Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Installation & Known Issues

Automatic Installation:
Use the new 3D Fix Manager found HERE
For easy changes to 3D Vision settings, use the 3D Vision Configuration tool HERE

Manual Installation 
-Please keep in mind that only system's running NVIDIA 3D Vision/TV Play are compatible.
-All fixes require you follow instructions on their respective patch page. Please read the directions in full and attempt installation prior to reading these directions below.
-If instructions do not state where to install. Extract the .zip contents into the folder where your .exe is located.
-Numerous games now support Compatibility Mode (CM). You can see what mode you are in by using Ctrl-Alt-Ins to see the green text. Make sure to check the Enable advanced in-game settings, then disable CM in game with Ctrl-Alt-F11.

Steam: New issue
A recent update to Steam is causing crashing issues. Disabling the overlay in settings is now ignored. 
If you crash and are playing the game on Steam read the thread HERE
(Might be fixed as of 2-4-17)

[DX9]If you wish to add another D3D9.DLL such as Sweetfx, ENB, InjectSMAA in conjunction with Helixmod patch please read the instructions HERE
[DX11]Just drag and drop. No special instructions required.

Known Issues
-If you crash at game start up please disable all overlays.
Crashing is due to a conflict with certain overlay's with certain games.
Go through the following list till you find which game causes the "conflict."

Go into (Steam) settings->in-game-> disable steam community in game.
Often this no longer works because the setting is now ignored. Details: HERE
Certain games WILL NOT work UNLESS you follow these instructions
Log into Origin client
settings->in game-> Uncheck the box that says enable Origin in Game.
This setting will need to be unchecked everytime their is an update on origin.
Just go into Uplay/Settings and unbox "Activate overlay".
MSI Afterburner
This will cause some games to crash at opening of game. If you have it enabled please disable it.
This will cause some games to crash at opening of game. If you have it enabled please disable it.
EVGA Precision
IF you set the on-screen server to "Enable compatibility with modified Direct3D runtime libraries." it will PROBABLY work
Any FPS/Computer Monitoring software
Such as fraps or any software that monitors your hardware usage/heat.

Win10 App Store
HelixMod and 3Dmigoto are disabled by games in the App store, and there is no way to make them writable. Even if it's a known game, it won't work because Microsoft locks out all mods.

Still Not Working?
Please leave a comment on the game's respective comment page.
If you obtain any direct contact information of any user here please do not use it. Contact via comment system.

Updated: 2-4-17