Monday, December 4, 2017

Arma 3

3Dmigoto DX11 Fix by The_Nephilim & 4everAwake

What this mod does:
- Fixes shadows, sky & water reflections
- Places bloom, lens flare, HUD & UI at a fixed depth
- Fixes an issue where some textures were missing or white.
- Disables underwater caustics
- Adds four HUD depth settings on the 'Y' key. Press this to cycle through different HUD & UI depths.
- Adds a momentary low convergence preset on the side mouse button 'Mouse 4'. Use this for aiming with iron sights or scope.
- Adds a momentary low convergence preset on the 'K' key (for compass)
- Adds a momentary low convergence preset on the 'O' key (for wrist watch)
- Adds a low convergence toggle preset on the 'Caps Lock' key. (this key is optional)

Known Issues:
- This fix is not compatible with Battleye (Arma 3 anti-cheat software). You will get an error message when Battleye is enabled.
- Since bloom is at a fixed depth, it looks incorrect when up close. 

  1. Using Nvidia Inspector, remove "arma3_x64.exe" from the "Arma 3" profile and assign it to "The Witcher 3" profile
  2. Run the game using "arma3_x64.exe" 
  3. Disable Compatibility Mode (Default keys: Ctrl+Alt+F11)
  4. In the Options -> Video -> Display menu, set your preferred resolution.
  5. Set "Display Mode" to "Fullscreen"
  6. Click on the "AA & PP" tab.
  7. Set "Radial Blur" and "Rotational Blur" to 0.
  8. Set "AO" to any HBAO+ setting.
  9. Set "FSAA" to "8x"
  10. Exit the game.
  11. Download this ZIP file & extract it into the game directory.

 Additional Notes:
- If 3D doesn't kick in at first, try pressing Alt+Enter to enable it.
- HUD / UI depth, crosshair depth, convergence presets & associated keybindings can be changed in the d3dx.ini file.
- Tested this fix with all graphics settings maxed out.
- It's uncertain if there are any SLI-related issues with this fix.

Also, big thanks to everyone who assisted with The_Nephilim's Arma 3 WIP.


  1. great stuff thanks for this, is it correct that its the CIV VI fix that we are downloading that works with this, as that is the link in the post.

    1. Sorry, I messed up the link. It should say Arma 3 now. Thanks for letting me know.

    2. have now tried the fix and it looks absolutely brilliant, great job!!

      have been waiting to play this for years (cant play in 2d), thanks so much

  2. Nice!!!!Looks brilliant.

  3. Awesome guys!
    Again thanks for all the hard work

  4. wow I did not expect this one, does SBS/TaB work with this fix by uncommenting the line in d3dx.ini?

  5. thanks so much for this fix! this is going to get me back into my favorite genre, I had been distracted by other games neglecting my beloved Arma3. now I just have to tweak the ini to work with my xpadder/controller setup when aiming, the fix itself works great...

    1. that was actually easier than I thought to set up for controller, this is amazing. thank you for all the hard work!

  6. I always wanted to see ArmA 3 in stereo 3D, but know I'm very dissapointed. With the flat terrain it makes little difference if stereo 3D is on or off (even with proper convergence). I appreciate the effort thou.

    1. Are you sure you aren't in CM? That's one reason most of us prefer true-3D. Look at the top screenshot that 4everawake provided here. That doesn't show the flat terrain you mention.

    2. Make sure you aren't simply mis-binding the aim down sight convergence hotkey. That would make it appear that you couldn't have both good pop-out, and a non crosseyed scope sight.

  7. Technically everything is fine (I'm using 3D-Vision for over a decade). What I mean is ArmA 3 isn't the most exciting game in stereo 3D. Take a helicopter ride or look into the distance from a hill.

    1. Well, yeah, true in real life too. From parallax anything further out than about 200m is going to be the same. Crank the convergence waaaay up and play it in toy story mode. :->

  8. HUD/UI and weapon are in 3D in single player showcases. Nothing else is in 3D. This is true whether the keyboard short cuts box is checked or not. When in 3D, objects just a few feet away are fuzzy. Y key has no effect. 3D vision does not seem to track convergence control changes.

  9. Referring to my "Anonymous" post of Dec 17, I was using the "Standard" video display option. When I cranked it up to high, I got much better stereo and the large red letter onscreen warning about "non-stereo display mode" is gone. People not used to 3D should not be put off by seeing two weapon images in your peripheral vision while focusing on more distant objects. It is exactly that way in real life. If you doubt that, try it with your finger. Great job folks!!! Where do I donate?