Sunday, July 26, 2015

IL2 Battle Of Stalingrad (updated for 1.201)

You MUST deactivate SSAO in order to play IL2 BOS in Ultra or High mode without severe ghosting or other problems.

With the help of DarkStarSword I fixed shaders instead of disabling them. The game seems to me near perfect in 3Dvision this this fix.


    • Cloud, smoke, fire, cockpit light shadows and flares are now correctly seen when in 3D vision.
    Still to fix
    • german flare gun depth (I can not find the shader!)
    • ghosting when SSAO is On
    Additionnal features:
    • Labels & icons transformed to 3D. Not at the good depth but at least readable while in 3DVISION.
      Unfortunately, this involve putting all GUI in 3D !
    • Sight downscaled to allow them to be used for higher depth/convergence and wide FOV
      Do not use forward point of view for sight (otherwise sight will be too small). Use zoom instead.
    • Two cockpit view separation/convergence settings (the first to lower ghosting the second to allow easier use of sight in wide FOV)
    • Special settings for external views
    • Low separation/convergence setting when mouse4 button is pressed

    Tested with 364.72 nvidia drivers.
    May cause crash with steam BoS version.
    See also  here for more information (thanks to TomcatQW for his work on finding shaders).

    Download the fix here
     (updated: 2016/04/02 : Helix 64b library used for the 1.201 BoS/BoM version)

    Install the fix :
    Use JSGME (best choice)
    Unzip the fix in your JSGME mod dir. and install it with JSGME.
    Unzip the fix and copy the contain of  "Helix_BoS_mixed_JMSGE" in "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad" install dir.

    Additional Notes:
    "y" : change the label/icons/GUI depth. Zero depth for reading GUI and high depth to use icons/labels
    "u" : cycle through sight scale : game setting by default, then setting for german sights, then settings for russian sights, then default and so on
    "F1" : cycle through separation&convergence settings for cockpit view
    Mouse 4: low separation/convergence settings

    You may have to press two time the key to activate the effect.

    Here is a tutorial to create a 3Dvision profile for BoS (this will allow you to save your settings and remove the green info text after the fisrt launch of BoS) 


    1. Just looked at the 3D pics you've posted here- Damn, that looks good! Great job!

    2. Hi. Thanks a lot for your work. I dreamed about playing it in 3D (as I did with FB), but I have a steam version (bought in DVD case) and Il2BOS crashes at launch... Is there some solution to that ? (I can't download a steam-free version -if that exists- from il2sturmovik page. Thanks!

    3. Hi. I have been able to download a steam-free version form il2sturmovik site, and it works. It¡s wonderful! Thanks a lot. I use the F1 stereo preset with maximum separation, but I always used a bigger convergence which feels better for a confined space as a cockpit. The problem is the ironsight which becames not useful. I guess you hardcoded the position of ironsight to be useful for each preset. It is possible to adjust it in DX9settings.ini in order to be coherent with a different convergence setting? Could this option be added? Thanks a lot, then it would be top !

    4. Thanks again for your great work on this sim!

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