Sunday, December 2, 2018

Hitman 2 (DX11)

A BIG THANKS TO DarkStarSword!!!! for fixing the culling and Light Shafts/Ambient Lights

This fix is a big improvement over the last Hitman fix, now a dynamic crosshair is add, culling in lights, reflections are fixed and Light Shafts/Ambient Lights is also fixed/improved.

Also this fix works with the Hitman 2016 (Legacy) you can revisit all previous stages with a full fix.

Update 03-10:
- Fix update fue game update

- Shadows
- Lights
- Culling in Lights/Reflections by DarkStarSword
- Lights Shafts/Ambient Lights by DarkStarSword
- Screen Space Reflections
- Normal reflections
- Mirror reflections
- Glass reflections
- Water Shine Lights
- Sun/Sun glow
- Sky / Moon / Clouds
- Halos in effects (Fog, smoke, dust, fog, ice, water, many others)
- Dynamic Crosshair

TB and SBS Mode (optional):
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ";include = ShaderFixes\3dvision2sbs.ini" of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle. Also remember to use "HDMI Checkerboard" in the NVCP to remove the 720p limitation.

- "F1" to see presets

Know issue:
- The HDR in this game, sometimes causes some minor will probably don't notice. I tweak the CS HDR to eliminate, but still some really minor issues happens.

- Extract where HITMAN2.exe (\HITMAN2\Retail)
- Start the game, when "Rundll32" prompt appear, press "Yes" (in Win10 this don't appear). This is for the Profile Override needed for this game. In Nvidia overlay you will see "3Dfix by DHR".


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  1. TOTALLY AWESOME, thanks alot DHR and DSS, and the 2016 bonus isn't less awesome :)

  2. Thanks so much. Waiting for battlefield 5 :-) and Still hope for mafia 3 ? ;-)

    1. It's not a very polite behavior, to ask for other fixes here!

    2. right, sorry !

  3. Amazing. Thanks a lot...

  4. I'm getting an instant crash on launch running Windows 10 64. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling. Game launches without fix installed. Could it be because I'm running the demo and not the full game?

    1. When you say demo, I assume you mean the Prologue? I get the same crash at launch. Win10 Driver 417.01. To get past this, set the game to windowed mode to start in the launcher, then after the game is loaded, do alt-enter to switch to exclusive full screen, and 3D will kick, and the fix works.

    2. Hi bo3b,
      For info I had the same problem with 417.35 driver but "set the game to windowed mode to start in the launcher, then after the game is loaded, do alt-enter to switch to exclusive full screen" didn't work me.

      For me I just had to set the game to full screen (non exclusive) in the launcher and it works again !

    3. Oh wow, thank you bo3b! I missed thinking of that, "set the game to windowed" mode to start. It was driving me nuts, but playing in Win7 anyway. Still, drove me nuts... Thanks!