Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kerbal Space Program [NEW PATCH]

By 4everAwake

Kerbal Space Program:
Fixed: skybox, halos, HUD, UI
Extract contents of zip file into the folder that contains the game's exe
Known Issues:
-small digital counter is screen depth (minor)
-camera mouse look doesn't work with the 64-bit version (see below)
Additional Notes:
With the 64-bit version of the game, camera mouse look (holding right mouse
button & dragging) doesn't work. Though, you can still change camera views
with a keyboard or gamepad. I included a folder with the 64-bit DLL
Also, if the game fix doesn't kick in initially, cycle 3D off & on (Ctrl
+ T).
Tested with version 0.24 (released 7/17/14). Doesn't work with the Steam



  1. I don't have the game so I can't try it but I think may have found a way to fix unresponsive mouse issues, it worked when I was messing around with realMyst ... try putting this setting under the General section in the DX9Settings.ini.


    1. Thank you so much, TsaebehT. I'll include this in the next game update.

  2. Thanks a lot. I love both Kerbal Space and 3D vision. I've just been learning why one would use solid fuel rockets as much as possible after the new update introduced money to the game. Also been contemplating starting new colonies with the modular kolonization mod.

  3. Any idea if this works with the full release ? I'll buy the game if it does.

    1. The current version of the game crashes during the loading screen using Helixmod DLLs. I'll inquire into this further & keep you updated.

  4. Any chance this mod will be updated to the current 1.04 release?

  5. I would also be very pleased to have this working with the release version. However remember that the game is moving to the new Unity engine (with the next patch?) so any work done for the current version may have to be redone almost immediately!

    Thanks so much to the people at Helix for all your great work! I just got 3D vision and the mods make a huge number of games playable.

  6. Is there any way to make a fix for Space Engineers (with planets)??
    The game is now so awesome that it really needs 3D.
    I tried TriDef and it's game profile but that didn't work.
    I tried 3DMigoto 1.2.9 but it won't even render 2 seperate images.
    As the game with planets is in DX11 i tried to use 3DMigoto.

    Let me know, thanks

    1. It's disrespecting the fixer to make game requests on their posts. That's why no one responds.

      We have a new venue for requests, please add your votes there: WishList

    2. So you feel disrespected now?
      Just wow!!!
      Sorry to ask then.... bye

    3. Yes,
      Its saying hey I am not interested in what you posted. Give me this instead.

    4. Well, feel disresoected then, not my problem, i have my own problems which is my business. That i respectfull asked for a fix for a game on a topic from another game makes me not disrespect the fix developper, as the people that try to make the fixes are the same people that also do it for other games. This site is just a list of games that have somekind of a fix for it.
      Why you people not make a section for games that people asked instead of geforce forum.
      Geforce has nothing to do with these fixes so thats why i asked here.
      Again, has nothing to do with respect or how you would call it "disrespect".
      If you guys feel otherwise, well sorry to hear that.

      I did not SAY that i want that, i asked if it is possible but i get the point here. The answer is NO, like many other games. So at the end of the story, 3D is just not working. Do what you guys do best and that's disabling shaders. Have fun deleting my post again and again because that's what you are the best in and so others can not read what we talked about and how "disrespectfull" a question is.
      Apparently you not know what disrespect is. I could say that it's disrespectfull to answer a question like that but i don't because ah well, already spend to much words on you guys.

      Have fun disabling shaders in a disrespectfull way:P it's says that you don't want the shaders the developpers made for the game. Now that's sounds like how you call my question disrespectfull.
      Ban the posts that really legit questions.

    5. The only people who see comments are a) people who click "notify me" on a post (I don't even see comments to my own posts unless I remember to do that!) and b) other players, so this is just not the right place for a request. We expect this to happen on new posts as not everyone realises this is the case, but you asked on a thread that is well over a year old, so you intentionally asked a specific shaderhacker to fix your specific game, when he has already spent a huge amount of his personal time fixing hundreds of games, and has since retired from shaderhacking altogether.

      The 3D Vision forum is a better place for requests since all the fixers will at least see the thread, but even then you are asking someone to spend days, weeks or even months of their own time working on your specific game so you will only get a taker if one of the fixers is genuinely interested in the game. More likely you will get directed to a school that can teach you how to fix the game yourself. This is why we have now opened the wishlist - that is a suitable place to let the fixers know what games you would like to see fixed.

      Also, early access games like Space Engineers are just not worth fixing - I've taken on some of these in the past that I personally wanted to play, but the developers constantly undo our hard work every single update.

      And FYI - personally I'll only disable an effect as a last resort if I firmly believe that the developers screwed us over and it is impossible to make work in 3D.

    6. Dennis, it seems like you just want to fight, but I'll also give one more try to reach you.

      I know that you took a look at the ShaderHackers school, and it looks like you have misinterpreted how that translates to actual fixes. The school is incomplete, and I focus upon only the simplest things to make it approachable. I specifically never talk about Shadows, because they are damn hard to fix.

      This might have left you with the impression that the only fixes that can be made are disable type fixes. Nothing can be further from the truth.

      If you go to the master GameList, all fixes in one spot, you'll see that we tag every fix that is done only by disabling effects with a little [disabled effects] tag. If you look through the list, the vast majority 85-90% do not have that tag.

      We aren't trying to hide anything here, we don't make any pretense that things are perfect, and we are as frustrated with the state of 3D as anyone. There's no reason to take it out on us.

  7. Nevermind, if i see how many people dislike 3D on steam community and start trolling peoples post on that they were stupid to spend 700+ bucks or more for 3D, i start thinking what the hell am i doing.

  8. Does this still work with the version as of 27/01/2015 ? Also, how do you actually install this. Finally, thanks for all your work, 3D Gods. You've managed to keep 3DV relevant !

  9. To Geo Merkator: No, it crashes the game at startup.

  10. The 3d will turn on with the 64 bit version but shaders are all over the place.
    eqzitara, if you make a fix, that does mean that al shaders are correct and not just turn on 3D.