Friday, August 8, 2014

Max The Curse of Brotherhood

- 4everAwake update the fix, now all shadows and lights are fixed. BIG THANKS!!

The game is really great and can use a big pencil to control ropes, water, wood and terrain. There is some easy puzzle in game combining them.

- All shadows & lights are fixed now
- Placed a low convergence preset on the '1' key
- Placed medium & high convergence presets on the '2' key
- Placed a very high convergence preset on the '3' key

-  Extract the content where .exe is located.




  1. Sweet jesus! Thank you so much for this fix DHR. I just love this game.

    When I started playing it a few weeks ago, I noticed the immense potential for a great 3D Vision experience if fixed, but it quickly crashed upon me that this game is built on the Unity engine. My hope for a fix was shattered. I thank you for this fix, even though as you state it still has a few problems, this blog update really made my day. I'm truly grateful for all the hard work, and time spent on this specific fix as well as every other fix you've provided. My weekend is now booked! :-)

    Have a nice weekend yourself.

    Best regards,
    Tor Erik

  2. yessssssssss, I can't be more happy :D :D I was waiting for this. THanksssssssssssssss you're AWESOME

    1. I can't complain and I really thank you guys for bringing more fun to this game, but are you sure that those shadows can't be fixed without removing them ? :( don't curse me please :D

    2. i suppose can be fixed...we need some value to correct fov ingame and having no headers in shaders (unity games don't have headers) make this more difficult. This game have a lot of zoom in (lower fov) and zoom out (higher fov)....i put a fix value, that work better for higher fov (game have more ingame and scene like that).

    3. Thank you indeed, I'm having lot of fun, just in case you have a game called Violett and you have the time please release a fix for us, Thanks again

  3. Thanks!!
    Glad more people are playing this game in's really a very fun game.

  4. Nice, I tried the demo awhile back it reminded me a little of Heart of Darkness for Playstation.

  5. The shaders are broken in raining level. (Chap 4-2)

    Thanks a lot for this 3D patch.

  6. Great work! Thanks so much.

  7. Suddenly, game stops to enter 3d mode. Uninstalled it, reinstalled game and nvidia drivers, but nothing happens. All my other games works in 3d mode, even those with no support from nvidia, like this game.

  8. Thanks a lot for this patch!!

  9. Just got around to trying this, the toyification is excellent!
    For those running at 720p for 3D TV Play, you can change resolutions here:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PressPlay\Max The Curse of Brotherhood