Thursday, March 1, 2012


Written By: Chiz

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Like many 3rd person action adventure open world sandbox games, Prototype offered an excellent 3D Vision experience but was generally limited to lower depth and high convergence settings due to the 2D crosshairs, target boxes, enemy icons, and UI. With HeliX mod, I've pushed these HUD elements, enemy markers, HP bars etc. to 3D depth so that they are usable and accurate with higher depth settings. This should allow for a much more immersive 3D Vision gaming experience.

V1.1 Updates:*DOWNLOAD*

  • 1) Caught one more UI texture (map)
  • 2) Option for 50% transparent HUD elements. Will also make target box 50% transparent too. To use transparent HUD you need to copy that loose shader in \\shaderoverride and drop it into \\shaderoverride\PixelShaders
V1.0 Updates:
  • 1) Converts 2D UI/HUD/Crosshair to 3D so they are usable at maximum depth settings in 3D.
To-Do/Known Issues:
  • 1) Fix IR vision double-image/enemy sensor.  This texture is originally rendered in 2D with no depth information, I may not be able to fix this, only approximate it.


  1. Is their any chances you will upload any fix for prototype 2 or risen 2? just asking.

    1. Prototype 2 is a huge pile of mess. I think it honestly needs a profile from nvidia before even looking at it. Its got this wierd flickering for me.
      Risen 2, someone whose much better then me tried. Though I havent looked at it. Some thread on nvidia has some improvements for game in 3d via editing settings. Might be able to google a cache.

      TBH i dont think either game is popular enough to be fixed, it takes MANY HOURS. I am not good enough for it as well.

  2. I tried this, doesn't seem to work. While it successfully moves the hud in, the trees come out a weird, flat colour, and there's stuff at the wrong depth on the ground.

  3. I made the post above about the weird coloured trees.

    I did some experiments, made a folder within shaderoverride called "hidden" and moved the vertex shaders in there to see if any particular one caused the problem.

    Removing just CC445FB6.txt seemed to fix the tree issue. I haven't done much more testing yet but everything else initially seems to be working ok.

    1. i dont have prototype. It looks messed up to me that code. It says its for bodyheat but that doesnt look right to me. Paste this instead. It shouldnt mess anything up if Im wrong regardless since Its only a correction if its "wrong".

      def c220, 0, 0, 0.0625, 1
      dcl_position v0
      dcl_texcoord v1
      dcl_color v2
      dcl_2d s0
      dcl_position o0
      dcl_texcoord o1
      dcl_texcoord1 o2.xy
      dcl_color o3
      mul r0, c1, v0.y
      mad r0, c0, v0.x, r0
      mad r0, c2, v0.z, r0
      add r0, r0, c3
      mov r3, r0
      mov o0, r3
      if_ne r0.w, c220.w
      texldl r11, c220.z, s0
      add r11.y, r0.w, -r11.y
      mul r11.x, r11.x, r11.y
      add r0.x, r0.x, r11.x
      mov o1, r0
      mov o2.xy, v1
      mov o3, v2

    2. Tried the above code. The trees don't mess up, but it doesn't seem fix the bodyheat special vision. He lists this as a known issue at the top. Perhaps he left the unfinished shader in the pack by mistake.

  4. Just downloaded fix and it missing wrapper DLL and configuration file... How came shader overrides is the ONLY thing required for fix to work? Or is this fix broken? :/