Friday, May 8, 2020


Risen 3D fix made by mx-2

(Posted to the blog by Pauldusler)

What is fixed:
  • Halos in almost everything
  • Skybox and stars
  • HUD moved to depth
  • Shadows


Download and extract this file into the root directory of the game. Just let 3D Fix Manager do the installation as for Steam version the "DX9Settings.ini" has to be in root directory of the game while for non-Steam the file has to be in "bin" folder.

This fix has two presets for the HUD settings which can be selected with the numpad 9 and 3 keys. Preset 1 is the default after start. Preset 2 moves the HUD to higher depth and stretches it in X direction for better readability. The depths and amount of stretching can be configured with the Const1 and Const2 values in DX9Settings.ini.

Known issues:
  • Loading screens have red bars on the left and right side.
  • Torch shadows are disabled - this should not be too bad as only the players torch casts shadows at all.

  • v1.2: Disabled torch shadow due to problems at high convergence, updated screenshots
  • v1.1: Shadows are now working with any convergence
  • v1.0: initial release


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