Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tomb Raider: Legend

Fix by Eincrou


This is yet another game that requires super-de-duper low convergence, lest the UI splits off the screen.  The BEFORE screenshot shows how flat the game is at the default convergence of the nVidia profile.  But, nVidia yet again rates a game with this major problem as "Excellent"!!

This fix:
1) Allows UI to be on screen when convergence has been increased.
2) Removes bad shadows that result from enabling Next Generation Content.

Problems not fixed:
• Many effects are on the same shader as the UI, and render with the wrong depth.  This includes things like fireflies, mist from waterfalls, bullet casings, etc.  They are annoying, but not as bad as playing a flat game!

v1 05/08/12 Initial fix for UI and removal of shadows.

How to get it working:
"Next Generation Content" MUST be enabled!
• Follow the standard Helix Mod fix installation guide.
• To customize the UI to your convergence setting:
   1) Go to the ShaderOverride folder. Use a text editor to open E32A6B30.txt.
   2) In the text file, look for the line: "def c220, 760, 0, 0.0625, 0"
   3) Change the first value after c220 (highlighted above in red) to the convergence setting you have chosen.  You can find the exact number for convergence by using the debug dll.

Download Links:
Helix Mod Release
ConvergenceKey non-NextGen

Thanks to Mana84 for alerting me to the fact that enabling Next Generation Content allows the Helix Mod to find the UI shader.  Thanks, bro!

5-10-18: Added "ConvergenceKey non-NextGen" Simple setting as described by Rómeó in comments. This has a setup in dx9settings.ini for NextGen graphics being disabled.  Use the Tab key to toggle Convergence=0, to 300. Change convergence how you like, and press F7 to save to ini file.


  1. So you just copy and past the contents of the second zip file into the installation folder?

    How do you use the debug dll and where is it ???

  2. So you just copy and past the contents of the second zip file into the installation folder?

    How do you use the debug dll and where is it ???

    1. Take a look at our Guides section, middle of the navbar.

    2. I'm having real problems following these instructions - can anyone explain in baby steps how to get this working?

    3. Download those two links above, the "Helix Mode Release", which is the d3d9.dll file. And the "HM-TombRaiderLegend_ShaderOverride_v1.zip" link which has the shaders.

      Drop both of those into the game folder, right next to the game exe file.


    4. Having looked at it, I think I agree with Rómeó below that the better way to play is with the Next-gen content turned off, and crank up the convergence so the UI is completely off screen. Play it HUD less.

      If you want the HUD, you can use the d3d9.dll without the ShaderOverride folder, and create a DX9Settings.ini file that has to presets, one for normal and one for HUD use (like Map or PDA). Lots of examples of these in other DX9 fixes.

    5. Hi, bo3b

      Thanks a ton for your quick help.

      I followed the original steps as you directed - but as I couldn't bear to NOT try out Next-gen (having spent half of the game so far switching it to mostly OFF before your response) - I tried your original method (i.e. WITHOUT the "ConvergenceKey non-NextGen" file) - and Next-Gen switched ON.

      Now either I am imagining things...but the default "760" Convergence setting is ok for me (although in-game I do tinker with the Convergence up/down a bit) - and my usual Depth setting is around 50%.

      If I "maximise" convergence, i.e. so that the game looks totally "toyified" WHILE still trying to keep the HUD on screen, it looks more "3D" - but the toyification looks like I'm looking in a Doll's house - so I lower it.

      I guess Convergence (and I suppose Depth too) is a subjective level of what each person feels looks good - so unless you tell me the 760 value really SHOULD be changed, then tinkering around SLIGHTLY with the convergence (such that I get subtitles and the Weapon HUD, etc, etc in all the right places they should appear on the screen) does work pretty well with the original Helix fix for Next-Gen.

    6. P.S. - if I want MORE convergence as my default - then with my depth at 50%, should I INCREASE or DECREASE that "760" setting? I haven't been able to work that out...

      Many thanks

    7. Yes, whatever separation and convergence you prefer is best. There is no 'right' way, because everyone is different, so definitely set it how you prefer.

      Greater convergence would be a larger number. As you've found hyper-convergence toyifies the image, which some people really like and play that way. There is a trade-off between strong convergence and strong separation, you can lower separation to use higher convergence.

      A lot of people find the sweet spot to have the main character like Lara right at screen depth, with the rest of the image popping out. That's not likely to work as well here because of how the camera moves in and out, but might be worth experimenting with.

    8. Thanks again. I increased the 760 value to 1,260 - but that still isn't enough Convergence - I'll try 2,000 next time, and adjust as necessary.

      When you say Lara right at screen depth, I assume you mean with Depth as "Zero" - and Convergence increasing?

      If yes, then I tried it out - but had to revert to my always preferred Depth of 50% - and then adjusting the Convergence to whatever preference "synchs best" for my 50% Depth.

  3. I beleive there is a better option than this fix.
    The truth is that the game is a huge mess in 3D with Next Generation mode enabled even with this fix or extra debug-dll hunting involved. Non-nextgen mode however works flawless in 3D, except for the menus/UI that goes out of screen with a proper gameplay convergence. What I did is to simply create a toggle button to swtich between two convergence settings, one for gameplay and one for viewing menus/UI (aslo great for cutscenes). Piece of Cake!

    1. Added a basic setup to the links using this idea. Set to use Tab key in the dx9settings.ini to force 0 convergence when in PDA. Use F7 to save any convergence preferred. Edit to suit.

  4. Hi, all

    Just bought this game in the Steam sale for £0.69 GBP - as well as Tomb Raider Anniversary for £0.76 GBP - otherwise they are normally £12 in total!

    1) Has anyone managed to play the Next-Gen version of Legend ok in 3D without using a 3D fix? I haven't even downloaded the game yet, but want to find out...

    2) Is there a 3D fix for "Anniversary"? Or is none required?


  5. Anniversary is great in 3D - Lara is so...ample...!

  6. Some feedback - finished this game a little while ago - the 3D fix plus using Next Gen was good enough - thanks you awesome guys. Just a shame that game developers aren't as invested in 3D as you lot - for new and older titles.