Monday, October 17, 2016

Quantum Break (Steam version)

***Note: This fix only works with the Steam DX11 release of this game. It cannot be used for the Microsoft Windows Store DX12 release***

Man, what a game and an amazing 3D experience! Many people have been saying things along the lines of "favourite game ever" and "hugely underrated" (I'd agree more with the latter than the former myself), meanwhile some others complain it's horribly unoptimized or lacking in options (FOV slider and disable motion blur). What I'm sure we can all agree with is that the game is jaw droppingly gorgeous, with a strong narrative, and some unique and fun gameplay aspects. Definitely a must play for 3D enthusiasts (especially those with the hardware to enjoy it's full potential). Enjoy!


  • Lighting (global illumination, volumetric lighting, spotlights) & shadows
  • Time ripple effects
  • Bloom effects / lens flares
  • HUD & 3D crosshair implemented

Not fixed / remaining issues / additional quirks:

  • Screen space reflections not fixed
  • Tile lighting/spotlights clip at far distances or extreme angles
  • Some decals are not correctly placed on surfaces and float over the surface
  • Bloom fix uses a hack to obtain proper depth, so sometimes the effect slightly shifts around or the effect can sometimes break depending on camera position. If you find this to be distracting and would rather disable the bloom effect entirely instead, copy the file located in the ShaderFixes\Disable Bloom folder into the ShaderFixes folder (overwrite the existing file)

Updated on 10-24-2016 to verison 1.2
-Adds compatibility for auto-crosshair to work on all resolutions

Previous updates:
1.1 - Reduces high performance impact of fix on some systems


1. Download fix: Version 1.2
2. Extract fix contents to ..\QuantumBreak\dx11 directory
3. In-game settings:

  • The only mandatory setting is Shadow Filtering must be set to High, otherwise some lighting is not entirely fixed. Other than that you are free to use whatever settings you want for better graphics quality or increased performance
  • Depending on which setting you want to use for volumetric lighting may require a modification in the d3dx.ini file. The default fix is set to work with the High setting, so if you use that then no further action is required, however if you wish to use either Medium or Ultra, then you will need to change the y1 value in the constants section accordingly: Medium should change the y1 value to 0.026 and Ultra should be changed to 0.008. Alternatively, I have set up a key to cycle through the values for all 3 settings on the ] key, so you can use that to set the correct value instead (although you'll need to do this every time you load the game, which is why it's better to modify the value in the d3dx.ini file instead)
  • As mentioned, screen space reflections have not been fixed. Fortunately, most of them aren't badly broken and look ok (usually ground reflections), however some of them are clearly broken (usually on walls or vertical metallic surfaces), so you may want to disable SSR's if that bothers you (and also reclaim some performance)
  • As you may already be aware, the "Upscaling" option actually has the game being rendered at a LOWER resolution than the display resolution you choose, and upscales it to that resolution (ie. renders at 720P when you select 1080P), so naturally that causes the game to look softer and have textures look a little blurry in order to increase performance a bit. Keep this off to have the game render at the proper resolution, however is much more demanding.
4. Optional - Nvidia 3D settings. When I disabled upscaling, in addition to lower performance, I also experienced some significant micro-stuttering. When I set these settings in the Nvidia Control Panel my stuttering disappeared:
  • Anisotropic filtering: 16x (this wasn't for stuttering, I read that this actually improves texture filtering over the game's default)
  • Maximum pre-rendered frames: 1
  • Shader Cache: Off (I suspect this may have caused some texture glitches I was facing)
  • Threaded optimization: On
  • Triple buffering: On
  • Vertical sync: Adaptive
5.  Key presets. The following keys have been set up to do the following:
  • Caps lock: Toggles convergence to 1. This allows you to set a higher convergence for regular gameplay, then press this key to toggle the convergence to 1 for cutscenes and then press it again to go back to your preferred setting for gameplay.
  • \ : Cycles the static HUD objects depth. Default is at screen depth, additional values are pushed into screen 25% and 50%. It's actually recommended to leave at default because it will affect certain 3D HUD icons in the game world as well
  • ] : Cycles through the values needed for aligning the volumetric lighting fix. As previously mentioned, it is better to either use the default setting of High for Volumetric lighting, or if you wish to use a different setting to actually modify the y1 value in the Constants section of the d3dx.ini file as mentioned in step 3 above to match, but if for whatever reason you're unable to then you can use this key to cycle through to the correct fix values for the Medium and Ultra settings.
6. Optional / might not even work, but it's been said that adding -noblur as a launch option removes the motion blur in this game. That didn't work for me, but what did remove a lot of the blur for me was installing this Reshade preset

Tools used / Special thanks:

-3DMigoto version 1.2.43. Thanks to the entire team for this wonderful tool, with special thanks to bo3b with his assistance in tracking down a few crashes and erros
-DarkStarSword's auto-depth 3D crosshair
-Thanks to mrorange55 for sponsoring a copy of the game to the community which enabled me to work on this
-Thanks to DHR for his reporting of high performance impact of HUD fix and providing solution to problem
-All the people at the Geforce 3DVision forums who helped with testing and feedback

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  1. Fix is working fine for me but is there a way to turn crosshair off ? I want to use 3d vision laser sight only. Thanks for the fix.

  2. You're welcome!

    Not sure why you'd want to use the 3DVision sight in lieu of the one in game, since I fixed the in game one to be a 3D crosshair and work the same way (adjusts to the depth of whatever you point it at), and also it only appears when you actually aim to shoot at something, whereas the 3DVision one is always on unless you turn it on/off, but you can try the following to remove it (can't guarantee it'll work or that other HUD items won't disappear):

    In the file 83516430c63b7579-vs_replace.txt (in the shaderfixes folder) try changing the line "o2.x += adjust_from_depth_buffer(o2.x, o2.y);" to be "o2=0;" (without quotes).

  3. Hi DJ-RK, thanks for the help. Well, as I said, the fix is fine but I didn't mentioned the crosshair was broken for me (2d). i was using 720p/3dvision than I change to SBS/1080p and the crosshair worked as it should. I don't know why this solved my problem, maybe you have a hint. Thanks again for the help

    1. Could be that 720P uses some different shaders than 1080P. That's a situation I did not test, so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'll look into that to see about supporting lower resolutions.

  4. Should this fix work with every version of game? I have version, 3DMigoto starts properly (\ and ] shortcuts work fine, enabled shader hunting mode shows osd) but 3D Vision is broken and looks like without fix (

    1. Windows Store version? Games from Windows Store cannot be fixed, Microsoft locks out all modders.

    2. Steam version, DX11. 3DMigoto starts fine.

    3. It works fine with the latest version on Steam (just loaded it up and confirmed it's still working), however someone just reported on the Geforce forums that it didn't work with the newly released Geforce driver 375.90 (and also reported drivers 368.81 and prior didn't work either), so if you're not on driver versions 373.03 or 372.90, try downloading and (clean) installing one of these.

    4. Yes, that was drivers' fault. Thank you!

  5. great job DJ-RK, but crosshair is 2D here... I play in 4k interlieved with upscaling ON for performance.
    Any workaround?

    1. I just updated the fix to version 1.2, which specifically addresses this. Enjoy!

  6. Hello,
    this Mod looks great but my problem is that the game (steam version) crashed every 10-15min.
    i have a gtx 1070 and a i5 2500k. without this fix the game works.
    i tried a older driver (372.90) but it doesn't help.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately myself and a few others experience that same issue, but not everyone. What's more is that people were reporting the issue on the Steam forums, and they were playing in just regular 2D, so pretty sure it's not an issue with the 3D fix. I don't have a solution, but found it seems to affect me worse in earlier chapters 2 & 3 than later ones.

    2. Ok thanks for this Info.
      u are right it's not an issue with this fix. I test it again in 3d without the fix and it 2D it works fine.
      Damn it's Looks so great in 3D :(

    3. It's the worst port I've ever played. Horrible optimization. This game is amazing, but is one of the most poorly optimized games I've ever played.

      Thanks guys.(Especially DJ-RK)
      This 3Dmod is fantastic. These settings are great (instructions [4],[6] Nvidia panel and Reshade preset).

      My rig :
      Driver 376.48hotfix, GTX 1080 SLI, windows 10, monitor Asus PG278q (2560x1440)

      My ingame settings: 3D 60FPS

      resulation : 1920x1080
      Volumetric lighting: Medium
      Screen space reflection: medium
      Geometry level: Medium
      screen space ambient occlusion: ON
      shadow resulastion: High
      texture resulastion: High
      effects quallity: High
      global illumation: High
      anti aliasing: off
      upsclaling: off
      film grain: off

    4. DarkStarSword fixed a problem on SLI systems, where it copies too much data on SLI systems and slows down a game. That is possibly what is happening here. Try running single card, as even a single 1080 ought to be able to drive this game well at 1080p.

      Not supposed to matter at 1080p, but maybe. If that's it, the fix will need to be tweaked using the SLI fix, which shrinks the depth buffer data. Example usage: Witcher3