Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders

Black outline
Lens Flares
Ghosting Effects

A DOF effect(ugly in 3d)

Issues Remaining:
Text/health bars are 2D

I said a loooong time ago I would come back to this game and so I have. Id rate it as excellent after fixes. The text/health bars issue is not obvious if you choose a melee class and go first person, which is so much more fun then other options especially in 3d. If you are interested please check out the videos below. If you are interested in any of my past game updates they are singularity, hunted, mirrors edge, videos are included. Check them out in game list section. Feedback and comments are always appreciated.

Install to: ..\steam\steamapps\common\dungeon defenders\Binaries\Win32
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Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. Thank you so much

    1. Was worried no one was even gonna try it lol. I will probably put some work on it some time soon now that some one actually let me know they used it and liked it .Most people just download and not say anything, which is okay I guess but I don't even know people use it.

      Thanks to you too -_o

    2. I am working on another tower defense game by the name of Sanctum. Just letting you know since its same genre. Should be up tommorrow. 3D vision ready imo = )

  2. Thanks a lot for this, works very well!

    1. Glad you liked it, It was really unfortunate that they programmed it in such a way I couldnt fix hud but cant blaim them for that. If you like this game check out sanctum
      Its not as good as dungeon defenders as a game but its amazing in 3d.

  3. Thought I'd give these patches a try starting with DD and it looks great! I do get a bizzare glitch when my squire is taking damage or has taken more than 50% damage, the whole screen becomes a mess of colored lines. I found that going into options>video> and unchecking PostProcessing, then playing fixes it. In fact after doing that I can put PostProcessing back on in that level with no problems.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, tbh I did this one a long time ago and can probably make it better sooner or later(not enough time in the day as they say). Glad you liked it.

    2. I wouldn't worry about something uncommon and easily worked around, I'm sure you've got enough work as it is. Hopefully anyone with a similar issue will see this post.

    3. Well I think I see it. If you want to try it. If not, dont worry about it. I dont think I will ever update it again unless I feel in the mood to play it.
      open shaderoverride/vertexshader/dc4df303.txt
      remove it all...then paste
      def c5, 0.00784313772, -1, 0.00100000005, 0
      def c220, 0.85, 0, 0.0625, 0
      def c221, 0.1, 2, 0.0625, 10
      def c223, 0, 1, 0, 0
      dcl_position v0
      dcl_tangent v1
      dcl_normal v2
      dcl_color1 v3
      dcl_texcoord v4
      dcl_2d s0
      dcl_color o0
      dcl_texcoord o1
      dcl_texcoord4 o2
      dcl_texcoord5 o3
      dcl_texcoord6 o4
      dcl_position o5
      mad, v1.yzxw, c5.x, c5.y
      mad r1, v2, c5.x, c5.y
      mul, r0, r1.zxyw
      mad, r1.yzxw, r0.yzxw, -r2
      mul, r1.w, r0
      mul, r1.yzxw, r0.zxyw
      mad, r0.yzxw, r1.zxyw, -r2
      mul, r1.w, r2
      mul r3, c7, v0.y
      mad r3, c6, v0.x, r3
      mad r3, c8, v0.z, r3
      mad r3, c9, v0.w, r3
      mad, r3, -c4.w, c4
      mul, r4.y, c15
      mad r4.xyw, c14.xyzz, r4.x, r5.xyzz
      mad, c16, r4.z, r4.xyww
      dp3 o4.x, r2, r4
      dp3 o4.y, r0, r4
      dp3 o4.z, r1, r4
      mov r0.z, c4.z
      add r1, -r0.z, c20
      add r0.xyw, r3.xyzz, -c4.xyzz
      sge r2.x, c5.z, r0_abs.w
      lrp r4.x, r2.x, c5.z, r0.w
      dp3 r0.x, r0.xyww, r0.xyww
      rsq r0.x, r0.x
      rcp r0.x, r0.x
      add r2, r0.x, -c19
      max r2, r2, c5.w
      rcp r0.x, r4.x
      mul_sat r1, r1, r0.x
      add r4, -r0.z, c21
      mul_sat r0, r0.x, r4
      add r0, -r1, r0
      mul r0, r2, r0_abs
      slt r1, r0, c18
      mul r0, r0, c17
      exp r2.x, r0.x
      exp r2.y, r0.y
      exp r2.z, r0.z
      exp r2.w, r0.w
      mad r0, r1, r2, c5.y
      mul r1, r1, r2
      mul, r0.x, c10
      mov r2.w, r1.x
      mul r2, r1.y, r2
      mad, r0.y, c11, r2
      mul r2, r1.z, r2
      mad, r0.z, c12, r2
      mul r1, r1.w, r2
      mad, r0.w, c13, r1
      mov o2.w, r1.w
      mov o0, v3
      mul o1, c5_abs.yyww, v4.xyxx
      mul r0, r3.y, c1
      mad r0, c0, r3.x, r0
      mad r0, c2, r3.z, r0
      mad r0, c3, r3.w, r0
      mov r2, r0
      if_ne r2.w, c223.y
      texldl r11, c220.z, s0
      add r11.y, r2.w, -r11.y
      mul r11.x, r11.x, r11.y
      add r2.x, r2.x, r11.x
      mov o3, r2
      mov r3, r0
      mov o4.w, -c5.y
      mov r14.x, c251.x
      if_eq r14.x, c223.w
      texldl r1, c220.z, s0
      mul r1.x, r1.x, -c220.x
      add r3.x, r3.x, -r1.x
      mov o5, r3

    4. No luck unfortunately.

      (Taken in Throne Room)

    5. was worth a shot, ty. If I ever feel like playing ill look at it.

  4. uh..

    how exactly do you "install" it ?
    sorry for the dumb question...

    1. Need 3d vision.
      Extract to \steam\steamapps\common\dungeon defenders\Binaries\Win32

    2. file is labeled shaderoverride