Monday, March 18, 2013

Medal of Honor (2010) Single Player

Fix by Eincrou

Updated March 21, 2013

3D Video Showcase

Depth Preset 2 (0.4)

Depth Preset 3 (0.8)

Created using Steam version. Game version


This game runs single player and multiplayer separately.  Not only were each developed by different developers, they use different engines as well.  SP was developed by Danger Close in the Unreal Engine 3, and MP was created by DICE in the Frostbite engine.  This fix is for only the single player.

The single player campaign for this game is pretty awful, but the game works well in S3D.  Nvidia has rated it "Good."  The only constant effects anomaly is shadows, but that problem can be eliminated by turning shadows to low.

The UI is problematic with everything at screen depth, except, surprisingly, the crosshair.  The crosshair renders at max depth, though it appears to slightly shift depth at times.

This fix attempts to address the UI, but unfortunately many elements are on the same vertex shaders and on the same textures, so I couldn't give icons/text above objects in the world more depth than the ammo/weapon display.

As such, this fix has three depth presets, all of which are easily customized to what you want.  See the instructions section.

This fix:

  1.  HUD given depth.

Remaining issues:

  1. Smoke/fog effects cause halos around objects. There isn't much smoke in this game, so it's a minor issue.
  2. Strange colors render in one eye in areas, most notably the helicopter gunner mission.
  3. Flares in the cave on the last mission render based upon convergence, and are at the wrong depth.
  4. Full screen sniper scope renders at screen depth.

Change log:

  • v2: (2013-03-21)
    • Additional HUD/Menu elements given depth.
  • v1: (2013-03-18)
    • Initial fix for UI depth.


  1. Extract the zip file to the same location as moh.exe.  For me, this is:
[...]\Steam\steamapps\common\Medal of Honor\Binaries
      2.  Depth is disabled when the game loads.  Press a preset key to select a depth preset.

Preset Hotkeys:

This fix uses hotkeys to control the depth of the user interface. The depth is off when the game starts. The default settings are:
  • Preset 1 Key: , (comma) Default: 0 depth.
  • Preset 2 Key: . (period) Default: 0.4 depth.
  • Preset 3 Key: / (forward slash) Default: 0.8 depth. 

Custom User Interface Depth:

You can set the UI depth to whatever you want by modifying the Const3 value under each preset.  This has to be a floating point value, converted to hexadecimal.  There are three presets, so you can have three different depths.

Online Floating Point to Hex Converter

You can also change the hotkeys.  Use the keycode number in the first column on this website:

Keycode Reference



  1. don't work for me, i use ORIGIN


    2. Also this MoH 2010 (not 2013). Just mentioning in case thats the issue.

    3. You could be right that he thinks this fixes Warfighter. As far as we know, literally anything could be the issue if a person leaves a lazy, uninformative, "It ain't workin'," help request.

    4. yes, i know that the fix is for 2010 version, but in the game the shadows and lights are render in wrong depth and is unplayable...:(

    5. Well, thanks for telling me what the problem actually is. I have to confess that I'm not any less disappointed, though. This issue was already addressed in the post.