Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Fix by Eincrou


nVidia neglected to rate this game's compatibility with their 3D Vision drivers, but I would estimate that they would rate it "Fair."  The UI and nameplates are 2D, there are shadows that render in one eye, and circles on the ground showing bombs' detonation radius are 2D.  Other than these problems, the game is absolutely fantastic to play in S3D.

Using the Helix Mod, I was able to increase the game's S3D performance to, in my opinion, Excellent.  I removed the shadows that render in one eye, which seem to be shadows from specific light sources in the game world, such as torches and fires.  The character shadows that are always visible render properly in 3D, and remain enabled.  Interestingly, the mouse cursor that appears when playing with mouse and keyboard is part of the main UI's vertex shader, so the cursor now has depth.

I was unable to fix the 2D bomb radius and character circles.  The character circle isn't really necessary, but is very annoying, so I removed it.  The bomb radius is only visible if you have plated a bomb, so I left it in so you can still have an idea of where the bomb will do damage.  I will continue trying to figure out why I can't get these to render in 3D, and if I figure it out an update will be released.

1) UI and mouse cursor given depth.
2) Pickup notifications given depth.
3) Bad shadows disabled, but good shadows were left alone.
4) Circle beneath characters removed.

Remaining Problems:
1) Circle beneath characters and bomb detonation radius need to be fixed to render in 3D.
2) Would like to see if the mouse cursor can be isolated from the main UI. I don't think the main UI needs to have depth, but it's linked to the cursor so there's no choice.

v1 05/12/12: Initial fix removes bad shadows and adds UI depth.

How to get it working:
• Follow the standard Helix Mod fix installation guide.
• To customize the UI depth:
   1) Go to the ShaderOverride folder. Use a text editor to open 63EA60B8.txt and E85329BD.txt.
   2) In the text file, look for the line: "def c220, 0.2, 0, 0.0625, 0"
   3) Change the first value after c220 (highlighted above in red) to whatever percentage of the maximum scene separation you want for the element.

Download links:
Helix Mod Release


  1. Good Work! so much fun with 2 glasses and coop mode ;)

  2. Thank you man, your work is usefull for our community !

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  4. Thank you for this fix, Eincrou

  5. I can't get it to work :(
    I've extracted the d3d9.dll and the VertexShader files and folders in the directory of the main game executable (lcgol.exe), but when I start the game nothing has changed. I disabled all overlays. I don't know what I can do to make it work!
    Did I do something wrong?


  6. Sorry, I should have copied the entire ShaderOverride folder instead of its contents. It's working now! Thanks a bunch :D

  7. Thank you for the Fix Eincrou ! , Grabbing this from steam right now. It's on sale for only a few bucks.

  8. I'm having trouble getting this fix to work. I get the green OSD message, and my UI gets slightly raised off zero-plane, so 3DTV-Play kicks in. But then ingame the playing field remains totally flat - it renders "behind" the UI all right, but it has no depth of its own. Volumetric effects break it visually, so at least they are rendered on some other depth - but the levels are pancakes.

    1. Just tried this fix again, and it's working OK for me. Win7, driver 368.22. The shadows are broken, but is otherwise looking very good in isometric.

      It needs a lot of convergence. Hold down the ctrl-f6 key for a long time, like 30 seconds and it might fix what you are seeing.