Friday, November 21, 2014

World of Diving

More 3D Screenshots

Download the fix: 3Dfix-World+of+Diving+(DX9)

DX11 Version (not up to date): 3Dfix-World of


  • halos on all surfaces
  • Unity Lights & Shadows
  • Water refraction, halos, etc
  • Flashlight clipping
  • Unity reflections (specular highlights, environmental reflections, etc)
  • Depth of glow around lights / air tanks


  1. Unpack the zip file to ...\Steam\SteamApps\World of Diving

  2. Add -force-d3d9 to the launch options in Steam (right click on the game -> properties -> set launch options)

  3. Press ] after starting a new game to load the recommended convergence.

Convergence Presets

  • [: Sets a low convergence (0.03) that keeps everything behind the mask
  • ]: Sets a higher convergence (0.1) for a better 3D effect. Sometimes things are slightly in front of the mask, but it's worth it for the better 3D.


  • This is an early access game with new content being developed all the time. Please check back for updates to the fix for any issues in future content.

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  1. Thank You! After the disappointment with Depth Hunter 2 (crashing with 3D vision) I'm very glad that I can play a new diving game in S3D :)

  2. I just pushed a small update that fixes some issues with the scuba-scooter, especially in multiplayer.

  3. I just updated the fix to improve the reliability of the shadow fix while underwater, which should fix a few areas in the Diving Base where shadows could get misaligned while using the camera. Basically I now use two different methods to get the FOV and automatically select whichever is available at the time.
    I've also whitelisted the UI depth adjustment on some HUD markers so they remain at depth while using the diving computer.

  4. The game has just undergone a major engine upgrade to Unity 5 and DirectX11, so the old fix will no longer work.

    I've therefore released a brand new version of the fix using 3Dmigoto to work with it :)

    This has only been tested on their Unity 5 beta so far (I'm still downloading the final release), so please let me know if you spot any issues.

  5. Just updated the fix again:
    - Fixed swimming pool surface broken by update
    - Fixed porthole glass in Hilma level
    - Fixed halos on more dust
    - Fixed specular highlights*
    - Fixed another lighting shader used inside the submarine in the Bismark level

    * The specular highlights will need a new feature in 3Dmigoto to fix properly for all situations, but for now press ~ to switch between two correction factors for the regular game and the camera. They will not be quite right while using the scuba-scooter, but fortunately it's a pretty minor effect.

  6. Updated again to fix a new set of lighting shaders + halos introduced in the last update.

  7. A small (but significant) update - switched to the 64bit wrapper to match the latest update of the game and fixed a handful of shaders that had been broken.

  8. I've just switched the fix back to DX9 since DX11 doesn't seem to bring anything to this game as yet and it's easier for me to keep the DX9 version up to date using my scripts at the moment - be sure to modify the launch options to start in DX9 mode. This update also brings the Unity reflection fix to this game.