Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am Alive (Alternative)

I am Alive - 3D Vision fix(Alternative).

- Light;
- Shadows;
- Fog effects;
- effects Halos(water splashes);
- HUD, Target markers 3D;
- Ambient occlusion.

Screenshots gallery.

Remaining issues:

Download this archive. Unpack downloaded archive in to the "SYSTEM" game folder (example : "\Steam\steamapps\common\I am Alive\src\SYSTEM").

F2 - key switches(cycle) HUD depth (3 variants).
F3 - key  switches (cycle) depth presets (2 variants).

Holding Mouse 2 key activate low separation preset (for good aiming from the gun)

If you want to save your custom convergence settings press  F3 and select required preset, set custom separation/depth settings , then press F7 and your settings will be saved in the config file. You can set custom settings for both presets and for gun preset as well (when holding mouse button 2(aiming gun), set custom separation/depth  settings and press F7. Release mouse button 2).

Tested only with steam version of the game. I'm using default game profile from R300 display driver.
You need at least R300 driver series to run this version of the fix.


  1. wait, doesn't this game use the same engine as splinter cell conviction?
    a fix for that would be awesome!

  2. it started rendering everything white and red after some changing of old and new fix....also the 'right mouse' button fix has no point if you're going to play with a controller....any way to map the change of convergence on the left trigger of the controller instead of the right mouse button ?

    1. delete shaderoverride foloder
      delete d3d9.dll
      delete dx9settings.ini

      Reinstall. This will give you a fresh install.

      If playing with a controller an an application called. Xpadder will allow you to bind right mouse click to right trigger.

  3. I have problem in menĂ¹ and RECORDING cutscenes with this alternative version. With base version no problems there but yes on HUD and subtitles.

    Latest NVIDIA drivers. 3D Vision 2 here.

    Tried all the presets. No go. Is there anyway to fix that?


    1. Maybe.

      Fraps is ussually something I dont have an issue with.
      Like you may not normally have an issue with Fraps.
      You may not normally have an issue with steam overlay/uplay.
      Combine the two and you get a crash. If this is the reason then maybe. If not your out of luck, sorry.

      Try to load game first, then fraps. MIGHT work.

    2. @eqzitara, I think he's talking about hight convergence values.
      It's third person game and i set a bit hight values for it, that's why menu looks broken (too close).
      You can change convergence manually and set it to whatever you want(you need to bind convergence keys from nvidia settings).
      How to activate convergence keys you can find here
      After you change convergence you can save presets by hitting F7.

      Also you can use mouse 2 button(aim convergence preset), just hold it when you see close cut-scenes.

    3. Sorry, read what helix said I totally misread that.

      If you dont understand what convergence is go look at these pictures.
      If you look at the left/right picture the only difference between the two is convergence.
      The depth [nvidia bar] is the same in both.

  4. I"m using Windows 8.1 with latest Nvidia drivers , when I apply this patch to my steam version it crashes, I tried to remove it and it works again. Would you kindly check the patch again if you can fix it for the latest drivers :) THankssssssss

      Got to read instructions when crash. You probably need to turn off steam community

    2. Awesome it works, Thanks for the tip

  5. The game starts working perfectly, while playing the Intro story once the gurl catch the Camcorder the Game crashes!! any hint pls?

    1. Try rolling back to better driver?

    2. nah doesn't worth it to start rolling back to other drivers. Thanks

  6. Same problem :/