. Did you install Steam and is it listed under Windows Control Panel / Programs? I'll release the fixed version of 3D Fix Manager this week.

      2. A user in Geforce Forum confirmed that this bug is related to Steam being not found by 3D Fix Manager. He reinstalled Steam and the issue was fixed. So as a quick workaround you can reinstall Steam or wait until version 1.21 is released. But I recommend having a proper Steam installation where keys are set in windows registry.

    31. Love your program and work. Please keep posting the updates here as I only download from here atm. I'll donate to you too.

    32. Replies
      1. Lol Avast Antivirus probably? This program doesn't like 3D Fix Manager ... ;). I reported to Avast that my program is not a virus and they added this information to their Antivirus software but it seems whenever I release a new patch it's all starting over again.

        I tested 3D Fix Manager with Kaspersky and Bitdefender and they never it as a virus.

        So you have following opportunities: add 3D Fix Manager to the list of exceptions in your antivirus program or use Bitdefender, Kaspersky or something else. If you don't feel comfortable with it you don't have to use this application. ;)

    33. Thanks a million for making our lives easier and also making 3D Vision Kit a success , that's just because of you 3D Vision is still alive

    34. Cool that it helps you. There's only 1 developer behind this project and I'm trying the best - so I would like to know of you: what are your suggestions for 3D Fix Manager? What should be improved? Feel free to provide some new ideas.

    35. The 3Dfix Manager crashes everytime I try to install any fixes. It always says there is an outdated version of 3Dmigoto then when it extracts the downloaded files it crashes. Somehow I got it to work once, I tried copying the latest 3Dmigoto files to the appropriate directory. I think that worked once, I got all of them installed. Doesn't work anymore though. I have 7zip installed on my computer, really not sure if it is extraction, 3dmigoto or what.

      1. When does it crash exactly? When you press button "Download 3D Fix" or when pressing "Install 3D Fix"?

        Which version is affected? 1.26?

        Library files of 7zip are already bundled with 3D Fix Manager - this means you do not need to have 7zip installed on Windows. By default 3D Fix Manager uses SharpCompress to extract downloaded files - only if you set it explicitly to 7Zip it will be extracted by this. To do this double click on the game in the list and change "SharpCompress" to "7Zip" as Archive Extractor. Click Save and try to download the fix again.

        If this won't help then please give me your e-mail adress and I'll send you another version of 3D Fix Manager where it could be potentially be fixed. I suspect which part in the program code could be wrong.

      2. I have had a similar crashes whenever I tried to install any fix. But when I changed 3D Fix Manager app to run as administrator - most of the fixes I've tried installed correctly. However, some of them still crash the app, e.g. ABZU. I see exactly the same dialog as reported by Matt, click "UPDATE", app reports that update is failed and after few seconds it crashes.
        P.S. Thank you very much for this app! It looks and works really nice! 👍

      3. UPDATE: I've just tried installing ABZU fix again, and this time it worked flawlessly! Installed about 10 fixes, and no crashes at all! 👍🚀

    36. Thanks for all your hard work!

    37. hi there, first of all many thanks for this utility, it's great!!
      i only want to report problems finding some games properly installed and legit on my steam account:
      i tried to add steam "common" folders manually too, i opened the game at least once to make sure it creates all user files and registry entries,i ended up adding them manually:

      -defence grid 2
      -Drunken Robot Pornography
      -grid 2
      -metro: last light
      -prince of persia: forgotten sands
      -resident evil 6
      -serious sam 3: bfe
      -the bureau: xcom declassified
      -the darkness 2
      -the walking dead season 2

      hope it helps , best

    38. Strange - so search paths and registry search fails?

      I did not try any of the listed games yet but could you have a look in your windows registry please?

      For example for Metro Last light (not redux) you should find the registry key in:

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 43160
      (if you meant Last Light Redux it is Steam App ID 287390)

      And this is what should be included in the key:

      DisplayName: Metro: Last Light
      InstallLocation: ...path../Metro Last Light

      Does this key exist in your windows registry and is the path correct? Does the DisplayName match the name of the profile in 3D Fix Manager?

      Note: Steam creates this key only if you freshly download and install a game or if you use the restore backup function. It won't create or update the key if you move a game to another hard drive or reinstall windows and autodect previously installed games via Steam.

    39. edit: registry path should be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 43160 (without Wow6432Node)

      1. sorry for late reply, yes i do have registry key above

    40. I have problems with the steam overlay. In "Ryse" the steam overlay works in 2D but not in 3D, though the checkbox "Enable Steam Overlay" is checked. I need the overlay to configure my steam controller, is there any solution?

      1. I don't know the answer, but best bet is to post this on the 3D Vision forums and see if someone else has figured out a way to do this. Steam overlay changes behavior all the time. It used to actually crash 3Dmigoto outright because of their mistake, but has since been fixed.

        Currently it seems to disable itself if it notices a different wrapper installed (maybe trying to avoid crashes). If that's true, then using the alternate hooking techniques in 3Dmigoto in a particular game would possibly work.

      2. Adding reshade with no shaders seems to allow the steam overlay to work with 3Dmigoto-1.3.8. I know this is an old comment but it was one of the first results on google when I was searching for a solution so I'm posting this here in case it is helpful to someone.

    41. This is a gem of an app, I will continue donating to you dear Sir! Happy New Year!

      1. Thank you for your comment and happy new year, too! I hope this update runs well for everyone.

      2. Listen Paul, I want to gather the 3D vision community asap for a topic: Fundraising of all 3D vision customers for the purchase of 3D vision from Nvidia.

        I don't know if we need the tech, but I want to push forward with my 2015 invention of Vulken3d aka Vulken 3D project. The reason really is not to make money, as I got Trillion dollar programs - one of my inventions which I can prove was in 2005, the Rail Technical Canal, and it was stolen since then - it is worth Trillions in Phase 3, also stolen.

        I've invented many Billion Dollar projects, all stolen because I'm a Inquisition Jew - but that is a long story.

        Now, I will push forward in a ETA of 7 years with my Biotech inventions. But until then I would like to work on Vulken3d, because I love 3D gaming and Nvidia has completely left us to the dogs as clients. I just spent $33 in fraps in order to record 3D vision gaming, but it uses 11gb for a 4 minute video. I've tried OBS and it doesn't capture 3D vision gaming. Now gonna spend $39 on Bandicam or whatever - this is disgusting from Nvidia!!!

        I am tired of Nvidia and also the VR scam, which in my opinion it is because they don't have a solid solution atm for it as 3D vision had i.e. 1440 3D gaming: 1440px2 = 4k, IPS quality and 100% depth!

        While VR is what? 720p and low res textures..

        I believe I have a solid Billion dollar Vulken 3D solution for us gamers, which is not my interest for the money but to continue enjoying 3D gaming in my terms.

        My Terms are customers are first, and profits are second for shareholders = Customer Retention equals long-term profitability to expand the tech.

        If you are interested in this venture, let me know, I love your work in 3D manager. I fear that helixmod will die soon now that games like Wolfenstein Colossus is vulken ready only. I knew this would happen 3 years ago.

        I will make a lot of money from Biotech, and this venture is more of my concern for my entertainment. I've been screwed so many times by USA corp companies like Nvidia. It is time for us to make a move, or well sink with the ship.

        Thank you for reading this long message, but it isn't a hand full of nothing.

      3. What is Vulken 3D? I only know about Vulkan (API) from Khronos Group. What is your project about and which help do you need concerning 3D gaming? Why do you need 3D Fix Manager for Vulken 3D? Sorry but lots of things are unclear for me what you said.

      4. Firstly I don't need anyone or anything for my project. Your app is wonderful but it isn't my interest to use it. I need a community to start my project, but I can start alone too. I can't go into details of the project code named blue beam, because I've had 3 measure projects stolen already. i.e. In 2002 I invented Overfiend IRC MIRC script that would allow games to be launched and host servers for gamers within the script, but it was stolen in 2003 and then Steam came out, a billion dollar service. My second project was a cellular sim card with a firewall to protect children, teens from adult network - I got 80% for that in my marketing varsity group assignment of BA, it was stolen in 2005. My biggest invention of Rail Technical Canal worth trillion is on the net in my social networks, also stolen. Because I am a real Sephardic Jew, a race that was 98% killed by Nazis in ww2 the Ashkenazi are not my best friends. To your question I can only say it has to do with a 3D Vulken solution with patented VR next gen equipment never seen before.

    42. This comment has been removed by the author.

    43. geforce forums sux now. My post are invisible on it. I try to say to other division player universal fix works


    44. Thank you. I'll be donating to you soon again to support your product.


    46. late to the party but this tool is incredible, so ridiculously easy to install and use fixes, i can't thank you enough.

    47. SWEEEEET! Seems like every time I upgrade Nvidia drivers, game version, etc., I have to inevitably go through the process of 're-fixing' games. This sounds quite promising, and I will DEFINITELY be trying it out. Have not been on GeForce forums for a while, but my handle there is drastic00. I absolutely LOVE that this tech has not gone completely the way of the dinosaur (at least until VR is more viable and not prohibitively expensive). Once on 3DVision, there is no return!

    48. Great work, thank you!

    49. Hello. This is VERY welcomed. Thanks. But I have one request, could it be possible to create game shortcuts for 2D, and
      for 3D, so once we have a game properly configured, we could launch it from a desktop or dock icon instead of launching 3DFixManager? That would be perfect! Thanks

      1. You mean something like Steam does? Those shortcuts launch Steam and call a Steam App ID for launching the game. A similar feature would be possible by adding start arguments to the application. I'll think about it - but my opinion is that it's more clear to have all games listed in the app instead of spamming the desktop.

    50. Skyrim Special Edition with mods using XBox 360 Controller. Hotkeys do not work. Tried to use Keyboard, Hotkeys still do not work. I con't find the problem. AND starting the game in 3D mode on my 3D TV with my glasses, nothing happens also. No 3D and no hotkeys. I even checked the run as admin compatibility box for all my executables. Still not working.

      1. For the SE version, look for the installed d3dx.ini file, which should be next to the Skyrim.exe. Set the calls=1 in that file, which will enable logging. Then run the game and quit, and look for a d3d11_log.txt file in the same folder. If that file did not get created, that means that our d3d11.dll file is not being loaded and of course we can't do anything if we are not loaded.

      2. The log file gets created but still no 3D and no hotkeys enabled.

      3. OK, that suggests that your 3D Vision setup is somehow broken. Uninstall the fix altogether using the uninstall.bat, so it's vanilla SkyrimSE. Make sure that you can enable 3D Vision with just the raw game first. Go all the way back to the Stereo test in the NVidia control panel to be sure stereo is working. Probably remove all mods also, in case they are interfering with 3D Vision. After 3D Vision is working, you can put them back.

        If you can't see anything that might make sense, try doing a DDU clean reinstall of the driver. The driver can sometimes get broken, and sometimes game profiles can get broken.

      4. 3D Vision works great. The problem seems to rely on the shortcuts not being activated. I did a clean install of the drivers. Nothing to do. Shortcuts do not work and no 3D.

    51. @Pauldusler, thank you very much, man! 🙇‍♂️

      P.S. One suggestion. Older versions change lot became quite large. I don't think many of us read it, so change log from the latest version only would be pretty much enough, I believe. 🤓Thanks again for your work!

      1. You're right. The text got a little bit too large - I've reduced it to show only a couple of versions and linked the full release notes to my website.

    52. First off thanks a tonne to helifax, mike, DHR, DJ, darkstarsword, Masterotaku, bo3b, neovad and all the unsung heroes of the 3DVision community who have kept the dreams of a 3d gamer like us still alive. You guys are ones who are filling the pockets of guys at nvidia at the cost of your own. That's because its ur wonderful fixes that keep us buying the hardware meant for 3dgaming from the leeches at Nvidia who have completely taken off their eyes from 3d gaming now and still somehow earning money by selling 3DVision kits, 3dtvplay software and what not. Am just an another gamer amongst many who buys games only after checking helixmod blogspot for their fix. Thats true!!! You guys rock!

    53. First off thanks a tonne to helifax, mike, DHR, DJ, darkstarsword, Masterotaku, bo3b, neovad and all the unsung heroes of the 3DVision community who have kept the dreams of a 3d gamer like us still alive. You guys are ones who are filling the pockets of guys at nvidia at the cost of your own. That's because its ur wonderful fixes that keep us buying the hardware meant for 3dgaming from the leeches at Nvidia who have completely taken off their eyes from 3d gaming now and still somehow earning money by selling 3DVision kits, 3dtvplay software and what not. Am just an another gamer amongst many who buys games only after checking helixmod blogspot for their fix. Thats true!!! You guys rock!

      1. Thx for your appreciation. The shaderhackers are indeed the reason why 3D gaming is still alive today. I'm not a shaderhacker - I implemented 3D Fix Manager to make the hard work of those people accessible to everyone in a very easy way by installing fixes automatically with only 1 click - and to configure their fixes with as much comfort as possible - most configuration is done automatically for those fixes by my app. Also this application solves some issues Nvidia never fixed and also unlocks some hidden Nvidia features like depth hack. Enjoy 3D gaming!

    54. Oh so you are the brains behind this amazing application. I vouch for this app brother. Really awesome work simply genius. Brother could you figure out how to force launch 3d games in resolutions other than 720p 60hz nd 1080p 24hz via 3dtv play.

      1. Sorry, this is a topic developers of HDMI standard, manufacturors of projectors / 3DTVs and Nvidia would have to address but none of them want to invest money into this any more. Only thing you can do is to play in 1080p in side by side via 3dmigoto - this is said to be slighty better than 720p frame packed. BenQ W1700 and Optoma UHD50 projectors are said to be the first projectors capable of 1920x1080 @ 120hz due to their HDMI 2.0 connection but nobody tried to use them with 3D Vision yet. But this seems to be the only devices (except for 3D Vision monitors) where you might achieve a better resolution with 120 hz refresh rate.

    55. I've been using this for a few days now, and I must state, I am QUITE impressed. This is something Nvidia should have handled. At any rate THANKS!!! 3D Vision lives on!!!

    56. Thanks for your lovely software!

    57. Bug report: You 3d Fix manager program crashes when I have the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D entry permission set without full control (only read). I have this locked to lock in the swap eyes for passive interleaved as per

      1. Thx for your report! I'll fix this. However 3D Fix Manager has the same feature included for swapping interleaved pattern. So in the meantime undo "only read" option and in 3D Fix Manager go to "Settings Tab". Select "Nvidia 3D Settings" sub-tab and activate "Enable reversed line interlacing for passive 3D displays". Technically this feature changes interleave pattern in Windows registry but only locks this setting when you start a game for preventing Nvidia driver of overriding this Registry key. Write permission is automatically granted again when you close 3D Fix Manager. I would suggest you use this feature instead of "3D Vision Eye Swapper" or "Advanced 3D Vision Configuration" app - locking this special registry key permanently can be problematic - especially when you update Nvidia drivers. 3D Fix Manager only locks this temporarily.

      2. Excellent! Thanks for the tip and the fix!

    58. Thank you so much!

    59. Since Windows Update 1803 (Nvidia Driver 397.64), the game start with an orange line on top of the screen : Error opening E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\ShaderFixes\mouse.ini"
      and there is no more mouse cursor on the main menu screen and nor in game!
      *** Semi-solution : I change hide_cursor=1 to hide_cursor=0 in the [Device] section of d3dx.ini and put a semi-colon in front of the line "include=ShaderFixes\mouse.ini" at end of the file.
      I think it forces cursor depth to screen depth but it's playable...

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

      2. In Version 1.4 of 3D Fix Manager was a bug that the mouse.ini file had been missing for 3dmigoto. Please redownload the fixed version from here: and try again.
        In the next days I will release version 1.41 where the bug is officially fixed.

    60. Hi Paul, This is really a Awesome Program and sometimes the 3D wizard does not work with some updates of drivers.. this program saved me from not being able to enable 3D Stereoscopic through the wizard and for that I am greatfull..

      I do have a Profile problem and it is with DCS World 2.5. This game which is a Flight sim was updated sometime ago to 2.5. now currently ONLY the old fix for 1.5/2.0 is showing up in the 3D Manager Program.. Now the old fix is fine for people flying 1.5/2.0 still which is possible. I am just wondering how we can get the new DCS world 2.5 too show up in the 3D Manager without conflicting with the old 3D Fix for DCS world?? Appreciate the help and keep up the good work ;)

      1. Hi Nephilim,

        sry for the late response (I didn't look in my own helix blog for a while). I'll update the profile to DCS 2.5 (seems like I've missed that you created an updated fix for the game - sorry!). You wrote in your fix description that your fix is based on the old fix - so maybe the old and new fix versions are compatible to each other? So maybe replacing the old version with the new one in 3D Fix Manager would be the best solution.

    61. HI, i installed the manager and it shows some games in the left pane. Far cry 5 is one of them.

      Does far cry 5 run in 3dtv play though.. because i wont get a 3d image, although i started 3d from the manger..

      1. Unfortunately it won't run in Geometry 3D - there seems to be issues with Far Cry 5's Anti Cheat protection which is preventing 3dmigoto from kicking in. I've just added that profile in 3D Fix Manager for being able to launch it in 2D mode. But maybe Compatibility Mode (fake 3D) is working at least? I didn't try this yet.

      2. Edit: I've just tested it and Far Cry 5 runs in Compatibility mode (looks not too bad!). However you have to run the game in fullscreen mode for 3D kicking in. I will update the fix profile today - Far Cry 5 will start in fullscreen mode automatically then. Don't install the 3D wrapper as it will be banned by cheat protection, just click on "Play 3D".

    62. Great work on this application! Can't tell you how nice it is to have people like you write these great apps to help us out. Just tried out Battlefront II (2017), using your app to install the patch. OMG, amazing. Great work by you and DHR (Star Wars BF II fix) and whoever else helped. Thanks for helping me to enjoy my next level gaming!!!

    63. Hi Pauldusler,

      I'd like to report that the Fallout 4 profile seems a broken since installing 1.41. I've also recently updated to 1.42 and still the same problem, which is: SLI is not working. I'm getting 60% utilization on GPUs with 3D vision enabled. That's 17 FPS in outside areas on 2x 1080 TI's. However, when disabling 3D vision (Ctrl+T) the SLI kicks in to boost to 60 FPS (my limit), and 99% utilization on one GPU and 70% on the other. As mentioned, only noticed this since installing 3D Fix manager 1.41.

      PS Love the program! Thanks for all the effort you put in!

      1. Hi Greg,

        Update 1.41 and 1.42 did not change anything for the Fallout 4 fix profile. Also it does not change the driver profile for the game. 3D Fix Manager does only add the ini params in "...Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Prefs.ini" which are described in mike_ar69's info text.

        I've looked into the driver profile of Fallout 4 and there is a SLI compatibility bit already set by Nvidia. Maybe Nvidia broke something with a recent driver update. I just did a quick search on Geforce Forum and found a solution about SLI performance issues with 3D Vision and Fallout 4:

        Helifax advices to add 2 flags in the driver profile for fixing the SLI issue. For simplicity I've prepared a .nip file for you which adds these flags. Please import it via Nvidia Profile Inspector or add it in the Fallout 4 fix profile of 3D Fix Manager. For doing the latter double click on Fallout 4 in the list. Then scroll down to "Nvidia Inspector Profile for 3D Mode", choose the .nip file and save.

        Here is the .nip file:

        Please let me know if this fixed the issue. Then I'll add the file to the Fallout 4 profile by default. I can't test the SLI performance because I have only a single card system.

      2. Hi Paul,

        I applied this .nip file with both methods you've suggested. Unfortunately it did not fix this issue. I've got the 4K texture pack installed. It mad how FPS drops from 60 FPS to 17 FPS outside, and from 100 FPS to 29 FPS in inside locations, and the GPU load was reflecting this. I'm sure you'd agree that a 50% cut in FPS is normal, not 70%.
        I did actually install the latest Nvidia drivers 398.xx around the same time I updated to 1.41. I thought that was the issue at first, so I rolled back to 397.xx, but the issue wasn't solved.

        Anyway, I am chaging one of my 1080 Ti's for a AIO watercooled 1080 ti as the top card in my SLI was throttling performance when hitting 83 degrees after 10mins of play (and the bottom card was only at 69 degrees). However, this throttle wasn't affecting the FPS measures in Fallout 4 as I was measuring this only for 1 min for so, then quitting, adjusting profile, reloading etc.

        Thanks for the help though!

    64. I cannot seem to find "Enable reversed line interlacing" option for passive 3D displays in "Nvidia 3D Settings" tab,

      1. It's in the Display Profiles tab instead, under TV Profile section.

      2. Thanks bo3b. Strange though, when I select reversed line interlacing or even line interlacing the 3d is turned into anaglyph. When I leave these unchecked (and just wear my glasses upside down to compensate) everything is fine and I get modern passive 3d

      3. I had the same issue. I got around this by setting the reversed line interlaced in the TV profile, but for the game specific profile (I think in the Hotkeys section...not at my gaming PC now, so can't check) there is an option to force a 3D setting for D3D11, and I had that set to 3D vision (frame sequential) reversed.

      4. Plus, selecting anaglyph seems to make it line interlacing

      5. Brilliant, thanks Greg. Sadly I only have a few DX11 games installed and can't get them working with Helix, so can't check this out. I will just have to wear the 3d glasses upside down for now and balance them on my nose :D

      6. Reversed Line Interlacing is currently broken in version 1.42 - another guy reported this bug to me and we figured out what's wrong. For a quick fix you can download this fixed version: 'SteroviewerType' Registry entry was set to the wrong value for Reversed Interlacing - this was the reason why 3D turned into anaglyph.

      7. Thanks a ton Pauldusler, very much appreciated - Such a fantastic program :)

    65. Thank you Paulduster, I'll try donate to you dear Sir. I love your program! Shabbat Shalom.

      1. Thanks! Much appreciated.! Have much fun with 3D gaming!

    66. I have a htc vive vr hmd. I used to use helixmod years ago when I had a 3D monitor. Will this work on my hmd? I'd love to play my old games in a 3D giant virtual screen.

      1. You can use the Vive as a 3D monitor for most of the DX11 games, using the SBS mode that 3Dmigoto supports. You can run a game in something like BigScreen or Virtual Desktop. Can be clunky to set up, but should work.

        For DX9, I'm making a new app that will support any HelixMod in any VR headset. Currently functional, but it is going to take me awhile to smooth out the rough edges.

    67. does the 3d fix manager does half sbs or a full sbs one? can i used this while gamestreaming my computer to the shield tv for my 3d tv.

      1. The app uses side by side shader of 3dmigoto. I guess it's half SBS (half horizontal resolution) due to bandwidth limitations of HDMI 1.4a.

        I once tried SBS + Steam Link but this did not work. Probably it's the same when trying it with Nvidia Shield TV? Maybe there are some threads about this topic in Geforce forum.

      2. okay thanks, i'll still give this a try see if it works, if it doesn't work then i just going to play converted 2d to 3d with games that have no native 3d support then. kind of wished that this app. is a alternative to reshade, reshade just confuses me and when i download it, some how i don't get those option and i'm kind of lazy to tweak the settings.

      3. I know what you mean but 3D Fix Manager was never meant to replace C++ wrappers like 3dmigoto, helixmod and OpenGLWrapper. Those wrappers are pieces of software very hard to configure for the normal user. So main purpose of 3D Fix Manager was to make those wrappers more user friendly to the user.

        Btw out of curiosity: Does reshade work with Nvidia TV Shield?

      4. if by gamestream, then yes. but like you say about steam streaming, it doesn't work, it goes back to 2d.

      5. for 3d fix manager and 3dmigoto.

    68. Thanks for continuing to update!

      1. Uodates will continue if there's feedback of the users / their interest and of course my personal interest in 3D Vision which is still very high. Currently I've reached a point where I think this application has reached a point where it has all features required. The most important feature of this application is that you can really customize a lot of settings. So if I wouldn't publish new fix profiles any more you still could create them fully on your own. All features are provided by the app - this includes where to install the 3D fix, where to download the fix from, defining start arguments for the executable, launching an arbirtrary secondary exe, installing driver profiles for 2D/3D, changing game config files / Steam Manifest file and registry keys and many more setings. For extracting the fix you have the option between two tools (7zip and sharpcompress). It's all onboard. So this project is meant for the future. I'll update the manual for this then but currently I have no intentions to leave this project.

    69. There's some issues with the game Hello Neighbor, not reported on the "all games list". Cheers

      1. Oops thx for reporting. I forgot to add this game.

    70. huh... 3d vision works via google chrome web browser, casting the whole desktop to any android tv/google chromecast, while streaming, 3d vision is disabled it via nvidia gamestream/stream link's stream.

      anyway do you have a 3d vision mod/hack or a link where i make it go half side by side (planning to buy a long hdmi 2.0 cable) without your fixes? because i'm new to this stuff and your fixes kind of crash the game on my computer, even if i did it manually.

      1. That's interesting to know that 3D streaming works via chrome. How is the overall picture quality and input lag with chrome cast? Is it better than Steam Link?

        Nvidia never implemented a side by side mode for 3D Vision. So the only mods I know for this are 3dmigoto's side by side shader which is used by 3D Fix Manager. Another mod is Reshade + SuperDepth 3D which also outputs 3D in SbS but this is a 3D depth map approach (fake 3D).

        Another possibility is to use Tridef which seems to work well with some games.

        For fixing crashes you can try to close apps like MSI After Burner. At least in the past this kind of apps could crash the 3D fix / game. You can also reinstall graphics drivers with DDU (sometimes this fixes a lot of issues).

      2. it'll look nice but playing with it will have massive lag on the google chromecast/android tv for inputs. worse than steam link (don't have that product) and nvidia shield tv with gamestream, only for game inputs.

        wish they have, but i'll use their 3dtv play trial and see if works with my lg 47lw6500-ua 3dtv via hdmi 2.0 cable. 3dmigoto and 3d fix manager doesn't work well for me. reshade+superdepth3d does look fake to me, feels like i'm playing the crysis series on the ps3.

        tridef does seem promising like nvidia's 3d vision. nvidia 3dtv play and tridef 3d cost the same, but at lease tridef 3d give your more options for the 3d mode like sbs and ou. both doesn't support opengl or vulkan (if vulkan can be program into stereoscopic 3d).

        i've don't have those program, but it's okay, i'll just try 3dtv play and see if it works, if the stereoscopic 3d rendering is off.

    71. 3d vision works in gamestream (might work with steam link stream), if you hook up a 3d monitor/tv via hdmi 1.4 cable or above on the nvidia geforce gtx cards that supports hdmi. but i set it to "duplicate display" and i don't know if other ports works or not.

      i'm probably going to use 3dtv play and see if it works with my tv on checkboard mode.

      i have hook up 2 display a 2d monitor and my lg 3dtv to my computer, but i think you just need any 3d monitor hook up to your pc and stream to your steam link for 3d but i think it should work if you hack 3d vision to work side by side.

      1. here a image link if you don't believe it.

        gamestreaming 3d vision discovery glasses mode on my 3dtv.

      2. Cool - I'll try this the next time. However when we have to plug in the HDMI cable to make this work via network stream we actually don't need Steam Link, Nvidia Shield & Co any more.

        Did you succeed in testing checkerboard? I still wonder if TVs explicitly have to support this format or if it's just a mode for bypassing 3DTV Play restrictions.

      3. i think if you have any 3d pc monitor (not 3d vision ones), it trigger the 3d effect that uses 3d vision discovery glasses but i'm not sure about that. i think it might be useful if your 3dtv not close to your pc and stream using the nvidia shield tv or the steam link, but i think it will work, if 3d vision support half side by side and/or half top and bottom.

        i try next week with nvidia 3dtplay, but i think it might work.

      4. *it might or might not work.

    72. Hi, many thanks for this awesome idea - however I am getting an error every time I run the program -

      09/08/2018 12:59:24:
      System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      at FixManager.Helpers.VisionHelper.setWrapperDllAndGameExePaths(FixProfile fixProfile) in C:\Users\Markus Guendert\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\3D Fix Manager\Main Program\WpfApplication3\Helpers\VisionHelper.cs:line 2473
      at FixManager.Helpers.VisionHelper.findGamesAnd3dFixes() in C:\Users\Markus Guendert\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\3D Fix Manager\Main Program\WpfApplication3\Helpers\VisionHelper.cs:line 355
      at FixManager.MainWindow.myWindow_ContentRendered(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\Users\Markus Guendert\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\3D Fix Manager\Main Program\WpfApplication3\MainWindow.xaml.cs:line 196

      The program does stay open with its GUI - but doesn't appear to be doing anything.

      Windows 10 Home Premium - and I have added this to my "Exclude" list on Avast anti-virus.

      1. Thx for reporting this bug! I just found the reason for the startup crash. I'll release a patch soon.

      2. I've just released a new version (1.48) which should fix the crash.

      3. Thanks a ton, Dude! It's now working ok, so I will test it like this -

        I had no idea "Mirror's Edge Catalyst" had a 3D fix for it - but your super program has told me it has - so I will use it to apply the 3D fix, and report back - thanks again for such a quick bug repair!

    73. Game Blue Estate not detected ;) thanks

      1. Hi thx for reporting this. There is a wrong name for the game exe in the fix profile. When the exe is not found the game will not be tagged as "installed". This shall simply serve as a mechanism for not detecting empty game folders as installed games.

        For correcting the fix profile manually please do the following:

        1.) In the left upper corner change game filter to "All"
        2.) Double click on "Blue Estate The Game" in the game list
        3.) Scroll down to "Game Launcher Exe" and change the content there from "BlueEstate.exe" to "BEGame.exe" (without quotes)
        4.) Save

        I'll publish a fix update soon, too. During fix update procedure in 3D Fix Manager a dialog is shown asking the user if he wants to keep custom profiles. To get the correct game exe for blue estate you would have to choose "no" then. If you have already corrected the profile manually you can simply click on "yes" as usual.

    74. Hi Paul, it's Miguel Pedras - thank you for updating this amazing program, I'll try sort out my financials to donate to you! You are talented.

      Peace and enjoy your weekend.

      1. Hi Miguel,

        thanks for your ongoing support. I use the donations to pay my server where updates are downloaded from and buy new games for testing / automating 3D fix installation.

        Have a nice weekend!

    75. I can see under "Search paths" the games for UBISOFT and STEAM on my "C" drive - as well as my ORIGIN games on my "G" (my external) drive - but I can't see the STEAM and UBISOFT games that reside on my "G" drive - can I add these paths manually? Or is there a button that does it for me?

      1. Sorry, ignore my above comment - I didn't realise I had to scroll down your app to see the extra buttons :-)

        One question though - some of the games (e.g. "Shogun Total War 2") are showing the button for "Install 3D fix" - even though I have the 3D fix already installed...does this suggest there has been an update to the 3D fix?

        (It's possible also I suppose that me moving my games between my internal and external drives over the last few years has done something funky to the 3D fixes I installed...)

      2. This comment has been removed by the author.

      3. So you mean that no search path was automatically added for your Steam library on G: drive? This very likely means that the application could not find where your Steam client is located because no entry is available in Windows Registry. In this case also Windows does not know where Steam is installed (it is probably not even listed in your Windows Control Panel). Already had cases like this from other users. Maybe I'll add an option where the user can set the path to the Steam client folder manually if nothing was found via Windows registry.

        When finding the steam client 3D Fix Manager can look in a file where the Steam libraries are stored. Also it can start Steam games properly with start arguments. Otherwise it can only call the Steam App ID without start arguments.

        Concerning your issue with Sogun 2 / install 3D Fix button: This might happen if these fixes are installed in a subdirectory of your game but 3D Fix Manager would install them to the root directory accidentially. However for Shogun 2 the fix should be installed to the root directory (at least according to the info text) and in 3D Fix Manager it's also set to install this to the root directory. So currently I'm a little bit clueless what might cause this for you for Shogun 2 at least.

      4. Thanks for the quick reply :-) - the Steam Path WAS added automatically for the 2 games that are on my "C" drive - but not for the rest of my Steam games (on an external drive) - I assume therefore that the Manager is picking up the default Steam Path only on "C" - but I also see your point about there possibly being no Windows Registry entry.

        Re. Shogun 2 - I updated the 3D fix from your Manager - will test it later, along with my other 3D games :-) - thanks again!

      5. Just reuploaded the file I posted below. There was still a bug lol. Now it seems to run fine. Download link is still the same. I think game detection via search paths is pretty good now. At least it's better than Geforce Experience which lists only a small part of my games.

    76. Dark Souls II (Scholar of the first sin version) not being detected (via Steam) in installed games list

      1. Did you add all paths to your Steam libraries in the search path option?

        I just looked in the fix profile and everything seems to be fine there. However this morning I found a bug which under certain circumstances would prevent finding games via search paths. I think I fixed that by now (haven't tested it much yet). But if you like you can try if detection of the games works better with this version of the app:

        If detection still fails you can try to enable "Prioritize Search paths over paths from Windows registry" in "Application Settings" tab. This might help if there is a wrong information in the Windows registry.

      2. Thanks for -

        - THIS seems much better! Initially it auto-detected what games were on "C" - then on "G".

        However of the ones it did not detect, I manually added each folder in "G", e.g. "Electronic Arts" or "Ubisoft" - and now my list is nice and long - even detecting Battlefield Bad Company 2 (which the vanilla 1.48 did not).

        It still hasn't found DS2SOTFS - but as that's an exception, I guess your theory about something missing in the Registry is probably correct.

        Thanks again - great to see you are actively keeping this a work in progress :-)

    77. Does the Manager turn off effects that the 3D fixers recommend to? For example in Star Wars Battlefront, there is a recommendation by the fixer to (and I quote) -

      "• In-game I recommend setting: Post-Processing to Medium (to get rid of extra blur effects and to get a crisper image).
      • The Lighting must be set to MEDIUM otherwise TXAA and the main menu is BLACK!
      • Rest is up to you."

      Now these sound like things the player would need to manually choose to do themselves (or not do...) - so do I need to manually still make recommended changes?

      Or does the Manager make all the necessary graphic adjustments that are necessary for the best 3D for me by itself?

      Sorry if this is a stupid question :-)

      1. I've automated about 80 games so far to automatically adjust graphics settings. You see this when there is green / orange info icon on the right side of the "install 3D fix" button. When you move the mouse cursor above the icon you see which things are automated. There are still very many games left for automating graphics settings. However this takes a lot of time - I have to install those games and look where the setting file is stored - and which parts of the configuration file have to be changed.

        Please also have a look to the youtube video where I explained the thing with the info icon :)

        For Star Wars Battlefront I haven't automated graphics settings yet. I've bought this game a long time ago but haven't tried it yet along with a lot of other games I bought and didn't try them *lol*.

      2. Wow, I see the greens and oranges now - and a very nice explanation against each one when hovering over them!

        Thanks for this - what is interesting is how many 3D fixes require "Motion Blur" to be off - I noticed this on Helic pages too, even before being directed to your Manager - I guess it must be something that isn't suited to 3D...

    78. OK, my first game on the Manager "Mirror's Edge Catalyst" - when I tried to launch the game from the manager, it showed some Temp folder error message. But it DID load the game, although on the top-left it said a Warning about "Profile not loaded".

      In the game I see your auto-setting for Resolution Scale of 0.9 for 1080p was there - although in normal 3D mode (i.e. NOT compatibility mode) there seems some overplacement of textures, or something.

      Then I read on the Fix page itself to turn the REFLECTIONS to "Hyper" - I did that, but also turned all the other settings to "Hyper" - but left Motion Blur "off".

      Now my question is...if "Profile not loaded" - am I using the 3D fix, or not?

      P.S. Compatibility mode is very good - but obviously I don't want to use it :-)

      1. I just installed Mirror's Edge Catalyst and I also get the "Profile not loaded" message. I think this message means that the driver profile defined in 3dmigoto's d3dx.ini could not be installed. It also happens when installing the 3D fix manually without 3D Fix Manager. For the latter although no warning text is shown (because by default the 3D fix is shipped with an older version of 3dmigoto) you hear some error beeps and the log file says that the profile did not load / admin rights were not granted for installing the driver profile (although they I granted them). However strange thing is that the profile installed fine anyway. I checked this via Nvidia Profile Inspector. So I would say you can ignore this message. It's only displayed the first time you run the game in 3D.

        Do you also use the latest Windows 10 version? Maybe it's because of this. I cannot remember I had this red warning text in this game on older Windows 10 versions.

        I also installed Shogun 2 and funnily here the same happens with the warning text. But this time it's a bug in 3D Fix Manager as this message doesn't show up when installing the 3D fix manually without the application. The simple reason for this is that a profile section was written to the d3dx.ini accidentially with blank values. This did not always happen (only under some circumstances) so I overlooked this bug till now.

        So your feedback was very valuable for detecting this bug! Maybe Bo3b (developer of 3dmigoto) can have a look why the warning text shows up in Mirror's Edge Catalyst but for Shogun 2 it was a bug in 3D Fix Manager. I will release a patched version soon after having tested a little bit more.

      2. @pauldusler: For what it's worth, I tested ME:C just now, and used updated 3D Fix Manager to install the fix. Using the shaderhacker shared accounts, which you are welcome to use as well.

        I did not get an error. Profile installation after the elevation request worked as expected, and the green text showed DHR's message. Old version of 3Dmigoto with game fix. Win10, 1803, Driver 398.92. Dunno. These sorts of problems tend to be permissions related.

    79. Thanks for the very detailed reply :-)

      NOw that you mention it...I also got the Error beeps with MEC launch...but wasn't sure if I was imagining it!

      Yes, I am using Windows 10 latest version...

      BTW I noticed some games in your Manager have 3D "wrapper" instead of 3d "Fix" - what is the difference?

      P.S. What is 3Dmigoto exactly? Is it the tool that Helix guys use to make the 3D fixes?

      1. Yes 3dmigoto is the tool the shaderhackers use to create 3D fixes. It's mainly for DirectX 11 games. They use 3dmigoto for injecting stereo 3D corrected shader code.

        3D Wrapper means 3dmigoto without shader code. So no 3D effects are fixed - you should install the wrapper if no 3D fix is required for a game. I know this does not happen very often - mainly not in 2018 xD. But in general for older games 3D Vision worked very good without fixes. When installing the raw wrapper like 3dmigoto, helixmod or openglWrapper you can at least define hotkeys. For 3dmigoto you can also use other features like side by side 3d format or similar.

        One example is Batman: Arkham Origins. It runs perfectly fine in 3D without fixes and is a DirectX 11 games. When installing the 3dmigoto ("3D wrapper") you can enable different 3d formats, software mouse cursor and upscale shader. Also you can define hotkeys for 3D depth and convergence. However games like this are very rare running perfectly without any shader hacking.

      2. Thanks for the education :-)

        One thing I have never seen in 3D that I miss is an on-screen "bar" for Convergence - like the green bar Nvidia gives for "Depth".

        Also genuinely 3D ready games (Battlefield 3 and Tomb Raider 2013 I think) oddly don't seem to have a Convergence facility - just Depth.

      3. Depends upon the game. Deus Ex and Sleeping Dogs has native 3D, and also includes a convergence setting, not usually called convergence.

        There is no green bar for convergence, because there is no one true number that works. It's not a range of 0-100, it's 0-100 million or something. Depends heavily upon the game and how they set their near and far matrix parameters. One game infinity will be set at 5000, another game it will be set at 500 million.

        You can see the current arbitrary number though, we show it in 3Dmigoto when our hunting overlay is showing. Good for picking numbers to use in the d3dx.ini file. Use the hunting=2 mode, and the overlay is off by default, but can be enabled at any time to show these numbers. Good use of the wrapper style.

      4. BTW, this not a particularly good spot for general insight and conversations, we use the 3D Vision Forums for that, so that everyone can learn and hear the conversation. Only an extremely small number of people run across these inline conversations, and mostly we prefer to keep them on-topic for the blog post.

        The 3D Vision forums also have hundreds of detailed threads discussing a lot of these things. Worth some searching and reading.

      5. THanks, Bo3b - and so noted. I do have an Nvidia forums login, so will check it out :-)

      6. I agree with Bo3b. For asking general questions about 3D Vision and getting lots of information about this technology Geforce Forum is a great place with an amazing very helpful community. For example here is a thread created by TsaebehT who summarized very important information:

        However if you have any specific question about 3D Fix Manager both Geforce Forum and this place are ok to ask :). Especially for people who don't have a Geforce Forum account then it's more comfortable to ask things here because it doesn't require a registration.

      7. Thanks, Paul - that is a great link - just read it all :-)

    80. Hi Paul, I've upgraded to your latest version but now the program won't start. I get a pop up box saying 3D Fix Manager failed to load. Pressing OK opens the text log file. I see the 3D Fix Manager UI, but the big loading... is all I see inside. Any ideas?

      1. Hi.

        Please paste the content of the log file here or send it via email to Thx! In the meantime please use version 1.48.

    81. When pressing the "Search games" button, there is no indicator that the Manager is searching (or has finished searching) for new games / new paths - is that the correct behaviour, or (for example) should I be seeing a progress bar, etc?

      1. Hi Makara,

        currently it's the correct behaviour (no progressbar). But your advice is good - I should at least add a confirmation window there when the search is complete - maybe also saying how many games were found. Thanks for your feedback!

    82. Thanks!

      Also when pressing "Search games" , do I have to press it by clicking on each path in my list?

      Or does it search ALL paths I have listed in that box in one click?

      1. All paths in the list are searched when pressing the "Search games" button. The Windows registry is searched as well if the option "Search game paths in Windows registry" is enabled (by default this option is set to on). Searching both Windows registry and local search paths give the best result.

      2. DUDE!! I used Search again, but still wasn't detecting any more games...

        ...then I noticed "Search depth" - and was wondering if it was I set my "Search depth" to 2 (the maximum you allow) - and it churned out a load more games in the "Search" from my Root C and Root G (external) drives that it hadn't detected before.

        My Game list is now about 1.5 times the size it was before!!

      3. I messed things up -

        I wondered if a deeper search would unearth more installed games - so stupidly changed Search depth from "2" to "9"

        - now the program just hangs when starting.

        I uninstalled / cleaned registry using C Cleaner / reinstalled / rebooted / repeated - but now it just hangs on opening. I did not realise the program does a Search whenever it is started...

        Is there any way of altering that 9 back to 2 or Zero? I assume it's a setting in "Regedit".

      4. The "hanging" is at the "Loading application please wait" message.

      5. Oh joy! The program unhung itself FINALLY (after maybe 45 minutes?)

        - of course I have now switched Depth Search to "2" and have learnt my lesson :-)

      6. Don't be mad at me but it was somehow funny how you described your struggle :). Yeah it can take really a long time to start if the whole HDD has to be searched. That was the reason why I added a warning message if the user would add a very high number for the search depth.

        I'll add a tool tip for making things more clear that by default games are also searched when starting the application. Advantage of searching them every time the app is started is that your game list in 3D Fix Manager is always up to date. Disadvantage is that boot time can take a lot of time if search paths are either wrong configured or when a lot of games are installed on many different locations. Search depth 0 and 1 give a very good performance. When you configure the paths properly a depth of 0 or 1 is sufficient.

        Here's a little example for configuring the search paths correctly. Let's say you have installed your games in C:\Program files (x86). In this case the worst thing you can do is adding "C:\" to the search paths option and setting search depth to 2 or more (I think I had also added a warning message not to add root paths). Instead you should add "C:\Program files(x86)". Other places in C:\ don't have to be searched then!

        Another example: let's say for some reason 3D Fix Manager did not automatically add your Steam library to the search paths option and you have to do this manually. Let's assume you have Steam installed in D:\Steam. The worst case is adding D:\Steam then. Instead you should add "D:\Steam\steamapps\common" because this is the only place of interest. So not the whole Steam folder has to be searched then. This improves performance.

        If you have added all search paths correctly and the application takes too long to start now you can boost start time dramatically by enabling the cache function "Cache detected games for faster app start" (it's located at the same place where you add the search paths). After enabling this option 3D Fix Manager doesn't search games actively any more when starting the app. Instead it looks into a cache file and gets all game paths from there. Advantage is that app start is very fast then but disadvantage is that you have to manually click on "Search games" button every time you install new games (cache file has to be renewed then).

      7. Btw a trick for resetting all settings: Just rename the foder of 3D Fix Manager or move the app folder to another location. WPF automatically creates a new config file then with default values (search path value is reset then).