Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Crash Fix Work Around.

As of August 8th, Origin/Mass Effect 3 Released an update. All d3d9.dll based mods for Mass Effect 3 now cause a crash to desktop these mods include Helixmod/FXAA mod/Enb.

A temporary workaround has been discovered by Smarteck. Be sure to check out his thread where he has enhanced textures, improved FXAA/Sharpen, and many other users mods including voice commands(like kinect). Which are all fully compatible with Helix's Mass Effect 3 patch.
Smarteck has been very supportive and helpful to the 3D Vision/Helix Mod community please visit his thread @

Updated easier Method(Thanks to ddorpm):
Navigate to your Origin folder
example C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin
Rename IGO32.dll to IGO32.dll.delete
Start Mass Effect 3 and Play.

Special Thanks:

How to Help:
Create a forum account at and request them to fix the issue.
Also asking for future 3dvision support wouldn't hurt = )


  1. Before posting a comment please realize, this is not a "call to arms". This is a work around / precaution. No one knows for certain.

  2. Alternate Method
    - Uninstall the new version of Origin (save the folder "Games" first, to not download all your games again).
    - Install a previous version of Origin, for example:
    - When the auto-updating window appears, cancel.
    - Disconnect from the Internet.
    - Open Origin.
    - You'll see the logon window.
    - Connect to the Internet, enter your account data in Origin and start normal.
    - Now, you close Origin and paste back the folder "games" with your games inside the folder of Origin, the one you had backed before

  3. I dont have Origin!!! How am I able to fix this?

    1. You have to play mass effect 3 with origin.

      I have no idea, with cracked versions.I guess it wouldnt crash since no origin.