Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Fractured Space 3D Fix..

Hey Guys,

All thank you goto who was involved with making the UE4 Universal fixes.. so donations to them I just added the game and fixed the UI and Mouse..

This is a Space Game either single player vs AI or MP vs NI.. 5 vs 5. You can control capital ships and figh for resources whilst gaining money to buy bigger ships.. It is Free to play but end game is probally pay to win..

As usual the game is located here in the steam folder:

x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Space\spacegame\Binaries\Win64

This is the EXE:

Fractured Space.exe

Not much to say everything should be fixed including the UI/Chat window along with the mouse.. If you need help or see something wrong Please post either here in the blog or on the GeForce forums I will make a thread called " Fractured Space Fix"

here is the Link to  the version uploaded on June 11, 2018:

Fractured Space 3D fix.7z



  1. OK Fractured Space had 2 small updates on the 6th and 7th if June so it broke a thing or two but I had to disable one effect and stereoise the UI again but it should be good for now..
    I really wish they would not have broke that lighting effect not sure how to fix it but it is a really small lighting effect hardly noticable..

  2. I uploaded a new FIX that DHR Fixed for me.. Thank you again DHR ;)