Friday, December 14, 2012

Burnout Paradise

Fix by Eincrou
Updated December 29, 2012

Created using Steam version. Game version


Burnout Paradise is rated "Good" on NVIDIA's stereoscopic compatibility list, but I would personally rate it "Excellent."  The game renders very well without fixes, and like any racing game, benefits a lot from being viewed in S3D.

Actually, it probably benefits even more since it's a destruction game and you can send light posts, mailboxes, railings and assorted other bits of debris flying out of your screen.  Unfortunately you can't see what it's like to have a pedestrian flying out at you, I'm sad to say.  The city's sidewalks are completely barren in this game.  Oh, well.

What's one thing that's always great to have when you're playing a game in S3D?  If you're like me and play with a deep world, it's always handy to have the HUD rendering with depth.  It reduces the amount of muscle movement needed for the eyes to focus on the HUD and then refocus back to the game world.

A 2D UI isn't intolerable, but it certainly isn't optimal.  This fix makes the entire user interface render in 3D and removes some bad effects.

This fix solves:

  1. All menus, the HUD, texts and the minimap render with depth.
  2. 2D smoke from skidding/crashing disabled.
  3. Headlamps causing halos/ghosting/doubling disabled.

Problems not fixed:

  1. All issues addressed.
  2. I wish I could fix the smoke and headlamp effects, rather than disable them, but I don't know how.

Change log:

  • v2: (12/29/2012) 2D smoke effects and headlamps disabled.
  • v1: (12/14/2012) Initial fix for UI depth.

How to Get It Working

Extract the zip file to the same location as BurnoutParadise.exe.  For me this is:
[...]\Steam\steamapps\common\Burnout(TM) Paradise The Ultimate Box\



  1. Looks so much better already, thanks a lot!

  2. Don't miss the smoke effects at all. Thanks for the fix, this adds another to my list of fav 3D games.

  3. Really great work guys and I have only just discovered your website with so many fixes that it makes 3D vision really worth getting into !!!

    THanks so much and keep up the great work :D

  4. Hello!

    I have tried it to launch game in Windows 7, but it kicks me out when at the start.
    I even tried run in compability with windows XP (SP3), but the effect is the same.
    Maybe some one can give some advice what can I do, because serched on Google, but it doesn't gave me anything useful.

  5. I reianstaled game for third time and now all is working perfectly.

  6. can i somehow run this game at 1920*1080p at 24 hz using 3d vision?

  7. Hi,
    Since I changed to Win10 and got a new video card (1080), a few games like this one are not starting in 3D at all while they were before. I checked in NVIDIA inspector and there is still a Burnout paradise profile there. Any idea what could cause this? Thanks.

    1. ive been having issues all morning with windows 10+nvidia 3d+ 1070. windows 10 kills burnout paradise 3d capabilities, this is a massive loss to us 3d fans

    2. Reports on the forum suggest that Microsoft broke 3D Vision in the FCU version. Most specifically for 144hz monitors, as it doesn't change frequency properly. IIRC this is fixed in the very latest driver. Might also need some setting in Win10. Look at other forum problems reported with Win10.

    3. Just tried the game.

      To make it work in 3D under Windows 10 you have to disable fullscreen optimizations. Also you have to use the injector version of helixmod (HelixModLauncher.exe and helixmod.dll). Exactly the same thing also applies for Dark Souls II (non-remastered). I'll automate all steps for Burnout Paradise in 3D Fix Manager.

  8. Would this work on the Remastered edition?

    1. Not likely. The original was DX9, which this fix corrects. The remastered is DX11, which means all the shaders changed. Someone could refix the game using 3Dmigoto, if they were motivated...

      Doesn't seem to bring that much to the table for PC. Remastered versions are nearly always just a money grab for this gen consoles.