Friday, November 6, 2015

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

thanks to 4everAwake for hud

Please change the profile nba2k13 profile

- stadium fixed (nba2k13 profile)
- turf
- cursor, Power Gauge 3d depth

in game match screen settings
-player name plate off

convergence Presets key "5"(3 variants)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

OPTION: Reading the 360 pad's Guide button



  1. Nice surprise, thanks for this

  2. can i change the hud depth? i changed the covergence and the hud shows like duplicated arrows on top of the players.

  3. Hello,

    First, really thanks for your works. I used this site and his solutions a lot of time. Today i have a problem. I don t know how change nvidia profile without nvidia inspector. And now, the version of nvidia inspector that i find have not the option (tools) to change profiles.
    Someone can help me?

    (Sorry for my english)

    1. You can try the Profile Manager tool instead, where you can edit the profiles as a text file.

      NVidia Inspector should be working though. You can also find older versions on guru3D.

    2. Thanks bo3b...
      I downloaded Profile Manager...but i don t know what i must to do with it after...
      Because it just purpose to import or export sli profiles without show where are these folders...
      Sorry for my incompetence...

    3. Easiest to use NVidia Inspector. If you think the latest version does not work, find an older version.

      Use this Guide.

  4. Thanks bo3b. I downloaded Profile Manager as you explain to me. But after...i don t know that i do with it.
    Sorry for my incompetence ... ;-)

  5. hi Sacha,
    How to fix/change 3d vision profiles and list of games on wrong profiles