Saturday, February 9, 2019

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn + Heavensward + Stormblood

Full 3DVision Fix

With the upcoming release of Shadowbringers later this year, now seems as good a time as ever to finally get around to uploading this massive fix for this enormous (and wonderful) game to the blog. This is a full 3D fix for the game that covers the entire A Realm Reborn main campaign, as well as the Heavesward and Stormblood DLC's (and hopefully the upcoming ShB DLC too). This is one of my finest, fully featured fixes where I was able to fix even more difficult effects like realtime/screenspace reflections (for the first time in my fixing career), but some of my crowning achievements were with my intricate work with the HUD and UI which is crucial in an MMO. Lots of great content to be enjoyed and the game is a visual masterpiece (so much that I had a hard time selecting only a few screenshots for this post, see more in my album here), so I hope many will get to enjoy this.


-All lighting/shadows, AO, god rays, etc
-All water effects (halos/position, surface reflections, underwater caustics, remove nauseating distortion while swimming)
-All sun/moon/sky shaders
-Screenspace reflections and specular highlights

User Interface:

-Heavy use of texture filtering for meticulously handling various elements to be manipulated separately
-Implemented auto-depth code for placing nameplates and the mouse cursor at correct 3D depth in the game world
-Static HUD elements pushed into adjustable depth
-Scene detection to automatically change HUD depth and convergence to appropriate values when in game or while in menus and cutscenes

Instructions and Keybindings:

1) Download: FFXIV 3D fix v1.0
2) Extract to folder with ffxiv.exe (..\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\game)
3) If the in game convergence is too low/high for your liking, edit the line convergence = 5.0 in d3dx.ini file under the [PresetGameConvergence] section, and similarly for cutscene convergence edit the StereoConvergence = 0.6 line under the [Profile] section
4) The following keys have been setup:

Key(s)                                 Function

\                                           Disables HUD (for nice screenshots)
]                                           Adjusts depth of static HUD elements
Alt + ]                                 Disables auto depth features and puts all HUD elements to static depth
[                                           Adjusts depth of skybox, in case it looks too close/far
Alt + [                                 If nameplates seem to be cutoff and wrapping around, this nudges them slightly over and may look better

Known Issues:

-If there are a lot of nameplates on screen at once (eg. in a major city), some nameplates will not be adjusted and be at screen depth due to shader/buffer overflow
-Some AOE glowing targeting areas edges sometimes look a little off

Tools Used for this Fix:

-3DMigoto v1.2.69 (thanks to Bo3b, DarkStarSword, and Chiri!)
-DarkStarSwords auto-depth custom shader
-Flugan's assembler

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  1. Thank you for your hard work.

    I use 4K line interlacing polarized filter 3DTV and NVIDIA GTX1080.

    I have applied for support to NVIDIA. 3DTVplay requires 4K 60hz support.

    Currently 3DTVplay only supports 1080 resolution 24hz and 720 resolution 60hz.

    I just want NVIDIA to support 4K60hz 3D mode as soon as possible.

  2. There is a huge frame rate drop (about 40 to 50%) when the fix is active compared to the vanilla 3D vision.
    Is this normal?


    1. Could be because of moving all nameplates to depth. Does it help if you disable that Alt-] ? The texture filtering feature in 3Dmigoto can be expensive in terms of performance. If you are using SLI, it's a known problem.