Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Zombie Army Trilogy

After fixing Sniper Elite V2, I had my sights set on fixing this game too since it uses the same engine and same overall gameplay, although I wasn't quite sure how much I would actually like the game itself. Much to my surprise, I found I actually REALLY liked it, even moreso than Sniper V2. Many of the gameplay elements in V2 seemed way too arcadey for a legit sniper game, but they felt right at home here, not to mention some of the overall gameplay elements (ie. accuracy and stopping power of the weapons) are much tighter and enjoyable here... and what's not to love about shooting zombies through the head (and seeing their brains spray out in 3D slow-mo!!!).

Lighting & shadows
Bloom effects
Adjustable HUD depth & 3D crosshair implemented

Not fixed:
Nothing (that I'm aware of). Game is darn near flawless!


1. Download fix: Version 1.0
2. Extract fix contents to ..\Zombie Army Trilogy\bin folder
3. Set StereoFlagsDX10 setting to 0x00004000 in Nvidia Inspector by following these instructions
4. Required settings: Ambient Occlusion should be on for 3D crosshair to work. All other settings should work.

Tools used for this fix:
-3DMigoto version 1.2.43
-DarkStarSword's auto-depth 3D crosshair and HUD filtering technique

Special Thanks:
oneup03 for donating an extra copy of the game to me to be able to fix this

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  1. One thing I'll mention is that for some reason for me the game was not loading the Nvidia profile that exists for the game, instead it would load and the green text would say it was an unknown application. What I needed to do was to open the profile in Nvidia Inspector, and remove the .exe files that were assigned, and then readd the ZAT.exe file (located in the bin folder), and then the game loaded up and the green text said it was loading the Zombie Army Trilogy profile, which is vital to having Ambient Occlusion work properly.

  2. Thanks, I been waiting 2 years for this.

    1. Glad to make that wait finally over. It should definitely be worth the wait, game looks and plays great in 3D. Enjoy!

  3. Awesome stuff, ZAT is a great game, finished it about four times and still love it.

    Do obscurences fields work? or should that setting be off the game looks weird with that setting on. I could never get the obscurence field setting to work with Tridef3D.

    1. Pretty sure I had that option enabled, so it should be fine although I'm not entirely familiar with what that actually does (never seen it before in any other game), so hard for me to say without knowing exactly what I'm looking for.

  4. THANKS - What a nice surprise :)

  5. You've made me install this again just to play it on 3D, thanks for your work all !!

  6. This game is absolutely mind-blowing in real 3D. Oh my god the slow motion scenes are super awesome in 3D.