Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family Guy Back to the Multiverse

The game is really fun, same jokes from the tv serie.
Have toyification effect (increase convergence)
The game is a mess with no everything is fixable. I have to use a none conventional fix for push thing in to depth.


- Crosshair (HUD also 3D)
- Target Icons/Names 3D
- Sky, clouds and Stars now in the right depth
- Background Buildings now in the right depth
- Apocalyptic Sky now in the right depth

Remaining issues:
- Moon Flickering, minor (share the same shader/one texture of the sky)
- Minor Lights problems
- Papers you pick up have wrong borders, minor (share the same shader/one texture of the sky)

- Extract .zip where .exe is located

Download Here

3DTV users: This game dont go in to 3D mode with 3DTV play, you have to use the Chiri's wrapper to force refresh rate to 59hz......if you have problems to not going in to 3D mode make a comment.

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  1. Hi eqzitara! I have 3D TV PLAY I Play HMZ T-1... I can not include 3D a mode in game Ghost Reccon: Future soldiers in any of available screen resolution in game, including 720p. Game in all screen resolution goes only to 24 hertz.

    And an another question: - Do not know, why АА included in drivers NVIDIA, does not work in a mode three-dimensional 3D in games??? In 2D works, and in 3D is not present...
    ' GTX 580 '

    Chiri's wrapper to force refresh rate to 59hz....
    And it is possible in greater detail about it?

    1. this is dhr's fix not me.

      Ghost recon future soldier does not look good in 3d regardless if you get it to work or not.

    2. There is a link? Where to read through?

  2. Can someone point me to Chiri's wrapper? I'm searching for it nonstop and I have no idea of where to find it.
    Will it let me play games with 3dtv play at 60fps?


    2. Wich game do you have problems to going in to 3D mode?
      This game?

    3. Thanks eqzitara.
      DHR, I just wanted to test it with other games actually, because 3DTV Play isn't that good on it's own and that line about chiri's wrapper got me curious.

    4. 3DTV play have some problems with 60hz refresh rate (hardcoded in some games) and 3D Mode, you have to use chiri's wrapper and force 59hz in order to go in to 3D mode, edit the ini file and paste:



      In the Game options use 1280x720 resolution (3DTV Play).
      This wrapper only works with dx9 games. I try it in at least 5 other games and works perfect.
      If you are a 3DTV Play user, this wrapper is a MUST!! (Thanks to Chiri!!!!)

    5. DX11 one is up as well.

    6. Thanks for the info!

    7. Forgot to say you guys are awesome.
      You guys are awesome.

    8. any chance of a guild wars 2 fix for shadows?

  3. And you can list games, in which problems with 3D TV PLAY?
    Thanks !

    1. That I remember and works perfect in 3D Mode with Chiri's wrapper:
      - Fifa 2013 (DX9)
      - PES 2013 (DX9)
      - Jagged Alliance Crossfire (DX9)
      - Prototype 2 (DX9)
      - Family Guy Back to the Multiverse (DX9)
      - Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 (DX11)

      Suppose others games have same problem, i cant tested all. Normally this issue happens when the game have hardcoded the refresh rate to 60hz.

      And this one that dont work
      - Sleeping Dogs (DX11)

      You can use Chiris wrapper with Helix mode...

      I have a GTX 670 Factory OC + 3DTV Play
      I ALWAYS set the desktop refresh rate to 59hz. Some games take this refresh rate, so sometimes its not necessary to use Chiri's wrapper.

  4. Anychance we can have a 3dfix for Guild Wars 2? It is Dx9 as well :)