Monday, July 1, 2013

Painkiller Black

Painkiller Black

Fixed: Taking damage caused game to go 2D.

This is NOT Hell & Damnation. TBH, I went to look at Hell & Damnation and it just seemed like a lot of work with little reward when I felt that Black was better. So maybe someone else will do it but I just don't see the point personally. Anywho, Painkiller Black was the pinnacle of the series for me.
This was kind of ridiculously easy to do and should apply to other games in the series if they have this issue besides Hell & Damnation [I did not test the other games.] I dont feel like looking for the cd's but if you want to try its drag + drop.

Instructions by Joohan:
Set Crosshair transparency to 100%
Go into: Advanced Graphic Options you should turn Water FX to Low (same as changing WaterFX=0 in the config.ini) and turn Warp Effects Off
 Turn off 3D vision on opening cinematic

Install to..\Painkiller Black Edition\Bin\
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  1. Thanks for this! Haven't played the Painkiller games for quite a while. These are really fun in short bursts, just blast away and enjoy. Your fix seems to work really well, however when I got into this tunnel with loads of creatures with sharp teeth, the tunnel's floor is filled with water and the water renders incorrectly in 3D (maybe separately in both eyes so they are not aligned). This seems to be the only issue I've come across so far (played maybe for 1 and a half hours), so other than that the game plays very well in 3D with your fix.

    Also I found the default FOV to be way too narrow so I did a little research and found this (not mine so credit goes to whomever made this originally):

    This can be done through the console, or you can edit config.ini, which is located in \bin.

    Edit the file, and search for this line:
    Cfg.FOV = 95
    Increase the value according to your preference. Appropriate values for the aspect ratios are:

    4:3 - 95
    16:9 - 111.013676485
    16:10 - 105.275347504

    I have an 16:9 monitor so I used 112 as my FOV and it seems to work fine and looks way better than it originally did.

    Anyway thanks again for this fix, I really appreciate it!

    1. Np.

      Yeah, I like fov but I always forget to check on how to mod it in each game.

    2. I fixed the water issue by changing cfg.WaterFX = 1 to cfg.WaterFX = 0 in the config.ini. The water still looks ok, as in it still has textures and all that, but it's missing some sort of shader which wasn't rendering correctly in 3D so it's not that big of a deal as there doesn't seem to be much water in the game anyway. I would try to fix it if I could but unfortunately I don't have much experience in "modding" the shaders when it comes to 3D.

      Also some of the weapons have a zoom feature and you can also fix their FOV by doing the following in the config.ini (again not mine so credit goes to whomever came up with it):

      If you also want the screen to be hor + while zoomed in (using weapons that support zoom), look for this line too:
      Cfg.ZoomFOV = 50
      Increase the value according to your preference. Appropriate values for the aspect ratios are:
      4:3 - 50
      16:9 - 63.744671398
      16:10 - 58.461499463:

    3. Played some more and noticed some other issues along the way. These are by no means complaints of any sort but rather observations I made while I was playing. Without eqzitaras fix this game would be unplayable in 3D and now the 3D in this game is very good even if there are a couple of small issues. I noticed that once you enter a "berserk" mode, the screen becomes a blurry mess (even in 2D it's sometimes hard to see what's going on), probably because it uses some kind of shader or a filter to render the effect. But once it kicks in, it's just a red blurry mess.Luckily it happens very rarely so it's not that big of an issue. I also noticed that going to Advanced Graphic Options you should turn Water FX to Low (same as changing WaterFX=0 in the config.ini) and turn Warp Effects Off as these seem to render wrongly in 3D. If you use these options I mentioned along with eqzitara's fix, this game plays very very well in 3D.

      Those who wan't to tweak it even further could do the following as I did (this gives the game almost a toyification effect if done correctly): If you know how to use the Registry Editor, go to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432node\NVIDIA corporation\Global\Stereo3D and in there find "Monitor Size" and change it to something smaller than your monitor is at default. For reference my monitor is a 23 inch display so the default number for my monitor is 46 (I'm no expert in registry editing, but this registry hack is pretty common knowledge). So the default number/letter is basically double of the size of your screen (my 23 inch=46 in the registry editor). So to make the game think that you are playing with a smaller monitor, it gives you a lot more depth if you enter a smaller number/letter than your displays default (you can try different combinations and see which one suits you the best and don't worry as the number/letter always returns to it's default after you have closed the 3D application). You also have to run the game first with the default registry setting and then Alt-Tab back to desktop and go into the Registry editor and enter your desired number/letter combination. I found that using 1d as the Monitor Size Value data gave me the best result (the Registry editor now thinks my display is a 14,5 inch display because entering 1d in the Monitor size value data gives me a number of 29 and if I divide it by two, it gives me the size of my display, which in this case is 14.5. So once I've changed the Monitor size to my desired value, I Alt-Tab back into the game and now I have a lot more depth than I would normally have even at max setting in the nVidia control panel. Now the only thing left to do is to decrease the convergence to my liking (because increasing depth also affects convergence)and enjoy a nice 3D game with lots of depth. Once you're done playing, just exit the game and all the settings you made in the registry return to normal. This method can be use in many other games as well (I used it extensively with Skyrim). I'm sure most of you already knew about this registry hack, but I thought to mention it here as it works wonderfully with this game, especially if you increase the FOV to your liking. So with these settings this game becomes one of the best 3D games (in terms of how the 3D is being displayed) I've played in quite a while. The game itself is quite fun too, if you're into these kinds of games that is. So happy 3D gaming to everyone and once again a huge thanks to eqzitara for the fix and also for reminding me of this game as I haven't really properly played it until now!

    4. Ill change notes to match your settings. Its one of those games I already owned so I didnt thoroughly test it.

    5. I just remembered it had an issue I found made it unplayable so I just did a quick tweak.

    6. I only remembered it was bugged up when I saw 3d vision gave it an excellent rating and I was like... wait a min.