Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Blur - by mana84


- most of the lights should be fixed
- reflections are fixed
- rear mirror inversed convergence is fixed and pushed a little further into the screen
- fixed menu parts and loading screens that were at wrong depth
- cars headlights are in 3d now and a lot better to watch (still not perfect)
- object shadows should be fixed
- cars shadows removed

Finally we can play this great game with high depth without messing up shaders (images are taken at 100% depth)... even though we should play the game with default convergence becouse some effects still need that.
I'll try to improve this fix with another release later... this game had a lot of issues that were difficult to find and to fix and there are minor things I've still to do (fix shadows and improve headlights). I should test the game a little more too so make me know how it goes if you test it!

How to install:
extract "" archive in the main directory of the game, required d3d9.dll is already included in the archive.



  1. Same thing with GTA 3,Vice City and San Andreas. San you fix those too?

  2. Nearly perfect thank you great game (:

  3. with this fix, the vehicle stats are missing (acceleration/...)

    76BA5E09.txt needs to be deleted from the "ShaderOverride\VertexShaders" folder to make them visible again.

  4. hi guys, I know I should not ask this here, but let's go, I have the blur pc long ago bought a new PC, this PC has modest settings it has an i5 2.6 ghz (dualcore), a video card 2gb's own intel is the Intel HD graphics 5500 and 4gb ram. When fully installed the game, the following happens the game starts usually appears the logo of activision and bizzare and then usually appeared the audi r8 but in this case only is in black screen and music theme playing in the background, and not out of it is forever . In my old pc was a hp with all hardware amd and worked normal and had "windows 7" and my new is "Windows 10" (obs. I did not install the helix mod, just want help)

    1. You need nvidia 3d vision + nvidia compatible graphics card.