Wednesday, October 4, 2017

BlazBlue Centralfiction

3D Vision fix for BlazBlue Centralfiction. I have put a lot more time and effort than in the fix of the previous games.

With the new patch (2017-10-03), I found that the game broke again the characters eyes (when blinking) shader. I fixed it again.

Today (2017-09-28) a new update has been released that fixed some bugs (like the stages with TVs). This patch broke the main characters shader, so I fixed it again. Download the fix in the installation steps, as always.

(OLDER) UPDATE (v2.0)!!!
With the 2.0 version of the game (that introduced Jubei as a playable character), I needed to fix an HUD shader related to the freeze time ability of Izanami. I currently don't have the Jubei DLC, but I hope it doesn't need a fix. Tell me about it if it does. Download the fix in the installation steps, as always.

Another game update. This time I had to fix Arakune again (it was unaffected by the sprite blurring options before). The newest fix is in the installation steps, as always.

The game has received a new update (v1.05) on 2017-06-21, with new graphics options (like native 2560x1440 and 3840x2160 rendering, as well as sprites filtering options) that broke the fix. I had to fix some HUD elements for higher than 1080p resolutions and also character sprites.

The new download link is in the installation steps. No new screenshots in this post.

As of game update v1.04, the game now uses the D3D9EX API and it also broke the main characters sprite shader. I have updated it in the installation steps (it also includes extra depth steps imported from the updated Chronophantasma Extend fix).

This new version of the game fixed the exclusive fullscreen problem. Use 1920x1080 in fullscreen now.

For game versions v1.03 and below, the fix was this file.
For game version v1.04, the fix was this file.
For game version v1.05, the fix was this file.
For game version v1.06, the fix was this file.
For game version v2.00, the fix was this file.
For game version v2.00 Hotfix 1, it was this file.

- All HUD/movies/interface at the sprites base depth for consistency (it depends on separation and convergence).
- All characters and their effects (reflections, lighting, transparency) at depth, depending on separation and convergence. Also, in this fix sprites can have variable depth that depends on their shader depth value, in 19 manually calculated steps (for camera zoom in and zoom out). The steps switching will be less noticeable if you use the low convergence preset.
- Bloom leaks no more at the sides of the screen (it was a side effect of putting some HUD/Izayoi effects at depth).

Remaining issues
- The Izayoi sword trail effect doesn't have the same depth information as the sprites, so it can only be at the sprites base depth. That means that if you walk near the corners of the screen you will see that it's at a slightly different depth.
- Some effects in the story mode (visual novel parts) add depth to a layer on top of previously added depth for another effect (transitions, some black and white moments, etc). If you find that annoying, use the F3 hotkey to have most of the interface at screen depth, or just play those parts in 2D.
- Somehow, the Network -> D-Code Edit -> Title and Quick MSG texts (also the Duel Field stage text) are invisible when the main HUD shader is used in the fix. You can still edit those texts without problems.
- The Colosseum and Duel Field stages have TVs. They will look mostly correct with the F3 preset, but not with any other convergence. I had to make the choice between fixing that or Hakumen symbols in battle (I chose Hakumen. The other option also broke some HUD elements).

- The most important thing: open the game and in "Options -> Display Options" use 1920x1080 and Full Window. I don't recommend any other resolutions (they are badly done upscales or downscales). At least on Windows 10, exclusive fullscreen forces 60Hz, so no 3D (I also have a black screen problem in fullscreen if 3D is enabled in the drivers). Fixed in game version v1.04.
- Use Nvidia Profile Inspector and add "BBCF.exe" to the "3D-Hub Player" profile (edit: NOT NEEDED SINCE GAME VERSION 1.04). For better sprites and general image quality, set "Antialiasing - Mode" to "Enhance the application setting" and "Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling" to "8x Sparse Grid Supersampling". It's VERY recommended to do that. Do what you want with "Texture filtering - LOD Bias (DX)", depending on your sharpness/blurriness taste.
- Download this file and extract its contents in the root folder of the game ("BlazBlue Centralfiction"), where "BBCF.exe" is. Use 7-zip for that.

- After booting the game, the game window will resize itself to fake fullscreen (if you don't use the now working exclusive fullscreen). Mash the F1 to F3 keys because sometimes the fix doesn't load properly until you do that.

- F1: low convergence.
- F2: medium convergence.
- F3: exact convergence for HUD and sprites (when the camera is neutral) at screen depth.

Some comments
I have a 1440p monitor. If I set the monitor to 1920x1080 to have a big screen size, the borderless fullscreen game looks like it misses some rows and columns of pixels (report this issue in the Steam discussions if it happens to you too). It looks perfect when the monitor is at a higher custom resolution, like 1968x1107 (small black borders surrounding the game if I use aspect ratio scaling in the Nvidia Control Panel). Not needed in the new v1.04 version.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. please . fix 3d vision prey (2017) . thank you very much helix :) the best

    1. Please don't make requests on a different game's thread. It distracts from the current fix. We have a Wishlist for making requests, see the Navbar in the middle. Scroll down, and you can vote for the games you would like to see. BTW, Helix is long, long gone.

  2. Yeah it's pretty disrespectful to the author of this fix, to request other games on a thread for a game they have worked long and hard on. Thanks very much, masterotakusuko

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