Friday, March 6, 2020


3D Vision fix for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This fix has additions and improvements over the original one:
As such, many sections of this post contain what the other one says.

- Shadows and ambient occlusion fixed by DarkstarSword.
- Halos caused by fog and other effects fixed.
- Sun fixed.
- Convergence presets for gameplay and cutscnes.
- Shadows and character's ambient occlusion fixed.
- Toggle depth of HUD.
- Fixed more haloing and fog effects, including an important one for cutscenes.
- Realistic specular reflections (you can toggle this off with the "4" key).
- Depth of field toggle ("5" key).

Known issues
- Some effects can look wrong because of a stereoized render target shared by the main game, which ideally should be 2D for these effects if it were possible. Meaning they can have a "double image" inside, similar to haloing. You can disable them with the "6" key, but in my opinion it isn't worth it because it disables too many things.
- Sporadic HUD elements are still 2D as fixing them would cause other issues.

- Download this file and extract it in the "LIGHTNING RETURNS FINAL FANTASY XIII" folder, where "LRFF13.exe" is.
- If 3D Vision doesn't activate for the game as it doesn't use real fullscreen mode: add "LRFF13.exe" to the "3D-Hub Player" profile using Nvidia inspector.
- Another option is adding the game exe to the "Prototype" profile but also changing "StereoTextureEnable" to "0x00000023" and "StereoUseMatrix" to "Only adjust vertex position".
- Run the game in fullscreen mode or otherwise the fix will not work. Real time resolution changes made by you may require a convergence change to reaply the fix for the effects.

Hotkey associations can be changed by editing DX9Settings.ini and the key codes from
- '4': realistic specular reflections toggle. Enabled by default. I recommend not changing this, because it makes the game look better.
- '5': depth of field toggle. Not disabled by default.
- '7'/'6': enables/disables a PS-VS-pair that is connected to 2D fullscreen effects for chaos and dirt screen and to some distortion effects (e.g. on the computer console in the Arc). Is is enabled by default as not every effect connected to this shaders is broken. Disable it only when You see an issue and reenable it afterwards. The PS-VS-pair must be disabled in the temple of Etro when Lightning gets a chaos wound that will just look like a hole without this fix.
- '8': toggle HUD depth (2D/pushed to character's depth).
- '9': convergence preset for cutscenes.
- '0': convergence preset for gameplay.

You can change the convergence and depth preset by pressing the hotkey of the fix and then the hotkey for saving Your 3D settings (Ctrl+F7).

Additional Notes
I have pushed the HUD to the charater's depth so that interaction elements and speech bubbles feel more comfortable. Unfortunately they are not at the same depth as the objects they mark.
If You want to change the HUD depth edit the value 0.5 in
def c200, 0, 1, 0.0625, 0.5// 0.0625 prime directive reference value
for,,,,,, 85545F12.txt in the folder ShaderOverride\VertexShaders\