Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dead Space 3D Vision fix update

Dead Space 3D Vision fix update.


Updated 04.01.12.

By using the same method as for SKYRIM shadows fix I fixed shadows and lights in Dead Space.
Now it can be played with any convergence/separation settings with all effects exclude flares.
More screenshots (high convergence !)

This fix required last  version of the DLL (updated today).

- fixed flicked shadows/lights.
- shadows works when turn off 3d mode
- more halos fixed

You should re-download and replace all files if you're using previous fix(include dll !).


Fixed shaders.

How to install:
Place d3d9.dll, DX9Settings.ini and "ShaderOverride" folder to the game directory ("\Games\Dead Space\" where "Dead Space.exe" located). Replace old files with new if you used previous version of the fix. It's very important to use latest version of the DLL.

Steam MAY crash. If it does click here


  1. I remember when I first played this game in 2d. I enjoyed it a lot. Then I got my 3d system and was really excited. It wasnt bad, still better then 2d but had to take away shadows(don't remember the other negatives maybe low depth or convergence). Shadows are so important in a game like in a "horror-like game". It sets the mood and you just feel like something is missing. Will definetly give this game another playthrough now. Ty.

  2. This doesn't seem to work with my retail version. The shadows seem wrong and text during the intro moves really quickly between two horizontally offset positions. Have you seen this? Is it just because I'm using the retail version?
    ps. Bow before Helix :-)

  3. Ignore previous comment! I was being a bit thick as the text effect is part of the game!!
    Turning off DOF and Flares fixed the other issue.

  4. Updated !
    More issues fixed.

    1. At the very end of Dead Space chapter 11 when you enter the hanger to place the marker in the shuttle there is an enourmous rectangle floating in the air. It looks like the background from the end of the hanger is rendering at the wrong distance. Any ideas on how this could be fixed? Other than that the game is flawless in 3d. Your work is incredible, I cannot thank you enough. Do you take donations for any of this? Best Regards, GB

  5. Thanks for your mods, they are awesome!

    I got a problem with this game:
    when one first has to use the stasis gun, the game freezes and graphics crash.
    GTX 275 with 301.24, maybe it is the new DLL cuasing this crash.

    1. Could be any number of things. Try it without the d3d9.dll and see if it still crashes.

    2. No crash without the dll, I'll upgrade my GPU at the end of May and won't have much time till then, in June it will be time to play! (planned to play through DS1 singleplayer etc) If your game runs fine with the new dll etc I think it is best if I test it with the new card, gonna post here whether it still crashes or things run fine. PS: I dont use the Steam or Origin version, bought the normal DVD edition. Thx for the fast reply!

    3. Np.
      I am not the author(helix) though I know a number of people went through dead space 1 without issue though I believe it was steam/origin. You can take you cd key and add it to origin with it.

    4. Sorry for the delay!
      The issue has gone with a 680 and 304.79, so everything is working its way.
      Thanks again for this awesome project!!!

    5. Thanks for getting back to us about it.
      Its appreciated, so if someone else runs into issue we can tell them that driver works. Most people don't get back to us. Thanks.

      Hope you enjoy the game, Helix made them amazing. Dead Space 2 is on alot of peoples top games list(3D).

  6. Just perfect ! :D Thx!

  7. works real good.
    love your 3d fixes ,really appreciate your time and effort

  8. I wish there was a way to fix the flares

  9. Thanx for This. Looks great and works on my steam copy.
    Using Triple Screen Nvidia 3D Surround
    with no Problems.

  10. how can i set this to 1920x1080 @24hz? are you guys playing on 720?

    1. Most people cant play @ 24hz.
      Not sure if this works but you might be able to combine these both using proxy lines. Cant help you since I have no idea.

  11. Hey guys, thanks a lot for another great patch! Works (almost) perfectly, even with graphics maxed out! (just a few minor glitches I won't even mention here)

    Just a question: is it possible to set the depth to more than 100%, like, is there a setting in a .ini file or somewhere that would allow it? (I know this was possible in some other games)

    Not that it's directly related to your patch, which again is near perfect. It's just that I like to play with the monitor real close and see the objects at 'real size' (like I watch through a window), and I didn't find any setting for convergence/depth that allows it.

    Thanks anyway!!

  12. I needed to use the current release DLL not the one linked here or shadows were not rendering at depth.
    d3d9.dll dated September 6, 2013.
    Same Shader Override from the link here.

    I am using Nvidia driver version 331.65 is probably why.

  13. Maybe in doing something wrong, but still seems screwy. With double shadow, cant turn up 3D but only a little. i dropped all listed files in the folder and still nothing, is there something i am supposed to edit in the dx9.ini ?

    1. I have no idea if its true. But person above said for some reason needed to use newer dll

      use the file there.

    2. Sorry but even with this files, the shadows and lights are still broken.
      I have beta drivers 337.50

    3. Unfortunately I can confirm. Origin broke the patch.
      Disk version/steam version - Work

      Origin - Does not work.

    4. I've messed around with this quite a bit ... probably more than I should have(but it's one of my favorite games) ... figured out the hard way there's actually 2 separate sets of CRCs here, Origin & Steam(Disc?) ... anyway the 'reason' it's not working with Origin is the 'Origin In Game' overlay, either disable it or don't run the game from within the Origin app, make a shortcut to, or double-click, the Dead Space.exe directly and then the fix works just fine. :)

      One thing I did notice when going back and forth between the Steam and Origin versions is that in both versions the fixed VS4119BCD0 is broken(?), my last save game is right before the final boss there's a ton of blood and gore on the floor and it's not present with the fix ... I 'disabled' the fixed shader and the gore and that area looked ok to me, not sure what/where it was fixing originally.

      I didn't play it through with the fix, I played it with the low depth high convergence 'fix' ... could be due to using 337.50 drivers, they aren't very friendly with this game ... they also make the text(VS6AA1F0F6(PS03DAFBAB?)) in certain areas(eg. intro credits) 'shake' left and right, setting convergence so they're aligned helps.

      I did check the Dead Space profile and as far as I could tell it matches the older versions I have saved(both nip and txt format)

    5. ... well make that VS4119BCD0(Origin) and VSC981270C(Steam) are the missing gore ... uncommenting lines 39,46 & 48 seemed to be the very least I could 'reenable' to get the gore working again.

      Oh and the latest drivers(337.88) still have shaking text syndrome ...

    6. It shakes with steam version?

    7. Yeah, just the text ... pretty sure it's driver related, happens with/without the fix/dll and doesn't happen with 3D Vision toggled off. It's alternating views erratically but only on the text(shader) ... if by chance the convergence is set so it's aligned(2D) you wouldn't see it at all but at the default settings it's there on both versions.

      *oops ... made a new comment instead of a reply ... and deleted comments apparently don't get completely removed ...

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  15. Great game & fix played using Avatar profile.