Friday, November 16, 2012

Rise of Flight by lefuneste

Rise of Flight 
by lefuneste

Transform icon,labels and jauges in 3D
Also made 3d menu and maps
Three depths/convergence settings

How to install
without JGMSE
unzip Helix_Rof in the Rise of flight game install directory
with JGMSE
unzip Helix_Rof in the Rise of flight JGMSE Mod directory
activate Helix_Rof_JMSGE in JGMSE

How to use
Unselect "post effect" in Rise of flight graphic settings (not compatible with 3dvision)
Launch "Rise of flight" => text is now in 3d
use the left arrow to select low detph settings (best for using the GUI before flight)
Select your mission/campaign
while in cockpit use the up arrow to select normal depth settings 
while in external view use the right arrow to select special "scale model" convergence 

How to change depth/convergence settings
Select the settings you want to change (left arrow or up arro or right arrow)
use the key defined in nvidia control panel to change the depth/convergence
press CRTL + F7 to save the settings for the selected key

How to change the binding of preset keys
Edit the  DX9Settings.ini file in the data directory in rise of flight install dir
Modify the line "Preset1Key = 37" by replacing the number "37" with the number you will find here:
(you will have to convert the hex number in decimal). 
This will change the key for the preset 1. 
Do the same for the lines Preset2Key and Preset3Key

How to uninstall the Helix Mod
without JGMSE
in the "rise of flight" directory

with JGMSE
deactivate Helix_Rof_JMSGE in JGMSE


  1. Do I need to activate "mods on" to get this to work?

    1. I think first one is with mods off, 2nd is with mods off.

      If im wrong message lefunste on nvidia forum. Dont think you will get a response here.