Saturday, April 1, 2017

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

Special thanks to 4everAwake without his help this fix wasn't possible !
Also BIG thanks to DarkStarSword for developing his Unity template.

What this mod does: - Fixes haloing, lights, shadows

Remaining issues: - footprints and blood decalls

Download alternative d3dx.ini without footprints and blood decalls

In game Options: - set Graphics to Ultra

  1. Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory that has the game's exe file.
  2. Use Nvidia Inspector to assign the game's EXE to the profile "3D-Hub Player". (For instructions on how to assign profiles, see this guide)
  3. In your Steam library, right click on "Vikings: Wolves of Midgard " and select "Properties"
  4. Click "Set Launch Options"
  5. In the box, type " -window-mode exclusive" and click "Ok"

 I made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
 If you like this mod, please consider supporting DarkStarSword on Patreon         



  1. Helo Blacksmith56. i am trying to run the cracked version of the game. and 3d won't kick in. i can't use steam library to apply the -window-mode exclusive. is there a way to walk around it please?

  2. We don't normally support any cracked games, Devs. is trying to make a living !!

    But you could just ad -window-mode exclusive to your desktop shotcut..

  3. @ BLacksmith, hey to input your code there with the picture when editing the post you have to switch to HTML on the top left of the page when in edit mode.. By default it is in Compose and you can not put that code there as you just get it in text like you see here..

    Hope that helps ;)

  4. Sorry, forgot to make it public, is fixed :)

  5. To Blacksmith56: You should update fix with this shader. It fixes many issues of colored fog from holes and doorways. Testen on GOG version

  6. I'm interested in an update too.
    Thank you Blacksmith56 and neo vad.

  7. Fix is updated !
    Thanks neo vad :)

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