Saturday, May 30, 2015

DCS World (1.5 + 2.0)


HUD depth can be collimated to infinite
Horizon problem
Sun depth and sun HDR effect depth
Labels can be in 3D and are masked by cockpit frame

Unfortunately increasing HUD depth is also shifting MFD/shkval and other jauges displays because they share the same textures.
To cope with that, I set up two modes
  • "texture filtering" :   "up arrow" key activate this mode. The HUD of A10C, Ka 50, Mig21, HUH1, P51, FW190 are shifted independently of MFD/shkval/radar... other planes are not affected.
  • "depth filtering" : only vertex before or after a specified distance of viewpoint will be shifted.    You can cycle by "up arrow" key between this settings: "shift all", "Su25T setting", "A10A setting", "F15C setting", "Mig29 setting", "Su27/33 setting", "no shift".
    • If you move forward or backward your POV, the distance will change, so the settings may be no more fitted.
    • You can tune the settings for planes by modifying lines in [key 3] section of d3dx.ini.
      • Negative value: texture shifted if distance between camera position and texture is less than absolute value
      • Positive value: texture shifted if distance is greater than value.


Download the last fix version (7.4) here
Download the previous fix version (7.3) here

Install the fix :
Use JSGME (best choice).
Unzip the fix in your JSGME mod dir. and install it with JSGME.
Unzip the fix and copy the contain of  "DCS_stereoscopic_3dMigoto_*.zip" in "DCS World" install dir.

!!! WARNING : The 3Dvision profile "Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark" must be suppress or affected to another exe than DCS.exe (with nvidia inspector for example) in order to have the fix working for sun and horizon !!!

DCS 1.5/2.0 can only be put in 3DVISION mode by setting full screen mode in game (ATLGR + ENTER)

Additional Notes:

I use arrow key by default because there are only few free keys and most of sim users do not control their plane using keyboard...
Mod improvement are set ON by default.

left Arrow Key  :left Arrow Key : Toggle off/on high HUD depth and labels => to use for  A10C, Ka50, Mig21, HUH1, P51, FW190
up Arrow Key  : Toggle high HUD/shkval/MFD  depth using multiple depth filtering settings ("shift all", "Su25T setting", "A10A setting", "F15C setting", "Mig29 setting", "Su27/33 setting", "no shift")
down Arrow Key  : set temporary high HUD/shkval/MFD depth using depth filtering settings until depressed
right Arrow Key  :Shift beetween 2 convergence /separation settings
Mouse 4: low separation/convergence settings

Some settings can be modified in d3dx.ini.
The most important is the HUD shift, it may be updated regarding your sep./conv. settings.
You can modify it in the following line in [constant] section
x1 = 0.4    // modify here the value to add for HUD separation
 Key used to change mode can be modified in [Key*] sections.


  1. Thank you for your fix. You are a class act.

  2. Sorry but this fix doesn't work.
    I placed the files in the x_stereoscopic_HUD_and_labels_helix folder into the DCSWorld folder but there is no 3D starting up.
    Still the same 2D as before i installed the fix.

    1. The game has to be running in 3D, BEFORE you add the fix. The fix itself only corrects broken 3D effects, not make it 3D.

      You need to figure out why the game is not starting in 3D, when the fix is not installed. Might need to be set to full screen, windowed does not work.

  3. Also tried it with JSGME, gone through all the info on how to use JSGME and then unzipped the fix in the +MODS folder and then used the JSGME.exe to install the fix.
    Started the game and again, NO 3D, still 2D as clean install of the game....

    Shame of the time to download the game and tried both options while it's not working

  4. Ok, good to write also that it only works if WINDOWED MODE is enabled........

    Also i want to note that it's weird that the game uses arrow keys to pitch up and down while the convergence is changing with arrow keys... I stopped with the game and i am glad i did not buy it...

    At least the 3D works in windowed mode.....

  5. I just wanted to add the fix is broke a bit. from what I see mainly it is the labels.. I tried looking into it and fix it but the labels are tied in with the UI and main menu screen.. I have made a woraround for myself bit it would be good if we can get the adjustment of the labels to work again as I can't seem to get it to do that??

  6. 2.5 is out and we have some problems. I used this mod for barely 1 year, i love it and it worked very well with all the DCS updates.

    Now with 2.5 shadows seems to have a different convergence setting than all the other geometries, any solution?

    please HELP! I wanna keep my DCS in 3D on this new awesome graphics!