Sunday, April 12, 2020

Final Fantasy XV

3D Vision fix for Final Fantasy XV. Made by DJ-RK and masterotaku equally. I have tested the game mostly with the "Assets" option enabled.

Small update (2020-04-18): fixed the blizzaga spell.

- Skybox.
- Light shafts.
- Shadows.
- Lighting.
- Decals.
- Ambient occlusion and VXAO.
- Nvidia ShadowLibs.
- Screen space reflections.
- Some effects related to water that needed stereoization or the opposite.
- Volumetric lighting and fog, mostly. It sticks to surfaces behind it.
- Smoke/fire/particles that were appearing only on one eye.
- Stereoized specular reflections.
- Distortion effect when hitting enemies, when explosions happen, etc.
- The bonfire when the high quality "Assets" aren't enabled in the options.
- Lighting clipping, partially.

Not fixed settings
- Motion blur.
- TAA.
- DLSS: it doesn't work in 3D.

Known issues
- Volumetric lighting/fog is imperfect. It sticks to geometry that is behind it, so it won't look wrong, but it also won't be floating in mid air like it's supposed to do.
- Lighting clipping in a specific compute shader isn't fixed the proper way (it happens mostly on the left eye), but the "shift+F5" hotkey can be used to fix it with a brute force solution that will increase GPU usage by a variable amount. It can be anywhere from 5% to 50% depending on the situation. Consider using this if you have a lot of GPU performance to spare.
- There is something minor about water (unrelated to the screen space reflections) that isn't handled correctly when you use Nvidia Ansel to tilt the camera. And this effect doesn't always appear.
- Ambient occlusion (not the VXAO one) have some temporal frame blending effect that doesn't look right in 3D when you move around.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the "FINAL FANTASY XV" folder, where "ffxv_s.exe" is.
- Launch the game and let it overwrite the profile when it asks for permissions.

Recommendations for better fps in CPU limited situations
This game is very CPU demanding. You will get around 1/3 of the fps you get in 2D in CPU limited situations. If you play at maximum settings (except for TurfEffects), you can expect being under 30fps the majority of the time with current CPUs. If you follow these recommendations (from highest to lowest importance, in this order, with VXAO and LOD being similarly demanding), you can get noticeably better fps:

- Nvidia TurfEffects: don't use it. Way too demanding for the CPU, an order of magnitude more demanding than anything else combined. I'm talking about 10fps with an i7 7700K at 4.9GHz. It's also desynchronized between the eyes when you step on grass.
- VXAO: it's the best looking ambient occlusion option in the game (don't use it at the same time as the other options), but it also increases CPU usage as well as GPU usage.
- Model LOD: don't set it to the highest option. I recommend the medium option, which has little difference in fps compared to low, but it looks considerably better.
- Lighting: in some situations, the highest setting hits the CPU a bit, compared to the high setting.

- Shift+F1: this toggles the OSD that shows the available hotkeys.
- F2: convergence presets (0, 0.333333, 0.666667, 1, 1.5, 2). 2 by default. Use shift+F2 to cycle backwards.
F3: HUD depth presets. 75% depth by default. The crosshair in the Prompto DLC is always at 90% depth. Use shift+F3 to cycle backwards.
Shift+F4: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.
Shift+F5 or XB_LEFT_THUMB+XB_RIGHT_THUMB: lighting clipping toggle, for a brute force fix. Not fixed by default. Explained in the known issues section.
Shift+F5: depth of field toggle. Not disabled by default.
F10: this saves your hotkeys state, so you don't have to press them in future sessions.
- Ctrl+alt+F10: this resets your hotkeys state file, discarding your custom settings.

If you have been using an older version of the fix, uninstall it completely. Don't just overwrite the files.

Donations links
- DJ-RK: like my work and wish to show appreciation? Dontations can be sent by visiting: or by sending to
- masterotaku: if you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. If i knew you were working on this, i would have waited to play the game. Now i'm through with it :-) Thank you anyway for your great work!

  2. Does it work also with the Windows Edition ?

    1. Do you mean the Windows Store? Unlikely to work well there, Microsoft Store has weird restrictions and cause some driver level workarounds to not function properly. Maybe DJ-RK has tested that version though.

    2. The version on Steam is literally called "Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition" so I was referring to that, but you are correct that it exists on the MS Store (and is rumored to not be plagued by the same stuttering issue that exists in the Steam version since update 1.26), which I'm not certain if that can be modified.

  3. The download link seems to be broken. It is not a browser or firewall issue on my end. Strangely the game/mod does not show up in 3d fix manager either. I was waiting optimistically for someone to mod this for 3d before buying.

    1. Works fine here. Location: California, US.

      It would help if you tell us what the error actually says.

    2. Yeah that was my fault, sorry. It was a "the page cannot be displayed thing". I had turned off my antivirus and firewall to test it on a couple of devices but didn't realize that my newest access point had activated a free trial of a firewall which blocks things without alerting me that it has done so. Every other security software I've used gives a warning or some kind so I thought the site must be down. Apparently the whole MasterOtaku website was flagged.

      Anyway FF15 and Resident Evil 3 both don't show up in 3d fix manager yet. It's hardly a hassle to add them manually but they should be listed to help people discover this excellent work.

  4. I'd suggest that you wait on playing RE3 for a day or so. I made some additions to masterotaku's already great work, most notably I got DarkStarSword's autoconvergence shader hooked up, which makes cutscenes really pop! masterotaku already has my update, and will probably upload it later today or at his earliest convenience.

    1. I would but, y'know, social distancing and all. :P

  5. Question about a recurring graphical artifact. I'm running a water and fan cooled 1080Ti and overclocked i7-8700K 3.7Ghz on a 4k LG OLED 65E6V TV. Updated windows 10. Updated Graphics card drivers but with 3d vision maintained through 3d fix manager wizardry. For passive 3d I have to display 4K. FF15's in game render resolution only allows you to go down to 50% of displayed resolution (2K). Enabling 3DMigato upscaling from within 3d fix manager prevents the game from launching successfully. I have read that 3DMigato upscaling doesn't always play nice with games that have their own upscaling setting. Looked into DSR but seemingly same issue. So I am stuck rendering 2K currently.
    Other than the recommendations about LOD and NVIDEA features in the main post, no other graphics settings significantly effect fps and fps is generally in the 30s range. It is playable to me, but what is annoying is artifacts around some reflective or light emitting objects in game, such as billboards. Rectangles within the field of view that are out of sync with/less bright that the rest of the image, flitting in and out of existence when the camera moves. Has a matrix vibe. I thought it might be from tearing due to the camera movement so I tried locking fps at 30 in the settings and playing with VSYNC settings but no go. Fullscreen vs boarder-less does not help. My GPU is being pushed to nearly 100% and if I turn up other graphics settings such as LOD or turn on VXAO, in addition to the frame rate trending a bit lower, the artifacts occur on many more in game bright moving objects especially hair and clothes. So it seems like the core problem is that the 1080ti is being pushed too hard and my experience with other games makes me think that rendering in 1080 HD would solve the problem. Control with max stats rendered in 1080 HD played in 4K 3D got pretty steady fps in the high 40s to low 50s with no artifacts with this setup. Some extra info: The connection between video card and TV is a good quality HDMI 2.0 of minimal length. I output sound through a separate cable and port on the video card to free up bandwidth on the main HDMI which actually improves my fps noticeably in Control (maybe partly because it's surround sound). CPU usage is not near being maxed out. Turning off HDR increase frame rate to 50s and gets rid of the previous artifacts but makes all shiny objects flicker. Turning hyperthreading from auto to enabled in BIOS frees up some more GPU and makes the light effects gorgeous but heavily taxes the CUP and results in everything the tiniest bit shiny flickering/twinkling. Prompto's hair is the worst culprit and flickers like glitter in a disco in this scenario. The CPU also sounds like it is trying to escape the case in this scenario and retaliates against the abuse by somehow irreversibly disabling HDR in windows whenever hyperthreading is enabled but that's it's own problem. Any ideas on how to lower the render resolution in ff15 beyond the limitations of the in game setting? Hopefully there is a simple solution that I am ignorant of as I am still learning a lot about setting up 3d 4K gaming.
    And I know that the real solution is to buy a 2080Ti and enable DLSS for a physics defying fps boost in ff15 but I don't have the funds just yet. Heh. Any short term suggestions?