Saturday, November 15, 2014

Might & Magic X - Legacy

fix by: mike_ar69, eqzitara, 4everAwake

-Halos, lights, HUD

Remaining Issue(s):
-Mouse cursor is 2D
-Some flickering white textures in a few areas (Elemental Forge level 4, Minho Marsh)

Additional Notes:

  • 'Z' key- Press this to make the HUD screen depth
  • 'X' key- When in battle, press this to cycle the depth of enemy nameplates & healthbars (3 presets)
  • 'Caps Lock' key- In battle, if you want to access your inventory or map, press this key to realign the screen. When finished, press this key again to restore depth to the enemy nameplates.  
-On occasion, some trees or bushes might look off from a distance. Very briefly turn away (rotate your party) and the problem should be gone.
-Also, mostly the main quest was followed. So there may be shaders in some side quests that were missed.  

 Special thanks to DarkStarSword for the FOV fix.

Fix Updated 11/18/14:  
Fixed an error in one of the shader files causing "white streaks". 


  1. @4everAwake - Great work finishing this off!

  2. Cheers folks, this is great surprise. 4everAwake's fix for Legend of Grimrock 2 was a nice surprise and now this one, cool. These old school games are nice change of pace from the cookie cutter so called "AAA" console games. Nothing beats PC style games.

  3. Man, and I had given up on this getting a fix. Great work! Hmm I am only seing one problem where in certain outdoor areas there is a white flickering texture anomaly, hard to explain. Anyone else seeing this?

    1. I recently updated the patch but I'm not sure if it corrects the problem you're having. Do the texture anomalies look like white circles? There are two places that I know of that have that (Elemental Forge Level 4, and near a waterfall in Minho Marshes). Those are difficult to catch but I'll try to fix them.

  4. Thank you for creating this fix, 4eA. I started playing this game in 2D and I was continually disgusted by the low-poly models and blurry textures, even on maximum graphics settings. But when I fired up the game for the first time in S3D using this fix, the visuals made a big impression on me. Seeing the large, detailed environments with depth perception helped me to appreciate the game's good art design, despite the low-fidelity graphics. Great work!