Thursday, May 24, 2012

HOW TO GUIDE - Create Convergence and Separation Presets

The method uses the Helix dll, and it is entirely his work and creation so all credit goes to him.

- Works only for DirectX9 games.
- If you are already using Helix fixes for games, put the settings values shown below (and in the attached settings file) in the existing DX9Setting.ini file.

- Download the attached dll and settings file:
Release DLL
- Put both of them in a game directory where the game executable is
- Run game and create presets
- Play game

Settings file
Open the DX9Settings.ini file and it will look like this:

//Add upto 9 presets...
Preset1Key = 57
Preset2Key = 48
DefPreset = 1

UseSepSettings = true

UseSepSettings = true

- The numbers used above are the keycodes for the hotkeys (in this case 57="9" and 48="0").  Change these to what you want.
- You can create up to 9 of them, but 3 usually enough.
- Save and close the file.

Start the Game and Create Presets
Start the game, and the view default will be as follows:
- depth XX%, where XX is the value you set in Nvidia control panel
- convergence : probably way off !

- press the first preset key ("9" in my example) then adjust convergence and depth until you like what you see, and press Ctrl-F7.
- press the second preset key ("0" in my example), change the game view to one which requires a different convergence setting, then I adjust convergence and depth until you like what you see, and press Ctrl-F7. 

You should then be able to toggle between key "9" and key "0" to get the different presets!

On closing the game, looking in the DX9Settings.ini file shows that the separation and convergence have been saved to it for next time.

On re-starting the game, it this time defaults to the preset 1 (because of DefPreset=1).

- Each time depth and convergence are changed and Ctrl-F7 is pressed, the Helix DLL remembers the 'current preset being used' and updates that, so you need to always press a preset key before making changes so you can keep track of which one gets updated.

- Only seems to work for keys "0-9", though it should technically work for character keys as well.
- Cannot have separation > 100% (as defined by Nvidia), so no "depth of 125%" and so on.

Example Video
The following short video clip from Dead Space records about 25s of footage showing how the different convergence presets instantly switch:


  1. I have followed the instructions very carefully but it hasn't worked for me. I'm trying to use it in Iron Front (Arma2 engine game). I've tried the NumPad 0 and 9 Keys and also the number keys above the letters but oth times nothing works. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi - see the main Nvidia forum for a discussion of this. Upshot is that I have updated the link to the Release DLL to point to the newest version now, so it should be good to go.