Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scania Truck Driving Simulator by 3D4DD

Scania Truck Driving Simulator by 3D4DD


Scania Truck Driving Simulator

Fixed: Skybox, depth/convergence presets for the different views (combined with the default key assigment for the game: 1, 2, 3,…, 7)
Remaining Issues: Sun at wrong depth , 2D HUD elements (not fixed as these shaders also affect other objects and are not too irritating to me)

Attention: I don't recommend to change the depth/convergence presets as this also will change the depth of the skybox

Installation: Extract the content of the zip file in the folder where scania_truck_driving_simulator.exe is installed (e.g. ...\SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator\bin\win_x86\).


Usage: The method to fix the depth of the skybox worked for me only with the debug.dll that is included in the zip file. This means that there is a debug text info when You start the game. To turn it off press F11.
 You may also try to use the actual  release.dll. You can download it in this blog and replace with it the d3d9.dll of the fix. Maybe it works on Your PC and You don't have to press F11 to turn off the text info.

Thanks a lot to DHR who made the essential shader fix!


  1. Thanks for your important work!
    What do you think why NVIDIA has many mistakes in its 3D play profiles???
    You have corrected many good games yet! ;-)
    Please, i want you to correct on more game: "Gears of War" And may be: "Warhammer:Space marine"...

    I wish you good healthe and to be Lucky in your work.


    1. Warhammer space marine was attempted and even finished but I had an huge issue with indoor lighting....So basically no indoor lighting.

  2. Looks smartly!!! Especially how was! Problems with illumination yet has not noticed... Hair - a trifle.
    It is possible to spread safely in GameList!
    I remove a hat!

  3. Yes! Problems with light in facilities are... But to play does not impede! It is possible to adjust brightness and scale in options of game...

  4. No news about Assassins creed 3 and hitman? :\

  5. Will not prompt? You have already understood how to correct DX 11 games?
    How to unblock convergence in CRYSIS 2?

    1. crysis 2 uses fake 3d. Its unrelated.

    2. If in Crysis 3 will be same 3D, they will not receive my money:-(
      I do not understand, why on the PC it was impossible to make the present 3D? Should be experienced for our weak personal computers...
      I do not understand, why on the personal computer, it was impossible to make the present 3D? Should be experienced for our weak personal computers! :-)
      A year as I play HMZ T-1!!! Owing to 3D VISION and to your corrections, I became the happiest gamer on light!!!

      Today here it was not kept, and has ordered OCULUS RIFT SDK:-)
      Be I the programmer, has ordered - in August...
      You on your site, do not plan to improve game for OCULUS RIFT?

    3. Forgive my for a typing error....
      Why it is impossible to change messages?