Monday, March 12, 2012


Drakensang - The River of Time

This game plays quite well in 3D. I've uncovered a couple Pixel Shaders
that affect soft shadows around characters and some objects, especially
in darker indoor/underground environments. They don't render correctly
in 3D and this made these areas distracting. I identified them by
cycling through a couple thousand vertex/pixel shaders...I needed a
strong drink after the game is far more playable in 3D
without those distractions.

My in game graphic settings (a must for 3D)

1.) Disable Shadows(Removes almost all shadows with the exception of the
pixel shaders mentioned here that are now disabled thanks to Helix's

2.) Disable AntiAliasing.

Everything else enabled and maxed out.

This game is and old style CRPG and I've been enjoying it in 3D in spite of it's shortcomings.


Files go into root directory of game. Refer to here if you don't know how to install HelixMod - How to Install


 Shader Override


  1. Thank you I love this game!

  2. Beautiful game in 3D but there is one problem, do you know how to disable text / dialogs over characters? They displays / render in wrong depth.