Monday, June 10, 2013

Dragon Age II [DX9]


Fixed blood and shadows. New dll features/optimization.

Skybox/HUD/Shadow blurb/Blood/Etc

Issues remaining:
2d mouse cursor(cant fix)

HUD Depth
Toggle HUD Depth options with F3
Depth of Field Remover
Toggle ON/OFF with F4
Cinematic|Gameplay Convergence/Depth preset toggle
Toggle Cinematic/Gameplay setting with Middle Mouse Button. HUD will turn 2D for viewing convience in cinematic mode then will revert back to your HUD depth choice.

Nowhere near as good as Dragon Age: Origins but VERY underrated. Better then 90% of the rpg's on the market.

If you installed previous fix
Override existing files. Make sure game file is DragonAge2.exe

Install to..\Dragon Age II\bin_ship

Recommended settings
Set to DX9 / All settings MAX
Install High Resolution Textures[On]
Install High resolution Enviroment Mod

In-game AA 8X
16x AF
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  1. Awesome thing man!

    I agree the game is awesome! I don't know why but I am on my 5th playthrough. DA:O was awesome too but the combat was a bit too slow paced...
    Still, I can't decide between dx11 for SSAO and dx9 for flawless 3D Vision...

    I mean I already played it in Dx11 3 times before using your original fix for DX9 and I do find the difference between DX9 and DX11 :)) (I know, probably is more in my head) but I did notice a difference in textures... Apparently the HD textures work only in DX11 for me since in DX9 I get very poor textures....any idea why?

    1. I think its tessellation. Try turning high res. off and see.

      Nah, Im not gonna deny this is a game where dx11 has a strong benefit. Its up to preference. Its one of those games where they assume the dx9 is on a low end system. DX9 VS 11 rarely can make a strong difference in visuals if the game is optimized for both[People have know idea what they are talking about. Far Cry 3 is a prime example]. Though as far as performance, an optimized DX11 game will win over a DX9 game especially in 3D.

      However high res. textures def. are in a effect. It may be a tad more limited [I read they limit maximum size on environments]. Maybe one day I will look into trying to manipulate the settings. But I doubt it.

      Did you look into Nvidia inspector settings. AF is OFF on DX9 vers[Again it assumes, low end]. The other difference you might be seeing is tesselation. Try nvidia inspector settings before making a final judgement.

      Personally in games like this where I have to turn off something for 3D. I do miss the visuals greatly and it will bother me for an hour or two but I just all of a sudden forget about it. If I play the DX11 version in 2D. Everything feels... distant. Like Im on outside watching in. Dunno, I really like cinematic games in 3D. [I butchered Mass Effect 2, when I first started playing 3D and it first came out to get in 3D. One of my best experiences]

    2. Like I considered once or twice doing Deus Ex [Id only do it if I can fix everything though]. DX11 is definitely stronger then DX9. I looked and compared. Lighting in dx9 vers. is bad. I heard there is an enb but its unfinished or something anywho whatever. I tried playing DX11 in 3D, it was so flat that it just made me mad. [And Im on an 70" display...]. I eventually gave in and went DX9 because the other method to get it unlocked had to many side effects.

      I dunno, I was really hyped for game before hand. I read the book and I am A HUGE FAN OF CYBERPUNK. This was even before helix mod and I was still playing 2D games. It just felt diminished.

    3. err I ment. I eventually gave in and played DX11 in 2d.

    4. Ah, crap. I forgot to mention. That I added features to DA:O if interested. I stealth updated it, I generally do that for small updates. [The most important feature is middle mouse convergence/depth preset.... MMMMMMM]

  2. Yeah I did more testing and is defo tessellation who is doing the "other things" regarding textures... The game looks awesome in 3D in DX9 don't get me wrong;))I played in nvidiaInspector a bit and following your advice I managed to make it more "normal" looking;))

    Hehe Thx.
    Awesome FIX!

    1. No pressure on playing it on DX9, like I said I admit this is one of the games that is pretty unoptimized with DX9. We all want different things.

    2. The feature I miss from DX11 vers. is definitely tessellation though. I cant find the screenshots but it definetly makes a difference on characters clothing, especially armor and ground. The rest of the features I didnt really mind losing.

    3. O, and self shadows are blocky as hell.

  3. Agreed! I played a bit some more...and found out this...
    Probably the worst implementation of SSAO in a DX11 title...

    DX11-> everything enabled (aka very high settings)
    3D Vision + Surround = 15-24 fps in very populated and large areas (like hightown act 3 or the coast)

    DX11-> everything enabled (aka very high settings) WITHOUT SSAO
    3D Vision + Surround = 35-42 fps in very populated and large areas (like hightown act 3 or the coast)

    It's like the SSAO cuts the framerate more than in half...

    In all other games I don't see this. Ex: Metro 2033 or LL, Tomb Raider (2013)...

    I still remember the long long driver updates until they managed to make the game have decent fps and working SLI...probably the SSAO was left out...:))
    Still very strange engine...

    1. It seems like they were supposed to be sponsored or something. I dunno its feature list is a bit strange considering ea/bioware don't generally do that kind of optimizing unless paid.

      BTW, someone with Surround is having trouble with Alice madness returns in comments. If you have a chance maybe stop in. Its a bit hard for me to diagnose.

    2. Im replaying because Im hype for DA3:Inquisition.
      16xQ enhance.
      It looks gorgeous in cinematic, like I know Im missing out out on tesselation, but the other stuff is too light for me to really mind. So I dont mind...
      Then when cinematics end.... shadows go to shit. Like non-cinematic shadows is like 1/8 res of of cinematic. Thats what really kills it. Ill play it in DX9 but man. Such a shame. Its not even the dx11 feature that kills it, it just assumes low end.

  4. Thanks eqzitara, you are a legend.

  5. Whatup Eq!
    About to try DA 2 in 3D Vision, have been playing it using the other gamut of dll fixes: UHD across 3 monitors with Soft TH & Flawless WS! I just gotta see how good u guys were able to make this game look. :')
    Oh, i have DAI as well, i tried to play it in 3D it looks just as bad as TESO did last spring before your crew fixed it. Any thoughts from u or Helix about how to fix DAI in 3D without having to sacrifice DX11?
    Thanks again for being here, HelixMod makes more games worth playing!

    1. DA:I fix is coming along, but not ready yet. Check the 3D Vision forums.

    2. OMG I hope u guys have as much luck with DA:I as with the Elder Scrolls Online, that game was made stunning from everyone's (especially Mike's) hard work here at HelixMod! I had to check Inquisition out in 3D, besides the shadows, reflections, and tessalation being very much "off" the game looked stunning. Oh, and btw, Dragon Age 2 in 3D looks even better than Origins which really surprised me.
      Thanks! :'D

  6. Eq i just wanna ask about something,
    I was playing DA2 in the Wounded Coast area where u have to rescue the Vicount's son from the Qunari (even though he joined them)...
    The sea water reflections were a bit off, like depth or something. Is that normal? I just wanna make sure your sweet (and i do mean saweeet!) fix is working.
    Thanks again and the game looks awesome, especially in DX9 as long as u have the Ultimate HD Pack mods installed and using Large Address Aware app. Have u tried the Ultimate HD mod?

    1. I guess it would be helpful if i added an image showing the area in question huh? :p
      See link below:

  7. Posted some screenshots of this fine game:

    I am so glad i can play DA2 with an exceptional frame rate of over 90 fps! I dont mind DX9 as the 3D Vision immersion more than makes up for the lack of tessellation.. I wish so much i could play DAI now that it has been fixed, unfortunately i can't get more than 22 fps while exploring and less than 12 fps in a fight or thickly populated NPC area... :'(
    Oh well, just gives me an excuse to get another GTX 980 for SLI, then it's DAI 3D Vision all day!

    1. SLI is pretty dead. DAI has frame drops/stutter and visual issues. I disabled it then sold my SLI card.

      SLI is supported in maybe 2/5 AAA titles on paper. Its actually 1/5 that are "good" support [no visual errors/ no stuttering]

      Even sponsored titles are broken atm. Patches broke SLI for AC Unity and FC4 as of last patch.

    2. Seriously??? Thats kills me.
      But doesnt it improve overall performance and frame rate no matter what? In the GeForce Forums there is talk that with SLI one can achieve a fully playable framerate in DAI in 3D which i am hoping means upwards of 35 fps? My system has the hardest time with 3D, i mean before i upgraded my card to a 980 (used to have a 660ti AMP) i couldn't get more than 20 fps in 3K (3648 x 1152@60hz), now i get 40+ at the same res, but 3D is way more taxing which i accept... With a heavy heart.
      SLI causes flickering or stuttering? WTF Nvidia!
      Sometimes i am grateful for DX9 in cases like DA2, although it does look sweet in my 3K WS setup in 2D when i enable DX11... At the end of the day there is nothing like 120hz 3D.

  8. Eq can you tell me if there is any way to output DA2 across 3 screens for the cut scenes? The game spans across all my displays except when in cut scenes... I dont see any support for FWS or WS Fixer.
    Any thoughts?