Monday, June 15, 2020

Those Who Remain V.2.00

Those Who Remain V.2.00 -- Fixed using UNITY-AutoFix
— by DSS and Losti —

  • This Game is fixed using AutoFixed Shaders created by DarkStarSwords UNITY Autofix Script
  • AutoDepthCrosshair and HUD-Fix by Losti
    • AutoConvergence by Losti (Auto Convergence Scripts from DarkStarSword), but its not working properly because there are no shadow shaders, so its disabled, ENABLE it by remove the ";" from this line in the d3dx.ini ifyou want to give it a try:
      ;include = ShaderFixes\auto_convergence.ini
  • Refixed Dynamic-Lights by Losti
  • Changed main Light-Sahder to fix reflections by Losti
  • Tested by Losti
  • NOTE: Vol Fog/Lights are some times a bit too high in depth/incorrect, but it's likely playable, i can't fix this in a quick way, SORRY!!
  • PLASE: IGNORE THE WARNINGS (BEEP sound and orange letters in game at game start), it's related to the disabled AutoConvergence but I have left anything enabled except the ini include to give you some kind of AutoConvergence to try!

Download and Instructions:
  • Those Who Remain 3D-Fix - V.2.00
  • extract this to main game folder
  • set game in options to full screen!
  • if 3D will not cick in, press ALT+ENTER and ALT+ENTER again
  • NUMPAD / will cycle HUD-DEPTH
  • NUMPAD * for LOW/HIGH convergence

Problems or Issues?:
  • send me an EMAIL! With Screenshot/s and Save game/s!

Optional donations

Donations for to show appreciation and provide funding towards future game fixes

DarkStarSword:     via PayPal: or support @
Losti:                        via PayPal: or by sending to


  1. Awesome work thanks.

  2. some fog is broken after the intro, I send you a savegame,

  3. Thank you for reportingthis! I have fixed it in the UPDATE just released @ the blog above!