Friday, January 4, 2013

Far Cry 2 (DX9)

About 1 week ago i finish Far Cry 3 (Thanks Helix!!) and think to give it a try again to Far Cry 2, long time ago i play this game in 2D (with an AMD GFX) and i found (in that time and still) this game have excellent graphics (it's a 4-5 years old game), but a weak story, tbh never finish the game. I start the game in 3D and noticed some halos in effects (smog, dust, fire, water, others) and the crosshair in 2D and bam! i remember also that the AI is like shit in this game.....well short story i decided to make this game better.

3D Fix + SweetFx:

-  Crosshair fixed (the rest of the HUD i left at screen depth)
- Effects (smoke, water, dust, fire, others) fixed (by new profile..i start to fix one by one, but remember the prototype2 i decide to take the short way)

- The fix also include a setup with SweetFx that makes the game beautiful....really!!
(i'm also playing FC3 with SweetFx....looks great....swfx is a gem!)

Download Updated Fix_10-11-18

Download 3D Fix + SweetFx - Original Fix


I found a mod that change AI settings and others things that make the game a lot more fun, real and friendly (Dylan's FC2 Mod 1.4, i use the "extra version" of the zip, because i have the retail version / steam and steam/DLC files are included also) the readme.txt first.

Download Mod

Instructions (DX9 only):

- Use Nvidia inspector to use the "Prototype 2" (prototype2.exe) profile or rename the exe.
-  Extract the content of the zip (3D Fix + SweetFx) in the same place where FarCry2.exe is (..\Bin\)
-  Extract and replace the content of the zip (Mod) in to ..\Data_Win32\ folder (Important: Backup your patch.dat and patch.fat files)
- In game options use Water = high and Shadows = Medium...the rest of the options you can put "ultra". And also use WideScreenFOV enabled and directx 9 option. You can also changes this values in gameprofile.xml (documents/My games/Far Cry 2)
- Edit DX9Settings.ini and change the path (ProxyLib = ....\d3d9fx.dll)  to make sweetfx works with helix mod.
- "O" key have low convergence value for aiming and "P" key normal convergence value. If you use a M+K you can use AutoHotkey for bind keys. If anyone is using wireless Xbox Controller like me, let me know to upload my xpadder profile (left trigger aiming)

I have retail version with 1.03 update (maybe also works with other version update). i'm about 10% of the game with none issues.

Some times some textures have some lights flickers (like AO effect dont work properly), this is not related to 3D least happens to me even in 2D mode....i think is a driver issue, old game + new driver = :(


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  1. Awesome fix DHR. I have revisited this game as a result. Odd thing is I've had this game for ages and never got past I've gotten into it now because of your fix. Cheers!

    1. Thanks! its an old game but looks im playing more than before, the 3D and Mod add a lot to the game.

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  3. Many thanks for this, it was a great idea. Wish you had it a little earlier :-)

    I replayed FC2 in 3D vision 3-4 months ago when I got into 3D and I remember I also tried it with a realism mod, don't remember if it was Dylan's. I was impressed, one shot one kill on headshots etc, vanilla was very annoying when enemies needed 30 bullets to die etc.

    My main issues at that time were some bad textures in water and smoke, and the convergence issues with aiming/ironsights which all shooters suffer from. But you seem to have fixed everything now, so I'm looking forward to try it again.

    And the nice surprise will be SweetFX I guess, I've been hearing a lot about it ...

    Come to think of it, I even wanted to try SweetFx with Far Cry 3, the Far Cry Nexus website has many mods who recommend it too ( - but was afraid it would conflict with Helix's fix.
    Thank you for reminding me that I can redirect/proxi the wrapper, I'm lazy but will have to look it up.

    Now if somebody would finally be kind/genius/hacker/geek enough LOL to fix my main FC3 issue, the stupid timescale (day/night cycle is way too short). FC2 had it perfect, plush the watch option they should have kept it.

    Anyway, thanks again for the nice fix. I'll try it and provide feedback whenever possible.
    The Helixmod site will be richer with the addition of your fix for this great game, and indeed it's still looking great for such an old title.

    1. Yep!...vanilla game was horrible in AI thing and others....i remember shoothing an enemy like 15 times, and the guy dont Terminator!! and the malaria thing....horrrible..... thanks to dylan for the mod, now the game is a lot of fun.


    2. I think this fix is quite nice, but the only real issue I saw with 3D vision in this game were the horrible water reflections and a bit less the fire. Other than that I could have all settings on max, even the shadows. When using the prototype2.exe method the water looks better but reflections are still at wrong depth. Maybe I am doing something wrong because you seem to have no issues.

    3. I'm using 1.03 version of the game, and you have to put Water = high and Shadows = Medium...the rest of the options you can put "ultra". BTW with those options water and shadows still look great!

  4. I actually got more enjoyment out of Far Cry 2 than I did with Far Cry 3 in the long run as Far Cry 2 held my interest far longer. I remember having some really tough times with some of the fights in Far Cry 2 and I never thought there was anything wrong with the AI in it.

    I initially thought Far Cry 3 was better but then the game was over and I never felt like I got challenged at all by it. In fact the game got easier and easier and it felt less intertesting as I went.

    The thing I hated most is those times when guys came up behind my guy and totally would have ambushed me except my minimap told me they were coming without me having to do a single thing so just turned around and shot them as they came. Maybe Far Cry 3 had a good AI but it was hard to tell because you spotted and killed them so easily. Talk about eradicating a learning curve I barely even had to think when I played it.

    I tried to play it again with self imposed restriction like a sticky note over the minimap and not doing radio towers and outposts, but it wasn't the same knowing I was penalizing myself on purpose.

    1. FC3 modded offers a greater challenge than FC2 imo. e.g. hardcore modes like this:

  5. Hi, I've tried the fix with the fortune's edition on steam, i ve follow the install method but game seems broke with shadows. Someone have tried the fix with this version ?
    The game is not playable for me at this state. (i use sli, maybe it is the problem ?)

    1. - Use Nvidia inspector to use the "Prototype 2" (prototype2.exe) profile or rename the exe.

    2. i've already done this and all the things that DHR told in his post, but it s the same . I use the 320.49 driver and gtx670 in sli.
      Thnaks for the reply

    3. Ok 'i ve tried with sli off and the problem is gone, so it's a "sli thing", i ve tried to put the sli compatibility bits from far cry 2 to prototype 2 profle but the problem is still occured.
      any chance that you take a look at it and give sli compatibility with the fix ?

  6. I've just started playing this again - thanks for the 3D fix DHR!

    I've made a couple of tweaks to the DX9Settings.ini to take advantage of the newer Helix DLL's feature to adjust convergence while holding the right mouse button to make aiming easier:

    I did see a couple of minor issues (some HUD icons at wrong depth, ripples are rendered at wrong depth, some lights don't work in 3D causing flickers - it wasn't obvious what the issue was at first until I noticed that the lighting inside the safe houses is wrong in 3D and the shadows in the weapons depot buildings are skewed), but it seems good enough to me - if they annoy me too much I'll take a shot at fixing them :)

    1. have to use Water = high and Shadows = Medium...with those settings all looks good.....and always is a chance that some new driver breaks something (happens frequently). I don't have the game installed to test with newer driver.

    2. DarkStarSword : Your seeting is perfect, but it need to do : Copy d3d9.dll from Far Cry 3, and copy it into Far Cry 2 instead of the old d3d9.dll. Because in hold d3d9.dll from Helix, it's not possible to tweak it like that. Even the Autokey didn't work for me.
      But now, game is perfect. Damn, I played it, but didn't remember it was so beautiful. This game is as beautiful as Far Cry 3. And get a better immersion.

    3. Yeah, I definitely think this game has way better immersion than FC3 or FC4. I love the variety in weather effects - in one of the mornings it was really misty and windy while I was trudging through the jungle and it was just awesome. Miasmata is the only other open world game where I have felt as immersed as this one.

      Good point about grabbing the newer DLL - I should have linked to it in my post.

    4. Hi. I feedback some games. Back to FC2 after so many years (I've finished the game in vanilla). 3d is near perfect but not perfect. I put shadow = medium. But there is still some zones that flicker a little (it's not really shadows but more large). At morning sun is not perfect, there is 2 light source one for each eye. I can't find "water" in options (1.3 french). But water is ok in the game.

      I near-ended FC 3 and FC 4, and now, I can say FC 2 is maybe better. More immersive, more unexpected fights, more realism. The RPG part of FC3 or 4, is not really needed, no longer than the seringues. The only missing is hunting. Respawming outpost was something I dislike at first play. But now, I know what does an no- Respawming outpost with FC3, and it's a pity, cleared zones are dead zone with no fight anymore. So I prefer FC2 now. What was at first play a fault is now a quality.

  7. this game doesnt allow 3d vision to activate anymore. doesnt matter if you have these mods installed or not- win 10 gtx 1080

    1. Same, I've just sank 2 hours going through all the Nvidea settings trying to re-enable it. The best I can do is introduce a stutter when I ctrl-T...

      I pirated, so might be a crack issue, (I did buy the game years ago)

    2. Have that video card also, and had the same problem with the Steam version. Was able to get it working by using the oldest supported driver for it. (v 368.25) Was also using it in Win 7 x64, but don't think that makes any difference.

      Did notice the shadows flickering constantly in 1440p resolution, but not in 1080p, for future reference.

      3d was awesome! Thanks for the fixes.

    3. Confirmed. The game does not activate 3D mode with Windows 10 and a GTX 1080 with drivers 378.78. 3D Vision is slowly becoming non-functional as time goes on, and there's nothing Helix Mod / 3D Migoto can do to stop it.

    4. The game does not trigger 3D under Windows 10 due to a Nvidia driver bug. If you rename "FarCry2.exe" to something like "NewFarCry2.exe and add this exe to the driver profile of Far Cry 2 (for example via Nvidia Profile Inspector) 3D kicks in. F.E.A.R. had exactly the same bug.
      Also you shouldn't use the Prototype2 profile as it causes shadow flickering.

      I'm currently working on a fix profile for 3D Fix Manager. I succeeded to automate all steps for installing this 3D fix. Will publish it soon.