Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Land of Pain - 3D Vision BETA Fix V1.50

***This fix was made of prev. Cryengine games made by DarkStarSwordDHR and DJ-RK that served as tamplates***

Lastest Update: 13.05.2018 - V1.50
- CS light approximate fix (you need convergence between 0.88 and 1.18 (gaming depth rpfiles added, see key config)

Lastest Update: 13.05.2018 - V1.40
- more shadows fixed
- rain fixed
- some reflection ligts fixed
- fixed level 2 light issues

Lastest Update: 06.05.2018 - V1.30

- nearly everything by DJ-RK Regex patterns
- one eye rendering issues

Issues left:
- some lightening flashing sometimes
- dynamic lights only workarround
- some water reflections disabled
- everything I havnt seen in the first time of the game (didnt played through very long...)
- main screen is broken in some cases
- CS lights only approx fix
- lights/reflections in the distance wrong

Download - Fix BETA V1.50

Introduction get it working:
- uninstall old fixes!!!
- get the lastest NVIDIA driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use DisplayDriverUninstaller if you run into any issues like blackscreen or some what!!!
- download and extract the fix archive to "...\The Land of Pain\bin\win_x64\"
- move "user.cfg" to \The Land of Pain\
- use NvidiaProfileInspector to add the "The Land Of Pain.exe" to the "KingdomCome: Deliverance" profile

Ingame Settings:
- please use all at max, did not have checked other settings....

Key Settings:

Cycle HUD-Depth Presets
==> Find your matching HUD depth and set it as z=XXX in ";HUDDEPTH" 

Workarround Depth Presets for Areas with broken lights


- Big thanks to DJ_RK for the ShaderRegex that fixes many issues on demand
- Big thanks to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others involved in creating 3DMigoto; an amazing wrapper that allows us to fix our favourite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
NVIDIA for creating 3D-Vision as a tech!
If you like the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. Great work, but game is completely dark since level 2. The HUD is ok, so problem is in shaders?

    1. Just tested this on the Demo, Win7, Driver 385.69, and I get the same effect. First level is completely spectacular on Very High settings, which also fixes the water reflection.

      Second level is too dark, something about the fix definitely affects the image. When I modify the d3dx.ini to be default 3Dmigoto, the image looks normal, but also with broken effects. I did not narrow down which one causes the problem.

      No guarantee that the Demo works the same as the regular game however.

    2. Please provide a savegame that i can have a look @ this one

    3. I have pirated version of game so save games wont work with your version I guess.. In any case going from level 1 to level 2 takes couple of minutes.

    4. DO NOT SUPPORT PIRATES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      (but i have updated the Version because of the problems, should be much better now!)

      BUY THE GAME DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Besides which, you can get this game, right now, for $1 on Humble CryEngine Bundle. 1.5 days left. Don't be lame.

    6. I confirm that Losti's latest update fixes the super-dark screen in chapter 2. Tested on the full game, Driver 391.35, Win7.

  2. thank you losti but the lights are disasterous