Wednesday, November 7, 2012

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Time ago i look some screenshots of this game (its an old one) in (neocid user) and looks great, except for some problems in 3D. So, i get the retail version in a very low price and start to play and fix it...took me some time....almost 50 shaders fixed. The game is great and fun, have some nice the video you can see the blood popping-out the screen (its youtube, dont expect some high quality video).

- Effects Fixed
- Halos Fixed
- Lights Fixed
- Character Shadows removed (you dont miss them...not that great).

Remaining issues:
- I suppose minor....i'm in the last chapter.....if i found something else i update.

- Extract the .zip content where .exe is located (.../Binaries/)

Donwload Fix


  1. thanks for the fix, i've played this game in "2D" last year and it is effectively a good game.

  2. Thanks.
    This is a good game.
    I will try your fix and report

  3. i'll try it aswell i think i'm just in the middle of the game right now
    i'm playing already in 3d and i've found a quick fix disabling a couple of variables in the WEngine.ini file located under documents/Wolverine/wgame/Config/ changing this 2 variables:


    in this way i can keep high detail setting and i've disabled only shadows that doesn't render correctly.
    i still have some artifacts but most of them are rare, so it looks you have fixed the lights artifacts?
    i will try to re-enable those variables and see how it looks.

    1. tigermaster, now you can play with high details. Only thing i disable is characters shadows (and there're not that good tbh). Lights, halos, effects and other are fixed.

      Its a great game with awesome S3D.... increase convergence.

  4. Any chance at a fix for The Amazing Spider-Man?

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