Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quantum Conundrum Updated

[Video was recorded before Depth of field removal]

Update: Went through and fixed most of remaining issues/added hud depth options. If interested in game I wrote a short review on my blog and discuss optimizations @

Crosshair (I made it so it doesn't show when not looking at a clickable object. Pretty neat)
Shadows(They are minimal in game since no characters. But it does cause some rooms to be brighter then intended)
Depth of Field
Issues Remaining:
If you turn 3D Vision off or start game with it off hud will disappear. Turn on and it will show again.

Press F2: Default Hud depth
Press F3: Increase Hud depth[My preferred]
Press F4: Increase Hud depth further

Start game without patch installed. Find your optimal settings. Then Save and exit.
Go to...   Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\TryGame\Config\Tryengine.ini
change from
INSTALL TO...\Steam\steamapps\common\Quantum Conundrum\Binaries\Win32
If you like this fix I accept Paypal Donations at EQZITARA@YAHOO.COM or my PATREON.
Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. Thanks for the fix its awesome !

    1. Glad you liked it, I wasnt sure this was worth posting when I did it. I may change my mind and go back to it but I doubt it.(Real pain to fix).

  2. eqzitara, never doubt posting a fix to ANY game. There are lots of games not that popular that some people like and would greatly appreciate any attention to it.

  3. Exactly what Mancubus said!
    Bravo, EQ for the fix. You or the other contributors should never doubt about these things. You will always make someone happy.
    Let's hope that things will change in the future, but for the moment just remember:

    And Nvidia and the publishers should just be ashamed. They have gazillions of dollars, yet you guys do it for free, and everyone profits from your fixes ... for free.

    Thank you for making 3d games enjoyable for us all poor shmucks :-)

    1. Thanks. Glad someone tried new version. Pretty happy with it.

    2. Btw not sure if you are still playing game but look for a depth hack if you got a display that can handle it. Man is this game a trip at like 140% depth. I generally don't write things like this in game details due to lanuage barriers and what not but its pretty awesome with high depth.

  4. I returned to Quantum Connundrum yesterday to play the Desmond Debacle DLC (completed the main game ages ago). Very enjoyable, and the 3D works really well. This sort of game benefits even more from 3D than usual.

    Thanks for your great work! I didn't notice the lack of shadows, I really appreciated the crosshair disappearing when not needed, and the F3 HUD worked really nicely for me too.

    I'm about to buy the Ike's Karamba DLC now.

    1. Yea, glad you liked it. There are 5 indie games that I say you either love or hate [2D]. But in 3D even if you hate them you try to like them [And either fail/succeed]. Trine series/ Quantum Conundrum/ Rayman Origins/ Legend of Grimrock/ Hard Reset.

      I talked about shadows and was gonna do it a little bit ago. Like we both know its cool to have in a game like this but once you start playing you forget it unless you convince yourself you are missing out. Then I realized I had to replay it to fix it [You have to fix stuff that breaks doing that method]. And while quantum conundrum as a puzzle game is fun, knowing what to do to solve it and playing for story is like a dentist drill going on in background while you are playing.

      Its kind of like how mirror's edge's shadows were pretty damn good. Like an 8/10 and self shadows were removed. I redid it and got shadows to 10/10, I was mind blown..... for five minutes then wondered why I did that.

  5. Really enjoying your fix for this game. Working terrific! Thanks again for fixing these offbeat unusual games, it's incredible how much 3D helps these games.

    Also of note, isn't it ironic that the store page and the first painting on the wall that you see of Uncle Quadwrangle is a picture with him wearing red/cyan 3D glasses- but that the game itself doesn't work properly to begin with? Hah!