Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dragon Age:Origins UPDATED

Update: Redid features

Issues remaining:
2d mouse cursor(cant fix)
If you have character icons that appear wrong, alt tab.
HUD Depth:
Press F3 to Cycle Hud Depth Options
Depth of Field
Press F4 to Turn ON/OFF
Cinematic/Gameplay Depth/Convergence Preset
Toggle with middle mouse button. Cinematic mode will force HUD 2D for convience

Been meaning to update this post. Dragon Age origins is probably the best "true" rpg in the last ten years imo.

Install to...Dragon Age\bin_ship

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Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. Wow - might have another go at this later when my game pipeline is slow. It's too bad the sequel wasn't as good as the original IMHO.

    On a side note, is anyone playing Guild Wars 2? They did a good job with the 3D in the game but there are still a few places where the shadows don't render correctly. I noticed the inside of the inn for the human's start area is like this. I like how the mouse cursor switches from 3D to 2D when you scroll over the HUD but I wish the HUD elements could be pushed further into the screen as that switching is annoying at times and there would be less eyestrain if the HUD could be pushed into the screen.

    I know there is risk in making a fix for an online game but I am willing to buy a test account that I will share the password on if one of you 3D fix pros want to take a look at it.

    1. tbh, last time i looked at an mmo it didn't work out cause it was different shaders for every user. So for swtor. I had to do it manually for each user.
      Alot of times a game is not compatible. Sorry but I really don't think its a good idea.

    2. I cant do anything about the shadows.
      IF you really want the hud done. http://helixmod.blogspot.com/2012/04/how-to-guide-remove-effects-from-game.html

      Ignore part about removing. Give me the shaders for the hud.

  2. Hey, I just tried this and it didn't work, are you sure you rared the correct thing? there's like a folder within a folder and some more in there.

    1. Files are okay. I will look at it later today though. It might be one of those games that different patches versions will make it not work. Ill check it out though.

    2. 1.00 works fine, i will check 1.04 later today.

    3. 1.05 works as well. The wierd folders is cause I used the same structure for DA2. But I just reinstalled it and tried both versions.

  3. Thanks for testing. The shader folder seems to be working by the way, just that the "." and "," aswell as "o" and "p" does nothing for me. I had to put another dll with the "9" and "0" presets.

    I wanted to ask, does changing the d3d9.dll to another one like I did still make all the tweaks in your mod functional?


    1. this one, yes. Others, depeneds(i dont recommend it)
      Not sure why you had to switch d3d9.dll's though. generally they should work with whichever one is included.
      . + , dont do anything you just save custom settings there.

    2. This fix is small.
      If text/hud is in 3d.
      And depth of field/blurring is removed. Thats all it does.

    3. Great, thanks a lot for this fix and taking your time to reply to a noob's questions, very much appreciated mate. :)

  4. Thank You again eqzitara!!!

    BTW this game is on sale the Ultimate Edition with ALL DLC for $7.49 USD on Steam right now with no Origin Required. Great deal and looking forward to it.

    1. BTW sweetfx seems to crash it in using the proxylib command however here is a link with the proper Nvidia AA bits!!


    2. MSAA all the way for dragon age. It might need to be in two locations for sweetfx, (your dx9settings.ini) I havent tested.

      Dragon age is awesome in 3D, so many people are afraid cause of 2D mouse

    3. My flub.

      Sweetfx 1.4 working fine with this release and proxylib command.

      Also 8x sgssaa. Looks great.

    4. Hey eq, if you didnt play through with any of these mods/enhancements check out this post. If your a big fan might be worth another playthrough. Doesnt even look like the same game and nice toyification effect.


    5. Thanks but its like the one game I know all the good mods.

      There is a mod for skipping the fade, its kind of a real annoying part of game that's like maybe an hour. I didnt link it but its up to you. Probably should do for first time.

    6. Forget to mention the game's dlc is wierd.

      There are some included in campaign that you can do whenever but the rest including expansion are accessed through main menu in campaigns I think. Dont worry won't spoil anything.

      No matter what you do. Do Witch Hunt AFTER you beat game/expansion/dlc. Its like the second ending of game.

      Leliana's song makes more sense after you do her story quest but you can do it and all the others after you beat campaign and before expansion.

      Darkspawn chronicles, don't waste your time. Its garbage.

  5. Awesome 3d effects, but how do you toggle them on and off? The function keys seem to have no effect for me, in game, in menus or otherwise. 3D is fun but i'd like to choose to play with it on or off seen as my eyes can get sore from playing in 3D a lot.

    1. Toggle 3d on/off?
      Should be able to do that with 3d vision. Ctrl T is default

      If you mean in game hud make 2D click F2

    2. in the game F1-F4 picks different characters to focus on. So where do I have to be in order for the F# shortcut keys to work?

    3. aha, Ctrl T worked, thanks eqzitara

    4. Can change the key in nvidia control panel->set up stereoscopic 3d-> keyboard shortcuts

      If you click advanced you can tweak convergence [Pop-out] This may be the issue you are having with eye tiredeness.

    5. 3d is generally something that people get used to over time. Some don't I recommend reducing your settings till you find a setting you can play comfortably on for a gaming session then increasing it gradually.

  6. Hello eqzitara! :D i am great fan of your work.
    I am testing your mod on this wonderfull title, but the names on characters and the character's icons render on one eye. I am alt tabing twice but nothing changes :( all other buttons work!.. Can you check it?

  7. Hey Eq,
    Another great override awesome work!
    I know i'm a pain in the @$$ but your DA2 fix seems to look better than this one, at least when it comes to the skyfield, it is kinda like Oblivion where the depth seems closer than it should, like the sky is about as far away as a 6 story building! :p
    Is that normal with your override?

    3D Vision website gallery link with Origins screenshots after installing your awesome fix!