Monday, February 22, 2016

Distance (DX11)

-3D Migoto fix by DJ-RK-

This is one game that I knew would be an amazing 3D experience, both for the futuristic/neon visuals and also the fast & tight gameplay that goes along with it. Perfect for people who love a good audio + visual experience, and even better if you love electronic music (like myself!).

Lighting / shadows
Most reflections


1. Download: Version 2.0 (UPDATED TO NOW WORK ON UNITY 5.3)
2. Installation: Extract archive to game folder location that contains distance.exe
3. Add distance.exe to the 3D-Hub Video Player Nvidia profile using Nvidia Inspector
4. Run the game. For best results, run at 0.5 convergence (otherwise some lighting may appear broken). I've added a preset on the ] key that will set the convergence to 0.5. Also, another key function I've included on the \ key will remove all HUD elements.

Special Thanks:
Much credit and special thanks to DarkStarSword for his awesome Unity template and autofix tools that were used in the making of this fix. Please consider supporting him on Patreon!

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  1. TYVM! I'll be buying this tonight then!

  2. i'm short of money, too bad! i'll definitively try this one ! thanks DJ-RK !

  3. Please correct shade in the game The Flame in the Flood. 3D in the game is excellent and all the shadows is bad

    1. I don't have, nor have I ever even heard of the game, so unfortunately I can't help.

      Also, it's frowned upon to make requests for fixes for other games on pages on this blog. Please visit the Nvidia forums in the 3DVision section to make requests there.

    2. Oh, just saw the game up on Steam. Pretty interesting, does look like it would be a good 3D experience, but ultimately I don't think that's one I'm likely to pick up anytime soon.

    3. There is a WishList, center of screen in NavBar. Use that. Since we have the WishList now, requests in threads will be ignored.

  4. When I try to add it to 3D-Hub-Player it tells me there is already a profile for Distance.exe. Do I have to remove it before? Standard profile is no good?

  5. Thanks for the mod! When I run this it looks pretty good but still has some painful halo effects that make it difficult to focus on things in the distance. (Yes, I followed all the steps.) Perhaps an update to the game caused this?

    1. Yeah, I can see that it's been updated to run on Unity 5.3, previously on 5.2, and it's known this version brings changes to some of the shaders. I'll try to update this fix at some point this week.

    2. I'm looking forward to it!

    3. Your wish has been granted! I finally got to updating the fix to work on Unity 5.3. Uninstall the old fix, redownload, and enjoy!

    4. Thanks!

  6. Thank You very much. I supported your effort on patreon.

  7. Thank you very much! Works very well, and definitely improves the game experience!

    Only problem is with dynamic directional lights, such as the car's headlights and some other environmental ones such as on the start and end buildings, and flashing broken lights on the track. They don't work properly, and create a popping effect. Though, this seems to be a problem with a lot of games. So I'm just impressed it looks this good as-is.

    But the game iss so much more fun, it's totally worth it! So much easier to judge distances with obstacles, particularly helps when flying!

    Thank you! Definitely gonna play more with this!

    1. Yeah, this really is such an awesome game. I love going back and playing it for a bit here and there. I find 3D absolutely vital for racing games, especially ones with faster speeds.

      I'll have to fire it up to take a look to see what you're referring to, I thought I had improved the lighting fix on the last update, but maybe I'm thinking of another Unity game. I suggest checking back on this periodically (maybe in a week or so) to see if I post an update. It's currently v2.0, so it'll be v2.1 if/when I update it.

  8. Hey!

    Sorry to bother, but im having some trouble getting this to work:
    upon starting the game, the screen just flashes black for a couple of times and jumps back to steam. distance says its running, but i cant control mouse on the desktop unless i ctrl-alt-del to task manager and kill distance from there.

    i downloaded the needed files and pasted them on the folder with the distance.exe. then i used the nvidia inspector (my first time doing so, but i think i did everything properly) and added distance.exe to 3d hub player.

    but like i said, it just crashes/freezes. i disabled that steam overlay thing, cuz i read somewhere that it can cause issues with 3d. then i deleted those fix files from distance folder and the game started working again, which is nice, but the default 3d effect is bad/messy in this game, so its pretty much unplayable in 3d.

    can anyone please help me with this issue? id be most grateful! this game would be perfect fit for 3d, so this bothers me alot :/