Sunday, May 14, 2017

Alan Wake

Tested with version

- Enable convergence changing in Nvidia Control panel
- Launch game
- Go to Options/Controls/FOV and set directly to 17 bars enabled (3 bars disabled)
- Set separation (via Ctrl+F3 and Ctrl+F4 by default) to enabled 12 bars (20% in value) - it's more than necessary for valuable 3d effect (it's seems to me that nvidia driver has wrong settings of separation levels for this game)
- Set desirable level of convergence via (Ctrl+F5 and Ctrl+F6 by default)

P.S. This version of game doesn't need helix fix - it's tweak guide


  1. Hi what do you mean. Is this 3d Vsion ready out of the box? What about the files listed on this page earlier do not use those?

    1. Yes, it almost 3d Vision ready, but you should set above mentioned settings in game and in Nvidia driver

    2. I've made fix for initial version 1.0 earlier, but if your version is 1.06 (last version that I know) you shouldn't use helix mod

    3. ok, I'll try thanks for the reply.

  2. I'm planning to replay AW, so thanks for the guide neovad.

  3. Thanks for enlighten me neovad !
    Ive tried the old fix a couple of times, and never got it working, so I've never played AW in 3D before :)

  4. Thank you neovad!

    I also tried to make the old fix work but failed xD. Will try it again with your guide