Monday, November 5, 2012

007 Legends


- Crosshair 3D, rest of the HUD 2D
- Objective icons 3D
- Lights/Bloom that render in 2D, now are 3D
- Some Ghosting fixed
- Waterfall Effect in the Biodome level fixed (Thanks to 3d4dd)

Remaining issue:
- Minor issue: Car's reflections on the ice ("Die Another Day"/"Ice Lake" Mission). Thanks 3d4dd for reporting...when i get to that mission i will look to it.

How to Install:
- Extract the content of the .zip where .exe is located
- Press "P" for suggested convergence

Download 3D Fix


Xbox360 Controller user:
The game have none support for controllers, so i made a Xpadder profile for same like Xbox (except for Enter = Start / Esc = Select). Also i made a short script on Xpadder that work like this (it's perfect for aiming):
Left trigger pressed = adjust the convergence to correct aim (lower convergence)
Left trigger unpressed = normal convergence

I made also a script on Xppader for any game with the same logic (only Left trigger action) can be used on any FPS game.

007 Legends Xpadder Profile


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  1. Thanks for the fix! The game is a bit clunky and obviously a budged title but it has it's moments. I modified your DX9Settings.ini to work with AutoHotkey to get a little bit higher convergence when not using iron sights and lower convergence when aiming down the sights so that when aiming, the ironsights look like they should. I basically copied some of the text from the DX9Settings.ini I use for Borderlands 2 and then adjusted and saved the proper convergence values in game for both. I also use the modified RightMouseBind.ahk script used for Borderlands 2. It seems to work just fine in this game now.

    Here's the modified RightMouseBind.ahk script:

    MouseClick, right,,,,,D,
    Send {0}

    $RButton Up::
    MouseClick, right,,,,,U,
    Send {9}

    And here's the modified DX9Settings.ini:

    OverrideMethod = 0
    DefVSConst1 = 250
    Preset1Key = 113
    Preset2Key = 114
    Preset3Key = 115
    Preset4Key = 57
    Preset5Key = 48

    CheckTexCRC = true
    TexCounterReg = 251
    DefinedTexturesVS = AB5D8BF2;283BC13C;
    ValForDefined = 0
    ValNotDefined = 1
    UseDefinedOnly = false

    CheckTexCRC = true
    TexCounterReg = 253
    DefinedTexturesVS = E14E459A;
    ValForDefined = 0
    ValNotDefined = 1
    UseDefinedOnly = false

    Const4 = 0xBE4CCCCD

    Const4 = 0x00000000

    Const4 = 0x3e4ccccd

    Convergence = 0x3eba8217
    Separation = 0x42c80000
    UseSepSettings = true

    Convergence = 0x3ccdf791
    Separation = 0x42c80000
    UseSepSettings = true

    The edited code is not mine so credit goes to whom ever made it originally.

  2. Thanks for add the AutoHotKey feature...

    yeah..the game is from average to low...have his moments time to time. There are a lot of potencial in a 007 videogame...that is a shame they wasted it.... this friday suppose to release "skyfall" DLC

  3. A bif thanks to you DHR for the Xpadder profile !
    Why not uploading it on Xpadder official forums ?

  4. Hi great work! could you tell me how to install the "Xbox360 Controller user: 007 Legends Xpadder Profile" ??

    1. You need to have Xpadder, and the definition for the buttons of the Xbox360. In Xpadder "open" the profile...that's it.