Friday, November 7, 2014

Lifeless Planet

patch by: 4everAwake

-Halos, HUD, bloom, lensflare, skybox

-Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory that contains the game's EXE file.

Additional Notes:
  • 'Z' key- Has two convergence presets. Use the lower one for cutscenes. 

Special thanks to DarkStarSword & mike_ar69 for their assistance.

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8/8/15- Updated fix for game version 1.5


  1. Wow! You are awesome.Thanks! I've been wanting to play this one in 3D, and even contacted the dev to see if I could help him. He was mildly interested, but not enough to do anything.

    1. NP, I was eager to play this one myself. Good story & soundtrack. The dev likely assumed it was going to be a major undertaking to make this 3D ready (probably didn't realize that 3D Vision Automatic does most of the work).

  2. Cool, I started this one a while back part way. Thanks!! :-) I'm staying up late tonight ! I appreciate these!

    1. I have a little problem - Installing the fix and starting the game it works great, Thank you. The problem is that when I quit the game and go back in, the game plays as if the fix is not working.

      I've duplicated this on 2 different machines, 1 - 3x680 in single screen mode, and 1 2x780ti on single screen, H5360. Sli and non Sli. Both Win7/64/Pro

      I've tried several different working Nvidia drivers, and each time the game works fine on the first try, but when I go back in to the game for the 2nd time, the 3D is broken.

      To make the game work again, I reinstall the video drivers, pretty much any driver. So, something is getting written during the 1st startup of the game, that the game doesn't like on the 2nd startup? Reinstalling the game/fix has no effect, I have to reinstall the driver. And, I imagine, it's not the reinstall of the driver, it's more than likely just overwriting the HP-Deathly Hollows Part 1 profile tweak that happens during the first time it's run?

      I do not run any other programs/fraps/OC/etc.
      Steam "in game" setting is off.
      I did try removing the "Gameoverlayrenderer" dll's from the Steam directory, no effect. The 1st run of the game, it works fine with the dll's in place there.
      Game is run at 1920 X 1080/Fantastic on both machines

      Want me to look for another clue :-) ?

      Anyway, on the H5360, this is great. Thanks!

    2. I double checked, correct, uninstalling and reinstalling the game has no effect.

      When run, the "Z" hotkey still works though.

      I do not have Geforce Experience installed.

      If you want a screenshot, you'll have to shoot me to a link on how to do...I've learned a lot, but never that ;-)

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    4. @djb- The game is supposed to automatically assign itself to a profile, but I guess it stopped working. Try to use Nvidia Inspector and assign Lifeless Planet to the "Harry Potter - Deathly Hollows Part1". You may already know how to do this, so I'll post the exact steps for others. Let me know if this works or not:

      1) Open Nvidia Inspector, click the icon next to the driver version (looks like a wrench).

      2) In the profiles field, scroll to "Harry Potter - Deathly Hollows Part1"

      3) On the top bar, click on the icon "add application to current profile" (6th icon from the left).

      4) Navigate to the directory that contains the Lifeless Planet EXE and double-click that file. You should now see the Lifeless Planet EXE file in the green bar.

      5) Click on the icon "Apply Changes".

      - If you get an error message saying that Lifeless Planet is assigned to another profile

      6) In the profiles field, scroll down to the profile where Lifeless Planet is currently assigned.

      7) On the top bar, click on the icon "remove application from current profile" (7th icon from the left). Then click on the red 'X' directly below it to remove "trialsfmx.exe" from the profile.

      8) When the "Delete Application" dialog box appears, click "Yes".

      9) Click on the icon "Apply Changes".

      10) Repeat steps 2 through 5

    5. Edit- typo: Step 7 shows "trialsfmx.exe". It's supposed to be Lifeless Planet EXE.

  3. @4everAwake

    Worked Perfect! Thank You :-) Yes, I needed to perform steps 6-9.

  4. Just noting that this fix is still working properly as the Premier Edition. Win7, Driver 378.92.

    I did have to assign the game to a profile, and I used the Hub-Player profile to get 3D to engage.