Tuesday, September 29, 2015

GTA V (DX11)

Update Oct-17:

The game is already 3D Vision Ready out of the box.  R* fixed all remaining glitches, so you should no longer need this fix.

There is still the underlying 3-core performance problem, you will get maybe 1/3 of the framerate you get in 2D.  See the forum thread for latest info.

Update May-16:
- Update the wrapper and use the "hook" option, this may prevent the "out of Memory" issue using the fix.
- Add SBS and TB support

This game is almost 3D ready out of the box.

When this game was released it suffer from a lot of issues with 3D dropout during gameplay or crashes. Only 350.12 driver works on some systems and lowering a few stuff. So for many, was a no go for playing like that.

Now with the recents patches and a more stable nvidia driver the game is playable without 3D dropout and crashes, or at least don't happens that often.

This fix was worked with bo3b to improve performance using the wrapper and the flickering bushes.

Enjoy, this game is awesome in S3D!!

- Yellow markers
- Sun beams/glare
- Disable golf grid overlay (it's fixed in a patch, but looks better without)
- Using 3Dmigoto wrapper produce some flickering bushes, this is also fixed by tweaking the code of some shaders.

- There may be some bushes remaining, if you found one...take a screenshots of the map and screenshot of the bush.
- This fix was tested on 350.12, 355.82 and 355.98 drivers.
- Using MSAA break yellow markers fix (at least happens to me using single GPU)
- More info here: nvidia forum thread

SBS/TB Support:
- Remove the ";" in the ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the d3dx.ini file in the [Present] section. By default the game will start in TB mode. Press F11 to cycles modes.

- Extract where the .exe is located

Download no longer necessary.

Download (Hook version) no longer necessary.


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  1. omg, this is perfect now ! thank you so much ))

  2. how can i use Reshade with this fix together ?
    When i put dxgi of Reshade and D3d11 together , it crashes ?
    Any solution ? Proxy or renaming ?
    Thx in advance

    1. i tested using the proxy methode in d3dx.ini :

      proxy_d3d11=dxgi.dll (removing ";" )



      Crash !

    2. it's bizarre that it works for The Witcher 3 like they say here : http://helixmod.blogspot.fr/2015/06/the-witcher-3-wild-hunt.html .
      I tried all their solutions for TW3 with no success .
      GTA5 without sweetfx is a bit (too much for my taste) blurry and washed out :(

    3. Here is a small guide how to make other custom d3d9.dll mods work:
      1. Unpack mod somewhere and open this dir.
      2. Rename d3d9.dll to sweetfx_d3d9.dll for example.
      3. Move all mod files from the dir where you've unpacked it to game dir where game.exe located(example C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dishonored\Binaries\Win32).
      4. Open DX9Settings.ini and add a new line "ProxyLib = C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dishonored\Binaries\Win32\sweetfx_d3d9.dll" (without quotes, you should put full path to renamed dll here) after "[General]".
      5. Save DX9Settings.ini file.
      6. For UE3 games copy DX9Settings.ini from directory where game.exe located (C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dishonored\Binaries\Win32) to "Binaries" directory (C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dishonored\Binaries\). You should have 2 same DX9Settings.ini files in the game and in the binary directories.

      If installed custom mod has some broken effects(which vanilla game hasn't) , please contact the author of this mod.

      By Helix not me.

    4. Does Reshade/SweetFX work on your game without 3Dmigoto? I'd start there to be sure it works. They also have a proxy dll chain through, so you could try having it call the 3Dmigoto d3d11.dll.

      This fix primarily fixes the yellow markers, and sun glare, the game is otherwise pretty much perfect. If you can't get them to place nice, you could try playing without 3Dmigoto.

    5. This fix is using 3Dmigoto wrapper (DX11), not helix wrapper (DX9). They works different.
      Those instructions don't work with this fix.

      BTW, i have the same issue trying to use reshade (crash or reshade don't load)

    6. When I click, "Play 3d" from the 3D Fix Manager, I just get a message saying "Please run Grand Theft Auto V using PlayGTAV.exe"
      I got from Rockstar's Social Club, instead of Steam.

    7. That will work fine. I have the R* direct version as well. No need to use the HelixMod fix anymore, they fixed all the 3D glitches in the game. Just run it normally, and set 3D from in-game menu.

  3. Yeah I am unable to post this over on the forum, I'm having an issue that others with the same GPU are also reporting, that of very low utilization with the 980 Ti. I'm seeing a frame-rate of 32 FPS with utilization pegged at 40% and CPU of 20%. When I turn off the 3D emitter GPU utilization goes to 75% or so (this particular scene must be CPU bottlenecked, inside Franklin's home looking out over the city) and CPU utilization from 20 to 30% or so with the frame-rate also more than doubling.

    Any idea why this seems to be a 980 Ti specific issue?


    Conan, Ronrebel, and Zig here are all running GM200 and are all around the same framerate with two out of the three having also noticed the low utilization.

    1. I have a GTX 980 single and on the same place, i go from 85 FPS in 2D to 30 FPS in 3D .
      Bad optimization :/
      Moreover , Reshade taxes 3 FPS more in 3D for the simple use of DPX and Lumasharpen effects while Sweetfx 1.5 , for the same effects, didn't cause no loss . Very difficult in this condition to play GTA 5 even if i found 30 FPS in GTA less stutter than 60 FPS in Far Cry 4 Lol !

    2. I'm not sure if there is anything specific about 980 cards that work slower here. It's fairly clear though that 3D Vision only uses 3 cores of your CPU. So in GTA5, if you run in 2D, you can use all 8 threads and get a good speed bump. But with 3D Vision, that is cut to 3 cores, and hence it's even more of a slowdown than usual.

      We aren't certain, but I think it's pretty clear that GTA5 is CPU limited when in 3D.


    3. is this problem (CPU limited) less troublesome in Witcher 3 ? With a single 980, can i play in 60 fps in 3D ?
      if that is the case, I will abandon GTA for a while and will buy TW3, pending improved 3D Vision drivers.

    4. and a question for DHR : have you got the same crash using Reshade and 3DMigoto fix in Witcher 3 ?

    5. i don't test reshade in TW3 using 3Dmigoto.

    6. CPU bottleneck issue is non-existent in TW3. I've reverted to that as well. Luckily that particular has a lot of play-time in it, I've already committed 60 hours or so to it and I'm only level 11 and have half of the skill-tree developed. I've just only now completed the Witches of Croockback Bog part of the storyline. Then there's the DLC that is coming out and the promise of more performance, at least for the consoles, with it's accompanying 1.9 update. Hopefully said update doesn't break 3D Vision and all of my mods lol.

    7. I also upgraded from 780tis to 980tis and since then I get 30s in 3D with 2-way-sli. I tried RockStar support and its a joke.

    8. I know it's complicated, but I don't understand how activating 3D Vision causes the game to suddenly drop down from 8-12 CPU cores to 3. The issue here isn't a GPU bottleneck from having to render the game twice, 3D Vision causes the game to literally use half your processor, and that I don't understand.

      I truly wish Rockstar was receptive to our pleas to address this issue but I don't think anything is going to happen. I will still play GTA 5, as it's a glorious game even in 2D, and looks fantastic at 90-120 FPS G-Sync, but it's not nearly as visually arresting in 2D.

      I have to go back on my comment about Batman: AK, having given the game a chance, I have to say that it is absolutely stellar, this is the definitive Batman of the series. I'm not sure SLI works though, which is ok for me having only a single 980 Ti, at 1500MHz 90 FPS constant with everything turned up is doable at 2560x1440. I'm looking forward to the patch due out at the end of the month that may restore the currently greyed out Nvidia Gameworks features.

      If you picked up Batman: AK during a promotion with the purchase of one of your 980 Ti's, I highly recommending using the code and activating the game through Steam and giving it a run around. It's really really good.

      This is also one of those games where you might just want to play it in 2D vs 3D, it's so fast paced with so much motion, particularly the rain, that 90 FPS 2D may be preferable to 45 FPS (for single GM200 owners) 3D.

      If a fix comes out I will have to give this one a replay, along with The Witcher 3, when I either pick up a second 980 Ti and can appreciably sustain 60 FPS with all the bells-and-whistles turned up or I step up to single 1080 Ti / whatever-top-tier-Pascal is to be called in late 2016, early 2017. Having had my fill with SLI, I'm leaning towards the latter option, although that is a long time to wait to play TW3 and B:AK in smooth 60 FPS everywhere 3D Vision glory with everything turned up on the ROG Swift.

      Oh, which brings me to another question, are you running the same monitor and if so are you having issues with SLI? I've heard reports of Maxwell SLI issues with the Swift, but have not personally experienced them going from 2x 780 Ti SLI to single 980 Ti, and this is an issue I will need to confirm before considering that second 980 Ti as the only reason I even need a second 980 Ti is solely to run the aforementioned games (along with Skyrim + myriad mods) at 60 FPS with graphical options turned up.

      Thanks in advance.

    9. Yeah, unfortunately the 3D is a bit broken from the performance standpoint at present. The 3-core problem appears to stem from the 3D Vision driver itself, not from the games. We don't normally see it, because most games are built around 2 cores only anyway. We are starting to see a handful of game that are truly multi-threaded and GTA5 is one. At present we don't have any way around it.

      For Batman, the problem there is that it does not support SLI at all. The SLI profile NVidia added was a mistake, and has been removed. For that game, even only in 2D, there is no SLI support.

  4. In a same place , when i have 120 fps in 2d , i have 90 fps (45fps per eye) with 3d activated , but the most strange is that the framerate decreases with time in 3d unlike in 2d , and after playing one hour , it's not 90fps but 60 fps (!) (30fps per eye) that i have ,when it stays solid at 120 fps in 2d .
    So apparently, there is not only a cpu problem i think .
    And it's a pity because ... what a marvelous experience !! ... in 3d with a projector at 1440p (DSR) :))

    1. Yes, there is a memory leak in the game as well. It's still there, but not as serious as it was. Before it would crash the game outright. That seems to be fixed in the latest GTA5 update.

      To minimize the effect of the leak, manually set your pagefile to some giant number, like 30G. That lets the leaked memory be paged out and should keep it from slowing down over time.

  5. Yayks! Great! Thank you very much, DHR! :)

  6. Can you go online without ban with this fix? Anyone tested it?

  7. you just cant go online
    This fix works only for story mode with disabled internet

    After each start game check main files intergity and replace modified dll, what kills fix

    I made rockstar support ticket about 3dvision problem, do it, all of you make it too we shoulf force them to pay attention!!!

  8. Hello !
    is this fix always useful now ? actual drivers are 361.75

  9. Just played the game today, and it's working well in 3D. Had to reset the graphics to defaults to clear a smoke/haze glitch, but otherwise it worked. Performance is very good now as well.

    Fix is still useful, because the mission markers and race markers are otherwise still broken.

    1. thx for info, i was wondering if the fix was still usefull :)

    2. thx for info, i was wondering if the fix was still usefull :)

  10. This is incredible! Thanks to everyone that put this together. Works like a charm! I notice some people said it doesnt work online. I played online all night in 3d, worked fine for me.

    I had to set grass to 'Normal' as said above. I also had to set water quality to 'High' instead of 'very high' as the water reflections were rendered wrong.

    The only grass I found that rendered wrongly was some hedges. Specifically the hedges in Micheals mansion, but I saw a couple of others.

    Also I got the "OUT OF MEMORY" error on boot when starting in 3d, it comes up in 3dvision overlay and breaks your 3d. I noticed some people saying they had this problem and couldnt fix it. I fixed by waiting for the initial 3dvision overlay to appear, you know that one that says your game is rated 'excellent' in 3d etc. As soon as it pops up hit your disable 3d key, default is CTRL-T , to disable 3d. Then when you get in game hit your CTRL-T again to re-anable 3d and your all good to go!

    Cant express my thanks enough. I was using tridef POWER3D (Z-BUFFER) mode to play it in some semblance of 3d but now I can play in 1080p and it looks incredible!

  11. i have a gtx 980 and this mod does not work. ive extracted the file into my gta v folder and i still get no memory 3d crash? Ive tried both hook version and regular.

    1. That's actually a driver bug. Try different drivers, or change the settings around. I haven't found a consistent reason why it throws up the out-of-memory. You can also play without the fix, the only main thing it fixes is the race markers and yellow mission markers.

  12. Has anyone ever had issue where Micheal and Franklins head / hair is like double vision?..... looks like Franklin hair is detached from his head..... not sure what the issue is. I am using GTX1080 on both Win 7 and Win 10, but on my other PC with GTX980Ti SLI never had this issue :(

    1. This happens sometimes even in 2D. The game has a loading glitch that can break these. Try alt-tab, and relaunch the game. If it happens consistently, try changing settings to lower settings temporarily.

      Pretty sure this is a driver bug that GTA5 brings out more often. Might be related to the out-of-memory problem seen with GTA5. For that, close absolutely all other apps and windows as every window takes up GPU memory. The paging mechanism has some sort of bug.

    2. Thanks for the reply, this is SOOO annoying I can't get it to work with GTX1080 drivers in Win 7 or Win 10. Still working fine on my GTX 980Ti SLI setup though. I really hope they update these drivers for Nvidia 10 series cards :(

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. If anyone is still having issues with framerates and say even a 1080 gtx, well a couple of things.

    The easiest hack is to force triple buffering and advaptive vsync in the "Manage 3D Settings" in the NVIDIA control panelm this really smooths out the game even with crap framerates.

    No need to run full power on the GPU in the settings since its not fully utilized by GTA.

    Also set a high priority on the GTA process, you can do this with task manager by alt-tabbing to the GTA executalbe, right click and change the priority to high for instance.

    What I have seen is that if you run borderless you get whopping huuuuuuge framerates, but soon as you go fullscreen 3D, BLAM! you are limping on what most helixmod gurus believe is capped/limited core utilization (has to be a bug), have not profiled this but it certainly seems like a Rockstar issue that will never be fixed!

    What is so curious is that with the GPU just sitting idle and that being about the only thing people upgrade nowadays, Rockstar should have focused on compute power vs cpu core/threads...oh well, that was then and this is now...perhaps we have all moved on.

  15. For me, it's almost perfect but I have a serious issue: IMPOSSIBLE to use the fix AND the Xbox 360 wireless controller at the same time...I tried all kind of setup but it's still impossible...any suggestion ?

    1. This has worked for me for a very long time. We used 360 wireless controller for whole game using the fix.

      "still impossible" doesn't tell me anything. What exactly is happening?

  16. Hello Community :-)
    After upgrading my pc i have desided to replay GTA V. But i ran into some very weird issues. Despite the 3d was on, i have got brocken 3d picture and other weirds stuff. I have tried the game on 4k passive display (optimized for 3d vision) and with normal 3d vision shutter glasses. The issue appears on both (tried different drivers too). Finaly, after almost a day of fighting with settings of driver and the game i found the solution. Somehow the game now can not (at least mostly and on my system) initialize direct 3d mode if the game's refresh rate is set to the highest possible (120 Hz (dont even ask why not 60 :-)) on normal 3d vision monitor and 60 Hz on passive display). The game always change the value to max Hz - 1 in this case (at least that value can be found in the config.xml). So if any other refresh rate besides the highest is set, it will work. (tried at least 10 times in a row). Additionaly it seems to resolve the out of memory issue (or i was very lucky :-))
    Please sorry for the long post! But i think it is important to share this information. Maybe someone of you have similar troubles.
    I use Windows 10x64 (with aniversary update). The driver version is 372.70.

  17. Hi all. After a while of not playing gta v I returned to find that 3D is not available anymore in graphics settings? Anyone know what is happening? Is there a way of activating 3D?

    1. I had to reset all my settings back to defaults, then relaunch the game. I also saw this happen after a recent GTA update. 3D is still there, it's a settings glitch of some form.

      BTW, they fixed the yellow race and mission markers, so our fix is probably no longer necessary.

  18. Hi, today i did a fresh install of GTA5 . I started the game without this fix installed. Nvidia 3d settings enabled, though. Guess what the game was playing in 3d without any helix fix.Further i was not able to enable the 3d setting in GTA5 graphics menue. I am missing something or the thie patch obsolete by now?

    1. I just tried the game after it's latest gigantic update, yesterday. It seems to run fine without our fix. The main things we had fixed earlier were the yellow mission/race markers, and sun flares.

      Both are now fixed by the native game. So, no need for our fix now.

    2. THX for the info , so my post below ist outdated then?

      Peace out!

  19. @DHR pls can you reply to this post.My setup.
    GTX 1080,
    Win 10 anniversary,
    Modorganizer . (dongle)
    Nvidia 3d tv play.
    Passive lcd 3d TV
    1: do i need to have NNvidia 3d enabeld in order to run ur fix?
    2: do i have to enable in my TV the side by side feature?
    3: do i have to switch on the 3d enabled inside the game graphics settings.
    4: what resolution can i run with ur fix?
    Here is what i got with ur fix installed.
    TV settings 3d off
    Nvidia 3d enabled
    resolution ingame 1920X1080 24hz
    nvidia resolution 1920X1080 24hz
    and this is the only setup where i can play the game in 3d .
    If i disable nvidia 3d and enable the tv 3d settings i get a side by side pichture on the screen but not able to see 3d ( its like a split screen) sometimes even four split screens . ( two on top and two on bottom of my tv)
    BTW changing of the F11 key doesnt work either.
    Pls can you post how to setup for the hook fix.
    THX in advance.

  20. still Out of memory issue..I used hook version.

    1. Last I checked, our fix is no longer necessary, because they fixed the remaining glitches. Only need to use our fix if you want the SBS or TB support.

    2. hello Bo3b, you are right. But i'm not sure SBS or TB support can be used now. There was a big GTA5 update (1.5 Gb) today, and the fix is now breaking the game :)
      i uninstalled the Helix fix and now the game is working fine (3DSurround)

  21. This is almost perfect, but is there a solution for playing in First Person? The helixmod for Fallout 4 has is so when you aim down sight, the convergence changes so weapon reticles are on target. Is there any way to get that in GTAV? The Nvidia reticle isn't that great. I'm dying to play this game in first person with 3D vision, but that part is just broken and forces me to turn 3D off.

  22. Just to clarify.. it appears the mods are no longer necessary.
    If you're like me and still get the OUT OF MEMORY red txt error, then try changing the game to windowed mode right when it starts up (alt-enter). Also, I've found that doing this while in game can fix an issue of 3d not activating/displaying correctly. ;-)

    1. i do ctrl+t right away to disable 3d vision then renable after the star and gun shot intro. its seems to have stopped it for me.
      note: my game starts in TB maybe it makes a difference?

  23. I have just tested GTA V again with 2x GTX 1080 on a 1440p monitor. Again Sli works in 2D nearly at full utilization, not so with 3D Vision, funnily cranking up MSAA pushes it up (I also tried scaling mode(x1.75 or x2.00) which also cranks up utilization on SLi when using 3D vision. Sadly all fps are below 60 or even 50, dropping to 30s sometimes. It nearly doesn't matter what resolution one uses, as somehow Sli always underperforms..2 years and still no solution to that really.

  24. Hey everyone, bo3b especially... I had this fresh installed after computer work and it seemed to work mostly, now the shadows are not matching between eyes. A lot of things are not lined up, like things floating. Reducing convergence helps but it isn't a fix. Any idea on how to fix this? I tried to use the fix and now it always updates the game before it launches. Wasn't doing that a few weeks ago.

    BTW I upgraded to the new 8700k because Skyrim in 3d has been the biggest motivator for me and I wanted my 3d Vision framerates up. I can confirm that having a faster clock makes a huge difference older games like GTA V and Skyrim with the 3 core limit. Doom kicks ass already for some reason, I guess OpenGL being more efficient. Not sure if all 3d vision calcs are limited to 3 core but I'd think so.

    1. Actually for this one, remove the fix altogether. Last I checked the fix was no longer necessary, R* fixed all the remaining 3D glitches. Might have to play around to get 3D to engage, but in general it should be 3D Vision Ready.

    2. Bo3b, seems like the shadows not matching is a common issue in games. Skyrim has done that to me also. I will try reinstalling GTA V again, I thought that I did not put use the fix at any point this time around b/c I saw that but I am not 100% since I may have tried to fix a prob with it. I just saw you have your shader school info, that is great. People need to know how to do this stuff as much as possible. I picked my nickname here to get more people aware of 3d gaming as it needs to survive/grow. Well I will see if a clean install helps w/o the fix.

    3. Not here but I meant for youtube to be seen on comments n things. Not exactly big press but it can't hurt.

  25. Greets. I'm having a huge fps drop in 3d mode. Maxed Out, in busy city I fall from 70/80 to 20/30 fps. 20 fps is unplayable. I have a GTX 1070 btw.
    I'm reading something about the 3 core utilization issue, but it's not clear to me if there is a solution or what.
    I have and old i7 (920) btw.
    Thanks in advance

    1. No solution at present. This seems to be a problem with GTA 5 itself, something about how they code it. Could be related to 3D drivers, but we have other games that don't have this problem. Everyone is CPU bound in this game in 3D.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. There's a nasty shadow glitch on the current version. One eye's shadows will be way off, just change the convergence level in the game options, apply, then set it one level uo or down from that and apply again and it will be fixed. I tried setting it to one step below max, then to max, and it looks incredible.

  28. Need help - re-installed GTA V after 3 years, and using Nvidia 3D Vision / Asus VG236 monitor / Asus Strix GTX 970 - the 3D just won't come on - even though I have it switched "on" in the game...do I have to start messing around with Nvidia Profile Inspector?

    1. Just tried this again, Win7, Driver 383 something, and it was working OK. Needed to turn down some settings to High from VeryHigh, as there were some glitches otherwise. Also got the red OutOfMemory driver error, but that can be avoided by disabling 3D Vision with Ctrl-T immediately at launch, then reenable with Ctrl-T once in game.

      I'd try doing a clean DDU driver reinstall as a first step.

    2. Hi, bo3b

      Thanks a ton for the super fast reply - you are one of my Heroes, hosting all those 3D fixes :-)


      I did not do the DDU reinstall, but got 3D working with this route - in case others are having the same issue...

      1) Rebooted my PC - and installed your Helifix (even though it is no longer needed).

      2) Started the game - and although it ALWAYS starts off windowed (so I Alt + Enter to Full-screen it) - 3D kicked in immediately - with a rating of "Excellent".

      3) Played in 3D, and was amazed - although the game seems more "toyified" than some other 3D titles - I am still experimenting with the in-game Convergence / versus / the 3D vision Convergence - not sure if they act independently of each other...

      4) Quit the game - and did Uninstall.bat of the Helifix.

      5) Re-started the game - and once again it started in Window mode (when the police sirens and lights come on the screen) - so immediately did Alt + Enter - and played in 3D again (which looks identical to Helifix - so you did a perfect job on that!).

      FPS was 25 in 3D - and about 58 in non-3D - but I am not too worried about getting 60 FPS in 3D - around 30 FPS is fine for me...

      NO GHOSTING WHATSOEVER - I don't even think 3D Ready Games like Tomb Raider (2013) have ever given Zero Ghosting.

      Hijacked a HUGE Los Santos Transit bus - switched to First Person in the driver's seat - and turned to see my "passengers" cowering in terror all the way back through the bus in Glorious 3D!

      I am going to play the game from the start...because when I first got the game 3 years ago, I had a 1 Gig GTX 460 - versus my current 4 Gig GTX 970.

      Oh...I managed to turn up ALL the details to HIGHEST - and STILL haven't used all of the 4 GIG of GPU Ram - usually I turn off anything to do with "AA"

      - but weirdly turning ON MSAA (and then the other AAs) has given me slightly MORE FPS...I think someone else (either on here - or maybe the Nvidia forums) had found the same weird thing...

      Lastly I am wondering that even though I uninstalled Helifix - I did NOT reboot after doing that...so I wonder if the game is still running 3D due to Helifix...? I will only find out after I next reboot...

      But in any case - it seems Helifix has somehow "knocked" the 3D effects on :-)

      Thanks again!

    3. And of course a HUGE thanks to DHR for your work on the 3D fix - you are amazing! This is the best 3D I've seen in a game - even better than 3D ready titles I own.

  29. АлександрMarch 28, 2018 at 12:28 PM

    what's wrong? game looks totally broken in 3d. A lot of things are in wrong depth and wrong places (even cars!!). I have geforce 1080 and the latest drivers :(

    1. Play with the settings, including doing a full Reset to Default for the game. Our fix is no longer necessary to get good results.

      I just tried this game again last week, and it was working fine. I did have to drop a couple of settings to High from Very High to get good results.

    2. Actually Bo3b the checkpoint markers are broken for me still...with MSAA is on

  30. Is anyone else having the issue of 3D not always auto-switching on when starting the game? It does seem to have improved, but a lot of the time I still have to switch 3D back "on" in the game settings, restart the game for this change to take effect - and then it works.

    It could just be me, but I do vaguely remember when googling that others were having a similar issue.

    1. P.S. Am using an Asus Strix GTX 970 card