Wednesday, January 29, 2020


By RAGEdemon

Dear Fellow MechWarriors,

There is now a playable fix for this amazing game.

All credit goes to:
DSS, Bo3b, DHR, DJ-RK, Losti.

Download the fix:

1. Unzip into main game directory.
2. Create game shortcut with the following parameters: "-window-mode exclusive" (without the " "); alternatively just run START.cmd
3. If using DSR, you have to set your desktop resolution to the game resolution you want to use before launching the game.
4. You might need to Alt-Enter a couple of times before Stereo is allowed to kick in.

This mod:
My custom settings file for this mod is here, which disables blur, FXAA, scanlines, filmgrain, etc. to give best Image Quality.

If your system can handle it, in NVidia control panel:
+ 4x DSR + 0% Smoothing (See Usage Note #3).
+ 100% sharpening
+ 16x Anisotropic Filtering. (Really, this setting ought to always be set for all games as it gives immense IQ improvement with negligible performance cost)
+ Toyification (Doll-House Effect) - Zoom out fully, setting the convergence so that the crossover is at ~screen depth of the closest object, while setting the separation (depth) infinity at your IPD (100% depth and beyond). If done correctly, it ought to look brilliant in 3D as a table-top toy-figure game; though of course arguably 'unrealistic'.

- Ship cutscehes etc, I personally need to disable Stereo due to my toyification settings. Your mileage may vary depending on your S3D preferences.
- Again, due to toyification, best to disable all zooms from the game gameplay settings, or else the camera will zoom in on action and break 3D with insane convergence.

Happy Hunting!

Update 2-9-20:
Old version:  BATTLETECH+v3.7z


  1. Nice. Good job RAGEdemon. Nice to see you putting out fixes.

  2. I never picked up this game for lack of 3D. Now, I am excited to pick up the game and play it in 3D. Thanks so much for this guys, I will try it soon!

    1. I got to try this out. The world looks great but I am having a hard time with the battle lines and on screen text for units seeming a little off. The unit text looks great zoomed in all the way but zoomed out the convergence seems off and a little straining on my eyes. I could have done something wrong but I am getting the message 3d vision ready with the fix notes when starting the game.

    2. Best bet would be to use the forum post to ask about this.

  3. Nice! This game has just bumped to the top of my Steam queue ;)

  4. Gentlemen, the fix has had some tweaks but unfortunately I do not have the ability to update this page.

    Please see the MTBS forum post for the updated files: